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Chapter 135 - Raphael speaks about the nature of the dream.

135,1. Now Raphael said: “There is really a very great difference between the dream that you had and what you have seen now, but nevertheless, your dream was also of a spiritual nature, just like any dream to a greater or lesser extent. But it is not a completely clear spiritual vision, because in such a dream the soul is not in such a complete union with the spirit within as was the case now with this appearance.

135,2. Look, in the soul there are 3 very well distinguishable degrees of vision and observing. The first one is purely natural, even in the dream of the material men of nature by whom the inner spirit is still resting as passively as the spirit of a plant in its wrapping of the germ in a grain of seed.

135,3. The soul carries in himself, as a world in miniature, everything which the Earth contains and includes in and above it on a large scale.

135,4. When during the sleep the sense organs of the body are resting as if dead and inactive, then the soul who cannot sleep or die, will view one or the other thing from the material images in himself, will bring them for a few moments to life and will rejoice if he encounters something which is beautiful and pleasant. But if he encounters something boring and ugly, he becomes afraid in the dream and he will do everything to get rid of the appearance which presses hard on him, by returning completely in the flesh of his body.

135,5. What a soul in such first degree of vision is seeing in a dream, has then of course no objective but only a passive, subjective reality without any connection, for then he observes only images in a material manner from his own world and is thereby partly active and partly passive.

135,6. But in a dream as you had one, the soul is in a stage of transition from the first degree of vision to the second and higher degree of vision. In that case the soul is already more isolated from his purely material part, leaves in a certain way his body, connects himself by means of his aura completely with the outside world and views and feels then from the life’s conditions and material conditions on Earth, which are acting upon him, things that are far away and contain a greater degree of truth.

135,7. But since this is already a higher degree of vision of the soul, it very often happens that the soul, when he awakes and comes back into the body, does not know anything of what he has seen and heard in this higher degree of vision, because the brains could in a certain way not record it to enable the soul when he is bodily awake to see what he had seen and done in his freer life condition.

135,8. But some people, like you also, have the ability to record in the bodily brain also that which they have seen and heard in this higher degree of vision, from the dream or from the freer condition of vision and action of the soul. And if the soul returns then into the body and awakens also bodily, he can see in the brain everything he has seen, done and heard in his freer and higher degree of vision.

135,9. And so, although your brother had also the same vision as you had during that same night, but his soul did not have the ability to record in the bodily brain that which he had seen and heard in his higher degree of vision, and that is why he could not remember it, not even approximately. Thus, you really have completely seen and spoken to the soul of your brother.

135,10. That your soul and also that of your brother have done this in the dream already half year ago is because of the great sensitivity of the freer soul who visualizes already in his freer condition from the needs which live in him and the deeds and circumstances that are the logical result of it, which in earthly time happens only much later. However, every soul has already in the awakened bodily condition the capacity to make future plans for himself and to imagine them as already accomplished works, but since the soul in his body can apparently not see and feel sufficiently pure and for certain all the conditions and circumstances which are necessary for the execution of a conceived plan, a lot of things are still changed in the plans that were thought of beforehand, regarding the form and efficiency, as well as regarding the time in which the soul was already visualizing the intended plan in its total completion.

135,11. But if a soul, also in the bodily awakened condition, could oversee everything as clearly as he can do in his freer condition of vision and feeling, then nothing of the once conceived plan would be changed, and it would also be executed completely accurate as a finished work within the specified time, because a soul who can see and feel unobstructed, can quickly perceive all circumstances, conditions and eventual obstructions, and at the same time knows the best and faultless means by which the obstructions can be eliminated in the most sure way. And so, that which he intended to do must indeed also happen within the fixed time.

135,12. And look, in this consists the ability of a freer and purer soul to see beforehand, not only concerning him directly, but also concerning that which will happen, will come up and take place outside of him in the world. Such a soul who is pure, refined and who is able to see and feel clearly, can indeed visualize unconcealed and if plastically accomplished, the relation between all circumstances, conditions and causes with their certain effects which are already present for a long time regarding the coming events, which cannot be the case with a not free and still very material soul. So I have clearly explained to you now in a very natural way in which condition your soul and that of your brother were in your dream, and how, and why.

135,13. But such a condition is not yet the full second-degree clear-sightedness of the soul, because the spirit in him is not yet in a higher union, but at most only in the manner of the spirit of a plant in the wrapping of the seed germ when the grain of seed lies a couple of days in the fertile soil, the wrapping bursts open and that spirit begins its activity.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-135 Chapter