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Chapter 128 - Relation between God and men.

128,1. I said: “Yes, yes, My very sincere friend, with your sharp remark you would be completely right if the matters between God and men would be as you from your obtained experiences have explained now to Me in the name of whole mankind. But the matters are quite different, and consequently your sharp description of the relation between God and men has no other cause except a complete lack of knowledge of this relation between God and men.

128,2. God has revealed His will to free mankind already since the very beginning – thus to the first human pair – and the most important descendants of the first human pair had a permanent relationship with God and with the angels who lived before also as bodily men – be it on another celestial body – and they were instructed very clearly in all things and were by that then also perfect men and lords over the whole nature, because all other creatures and also the elements had to submit to their will.

128,3. But their many children, who gradually selected different dwelling places on Earth and became consequently independent, did not want to submit to the care of God anymore, and still less to their parents and remaining relatives. They strived to become rich and famous in the world, and when they were, they became also lazy and proud and did not much trouble themselves anymore for God and His will, which they still knew very well. They did what they wanted. And even if God admonished them by all kinds of chastisements that were always made known to them by means of all kinds of signs and also by wise messengers, they then laughed, mocked God and His admonitions, and mistreated the messengers that were sent to them.

128,4. Then they established schools according to their own ideas. But soon their teachers exploited their weaknesses that were known to them and established their education in such a way that this was flattering to the community and which exalted themselves sky high. Now, such teachers became soon, as leaders of the people of a community, mighty kings, and as such they were also always the first founders of idolatry, paganism and of blind superstition or also complete godliness.

128,5. But God still continued with it, and also among such heathens He always let men arise who showed them by their teachings and deeds the great misery in which they lived, and showed them also the right ways of life. But such men had always only few disciples, and were despised, persecuted and were declared to be fools by other public teachers and priests and so-called worldly scientists, and the highly ranked people and worldly rulers did absolutely not want to have anything to do with such humility preachers.

128,6. But if this is how it is now, as nowadays the many examples even regarding Me are showing all too clearly, what should and could God still do for the people to keep them in the living faith in Him without ever affecting their free will?

128,7. Also this time, now that I personally have come among the Jews to gather them again around Me, I took care that in all continents that you know, I was made known to the people in a manner that was suitable to each separate nation. Just go and ask the people and nations, then you will receive answers of which you certainly will be very much surprised.

128,8. But now you think – and this is also not correct – that from now on only those souls will have an eternal life after the death of their body who hear My Word now, believe in Me and will live and act according to My teaching, but that all other souls will be destroyed forever.

128,9. Against such an opinion of yours, which is now also believed by many other people, I can only tell you in a pure intellectual manner that the life of every human being is a power from God, which God Himself with all His almightiness can destroy as less as He can destroy Himself, for if God could destroy and exterminate the powers of life that came forth from Him alone, He first should begin with Himself, for finally, He is indeed since eternity everything in all. God can surely dissolve all matter, which is nothing else than His fixed idea, and let it return to that which is spiritual and unchangeable, but He eternally cannot destroy it, because He cannot destroy Himself and His for Him eternal clear thoughts and ideas.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-128 Chapter