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Chapter 144 - Weather phenomena and their cause.

144,1. The electron is thus, clearly said, nothing else than in the first place the rest that is disturbed by the pressure and friction, and further, secondly, the awakened activity of the ether spirits. These are partly purely spiritual and form also partly the natural light- and life element in the air of the Earth, in the whole body of the Earth itself and by that also in everything it carries and produces. They only begin to manifest themselves in a special manner when they are offended in the manner that was described before.

144,2. Now when you take 2 pieces of wood and begin to rub them strongly together, then the mentioned spirits, which are partly present in the wood itself and are also partly around the wood by means of the surrounding air, are obviously offended, drawn away from their rest and are by that urged to activity which is for them always the same. And through the wood that is rubbed together too strongly, you soon will see their presence and activity because the wood will begin to glow and will finally burn.

144,3. However, when a considerably great part of the ether spirits have become active, then by that, also the spirits which were at rest before will also come into movement and be active, and by this activity the whole piece of wood is then destroyed. And if you further will add wood to it that has not been rubbed, then its spirits will also become active and will destroy it. And the more such spirits are present in a piece of wood – which is the case with wood that contains resin – the sooner and faster it will be destroyed.

144,4. Now I have given you a real example of what the electron actually is. But let us now continue.

144,5. If we take 2 hard stones and rub them together with great force, then you will see immediately a great quantity of sparks jumping off with great speed and liveliness. What are these sparks? Nothing else but the offended ether spirits which are present in and around the stones and which became active by that. Metals, which are very hard, being rubbed together, will show you and let you feel the same phenomenon.

144,6. When 2 winds will collide against each other – which can easily happen in regions where there are high and steep rocky mountains, because the wind will easily bounce off the hard rock face and will consequently rage with great violence against itself – you will soon notice a great amount of fire phenomena. If the violence is not so heavy, well now, then it happens more progressively, and then, where a violent collision took place, you will now and then see a lightning striking from the wind, and here and there you will see a whirlwind, uprooting with great easiness one or even several trees. However, when such a wind that fights with itself, reaches the greatest possible violence in a favorable point in a suitable environment, then all the ether spirits that are present in it will ignite because of the great activity, and then a whirlwind, as described just now, will become an all-destroying pillar of fire. Through its violence, the mightiest trees, strongholds and even rocks are shaking, and being torn to pieces they must give way.

144,7. What is now such an all-destroying pillar of fire? Again nothing else than our electron, or the actual expression of the ether spirits whose rest was too greatly disturbed. These ether spirits that became active in the highest degree will then soon attract from the wide environment those that are equal to them, from above as well as from all widely extended directions, which in a certain way are rushing to help them, and so they usually are causing such great destruction in a particular region on Earth that many traces can still be well observed and noticed many years after, yes, occasionally even for many centuries.

144,8. If such a battle of wind would happen at sea, especially close to the coast, then the water that can easily be brought into movement in the whirlwind, will of course also be dragged along, and by that the so-called waterspouts come into existence, against which every skipper has to guard himself, for if a ship should come into such a waterspout, then it would be irretrievably destroyed. In the hot regions on Earth there are also often fire whirlwinds above the sea, against which every skipper should guard himself even more.

144,9. Of the different phenomena on Earth that you have seen and experienced, we have seen now once more by what they originate and are brought about, what their cause is and what they truthfully actually are in itself. But to brighten up your intellect even more, we still want to continue and search out this matter, because the most important foundation in the teaching of the Lord to all men of this Earth and also for all spirits and Heavens, valid for eternity, is like this: only the purest truth in all things can and will make you free and alive. And such phenomena manifest themselves on this Earth by necessity in all kinds of forms and shapes and thus also with all kinds of effects and results, and bring the blind people to all kinds of wrong suppositions with regard to the cause, and thus also to all kinds of superstition. That is why it is indeed a good thing that man, besides the knowledge and acceptance of the godly will, can also evaluate and recognize the phenomena, which he often encounters on Earth, from the viewpoint of the truth and not from the viewpoint of dark human inventions.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-144 Chapter