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Chapter 123 - Historical remarks about the house of David.

123,1. Then we walked through all rooms that were decorated with all kinds of valuables.

123,2. When we then came back into our dining hall and went to sit at the table that was still provided with all kinds of foods and drinks, and some were still eating and drinking something, the Romans said: “Truly, this is a true royal house, and it witnesses of the former greatness of the Jewish people. Only one thing we ask ourselves in relation to history, namely how this house could be spared at the time of the Babylonian rulership, which lasted after king David still fully 40 years. For as we can read, the king of Babylon conquered this country and destroyed Jerusalem and the temple, and he further took also possession of all the treasures of this country and dragged them to Babylon. Did he not know anything of the great treasures of this remarkable old royal house?”

123,3. The innkeeper said: “According to the chronicle of this house, the Babylonians spared this house, for firstly, they mainly attacked the 10 cities in and around Jerusalem and also in Samaria and in Galilee. They spared more this region around Bethlehem, which still looked very poor during that time, and they took a moderate ransom, and they did not take the inhabitants into captivity, but they wanted only submissiveness from them, total acknowledgment of the glory of Babylon and the yearly payment of the taxes. Whoever was willing to agree to that and paid that which was required at the fixed time was then left in peace, but where the Babylonians met heavy resistance, everything was of course leveled to the ground, and houses and cities were plundered and destroyed. But that was not the case in Bethlehem, and therefore the old Bethlehem is still as it was constructed during the time of David, and so also this house. Besides, God did not allow that this region that still was the most loyal to God the Lord, was afflicted as hard as the proud old Jerusalem and the 10 rich cities of trade which possessed much gold and silver. That is, I think, also the reason why the Babylonians were more gentle here than in the other cities and places.”

123,4. Agricola said: “Yes, yes, this is how it must be, because when the Babylonians were rulers over this great Jewish kingdom, they reasonably could not dispose of all manpower. If they would have done that and would have depopulated the country, then who could have paid them the taxes? But that most of the prominent people during that time were dragged as hostages into captivity to Babylon is very sure and true. And so, this region where the people surrendered very quietly and without resistance were also more spared. We Romans, who as soldiers and conquerors are certainly not dealing so mercifully with those who are conquered, are doing this also, and we never show ourselves as enemies to a people or to a city or community who surrender to us in a friendly way, but we consider them immediately as friends.”

123,5. Then the innkeeper asked the Romans not to betray at home what they had seen here.

123,6. Agricola said: “Do not worry about that, for the right of property is sacred to us Romans, and our laws are crucifying the thieves, robbers, murderers and traitors. Therefore, possess completely without worry what you have, and be kind to the poor according to your wealth, as the Lord and Master has advised to you, then you will have rest, for also we Romans believe in the Lord and in the fulfillment of His promises.”

123,7. After these words of the Romans we stood up from the table, went outside again and prepared for the return to Bethany, which the innkeeper did of course not want to hear. But because we still insisted, he asked us to at least stay one more hour with him. This we also did, talked to one another still about a few things and started then, escorted by the innkeeper, to return. Before we started our way back, the innkeeper, his wife, his children and also his mother and the healed helper thanked Me once more with all their heart and asked Me not to forget them if they would become sick again. This I assured them, gave them My blessing and let them go, except for the innkeeper who, as already stated, escorted us to Bethany.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-123 Chapter