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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-112 Chapter

Chapter 112 - The healing of the sick in the inn.

112,1. After I had said this to all of them, the innkeeper, in full trust, made Me to remember the old sick mother and the sick helper and asked Me to think about them.

112,2. On this I said: “Look, with God all things are possible. If you will believe, the 2 sick people will be completely healed only by My will and My word, without My seeing and touching them.”

112,3. Then the man said: “Lord and wonderful Savior, I believe Your words, because a Man like You, filled with wisdom and truth like a prophet, has certainly never said an untruth. If it were not so, You would not have said this to us. But because You have said this to us like that, we also believe without question that You can heal our 2 sick people by the power of Your will and word, and therefore we ask You to heal, only by Your will and by Your word our 2 sick people.”

112,4. I said: “Well now, then I will that the 2 sick people will leave instantly completely healthy their sickbed. Now go to them, give them something to eat and to drink to strengthen them, and then they should walk outside. But do not tell them at once that I have done this for them. Only after the midday meal they will know Me better.”

112,5. The children, who also heard that, said immediately: “God in His Heavens be all praise, because He has given such a power and might to the good people who live according to His commandments. Now our grandmother is most certainly already completely healthy and our kind and loyal helper also!”

112,6. Then the children went immediately with their parents into the house to the sick people, and to their great amazement they saw the two completely healthy, fit and cheerful.

112,7. Both explained unanimously that they had the idea that a bright white flame was poured out over them, after which all pains left them, feeling very good and healthy, and that they had the feeling that they were so much strengthened that they could properly leave their bed.

112,8. Then the lord of the inn, who was a son of the mother who had been sick, said: “A Guest came to us who said that you were feeling better, that you can leave the bed and take food and drink in order to strengthen yourselves further. So you can easily leave your bed, put on fresh clothes and take then food and drink and eat and drink to your heart’s content.”

112,9. After these words, the two who were now healed, stepped out of the bed, dressed themselves and took then food and drink. Then they wanted to know the unknown Guest, but the son urged them to be patient and said to his mother that she will come to know the Guest better after the midday meal. And the two were satisfied with that.

112,10. But we were resting under the trees and looked at the nice environment which, because this inn was located on a fairly great height, looked very nice, because a little hour from here to the southeast there was Bethlehem with its old ring walls and towers on a same hill. Only a valley with many fields, pastures and gardens was separating this inn from the town of David to where the main road to Bethlehem ran along. But from our hill we still saw a lot of little places and also isolated strongholds and farms, and to the west also big and well-maintained vineyards, and in the wide, already blue colored environment we could see high mountains, which in their majesty gave a still greater attraction to the whole region. For this reason it was understandable that our Romans who were great friends of beautiful regions and landscapes, enjoyed very much to view this region, asking continuously what this or that was, how it was called, to whom it belonged to and how this and that other place was, and what kind of special memorable event took place in those bigger places.

112,11. And Lazarus, the 2 innkeepers, and now and then also one or the other disciple had a lot to explain. The Romans were so much absorbed in viewing the environment that they almost forgot that the captain from Bethlehem was already here for about 1 hour for the sake of them and was in great anxiety because of all the things which he could hear from the mighty rulers.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-112 Chapter