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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-130 Chapter

Chapter 130 - The Lord returns to Bethany with His followers.

130,1. Now all of them stood up, also the disciples of John, and followed Me enthusiastically to Bethany that was not far away. Also the headman followed now on foot with his companions while he left his horses behind with the innkeeper in the valley.

130,2. So in about 10 minutes we were already in Bethany.

130,3. The 3rd hour after sunset was already past, but still, for a well-prepared evening meal it was always early enough. And I also wanted to arrive at such time in Bethany, so that we would not be noticed by the nosy crowd, for during that day after we left, many people, young and old, came to Bethany because they heard that I was there. But because they did not find Me and nobody told them where I had gone and when I should be back, they stayed in Bethany only for their pleasure until sunset and then they returned again to Jerusalem. But a few returned already when our soldiers – who we already know – entered Bethany. They received their food and traveling money according to the instructions in the house of Lazarus, and continued then their way after a short rest-break, for I indicated to Raphael in the spirit that the soldiers should not wait for the return of the Romans. So at the time when we arrived, everything was completely in order and we were together, disturbed by nobody.

130,4. When we entered the house, the sisters of Lazarus and Mary of Magdalon received us with much love and kindness, as well as My Raphael with a few boys who still stayed awake and who had the greatest talent and a great desire to see Me again.

130,5. Lazarus introduced the innkeeper from the neighborhood of Bethlehem to his sisters and also to the captain and the disciples of John. And his sisters welcomed them and showed them their places at the table.

130,6. When all this was done, we went to sit at the table and took a well-prepared evening meal. The Romans however were more thirsty than hungry and emptied quickly their cups, which were soon filled up again. The wine made their tongues looser and so it soon became very lively in the dining hall.

130,7. The captain, his companions and the innkeeper from the neighborhood of Bethlehem noticed our Raphael who was now eating next to Me at the table, and this time still more on purpose than on other occasions in order to draw the attention of the foreigners. These were looking indeed at him with increasing attention, and in silence they were more and more surprised that he could eat so much, apart from the fact that he was really charming.

130,8. But because it was more in particular striking to the captain, he asked Me: “Lord and Master, forgive me that I am somewhat disturbing You in Your rest. Look, the otherwise so tender and unimaginably beautiful young man eats unusually a lot. Of course nobody is begrudging him that he eats, but I am really worried that what he is eating too much will finally harm him and could make him sick and he could easily catch a nasty fever. That would truly be a pity of such a charming young man who can – considering his very spiritual appearance – certainly become great.”

130,9. I said: “Friend, leave your worries up to Me. This boy is My servant already for a long time and he himself knows very well what he should do and how much he can eat of this or that kind of food. If it would not be good what he is doing, I surely would tell him. If he had not eaten so much now, so that it had to look to all of you somehow supernatural, he would indeed not have drawn so much your attention. But since you now have noticed him, you still will hear other things from him, and then it will not surprise you so much that he can eat some more food and drink more than a common human being. From now on, you can turn to him.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-130 Chapter