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Chapter 145 - Electrical phenomena.

145,1. First we have seen how the sparks jumped off the back of our cat, and became visible after caressing him in the direction of his head. Were these maybe also offended ether spirits that stuck to the hairs on the back of the cat? Yes, I say to you, this is how it is. The hairs of a cat are very smooth and have no unevenness. But just like every other matter, it is surrounded by air and thus also by the resting and certainly present ether spirits within, more precisely to a larger extent towards the head, because there the hairs are, especially on the back, becoming more dense than in the direction of the tail.

145,2. By caressing the animal from the head to the tail, the always abundantly present spirits at the head are then distributed over the place where they are less provided. That is why those spirits are actually more equalized than offended, and by that, their activity is left out or is at least not visible. By caressing or rubbing towards the head, the amount of spirits are increased, are offended by that to a certain extent, and then they soon show their presence by their activity.

145,3. Smooth surfaces, especially of very hard precious stones and glass, which the old Phoenicians, the Philistines and the Egyptians were already ably to make from pebble, are especially suitable to force the ether spirits to show their presence by just rubbing such surfaces with dry hands. And the fire that is stirred up in this manner is again nothing else but the electron that I have just described to you.

145,4. Further, the burning of wood, straw, oil, resin, naphtha, sulfur and all combustible substances is nothing else but the working of the electron. The glowing and melting and even the eventual burning of metals and all minerals happens in the same way according to the increasing degree of activity of the ether spirits whose rest is disturbed. When these are continually brought into such activity – as is evident in a lightning – then they destroy all matter and dissolve it completely into its original element, that of ethereal spirits. But during the burning of wood, oil and resin, they never reach such extremely high degree of activity, because then they are hindered in their activity because they always battle against the coarser nature spirits that are bound in matter.

145,5. But when during such burning process an increasing greater amount of ether spirits are in a certain way coming to help them by means of a strong stream of air, then also the heat of the wood- or coal fire becomes considerably greater, which can also bring the still rigid nature spirits in the matter of metals and stones to activity, and that activity will then usually bring about the glowing and melting, but it can also let it burn up and eventually dissolve it entirely.

145,6. Within the water itself there is a greater amount of ether spirits, which were now repeatedly explained to you. As element it exists as extremely little round bubbles in which the actual ether spirits are imprisoned. Since these bubbles are very round and smooth and thus not pressing so strongly against each other because they very easily can slip away and continuously avoid each other, the ether spirits in the water are usually behaving also quietly. But the water has only to be put in a kettle on the fire and it soon becomes restless, because the ether spirits in the water become irritated by the activity of the surrounding ether spirits that are equal to them, begin to rush the actual hydrogen bubbles all over, with a still increasing fierceness and make them to expand. And at the bursting of the too strongly expanded hydrogen bubbles they leave their element of habitation and they escape, after which they unify with the free ether spirits in the air of the Earth, or they ascend quickly, completely through the layer of air to those that were initially related to them.

145,7. That the boiling and evaporating of water to the last drop – speaking in the manner of this world – is an electrical process, we surely will understand without too much difficulty by what I have said now, but it will still become clearer to you when I will point out a few phenomena, which you all already know more or less.

145,8. We know now that the ether spirits, which are disturbed in their rest, become soon active and consequently they show the irresistible force and the might which is their own. And look, they also do that in the water if they become restless by an increasing external activity from their companions, thus by fire. If they then during the boiling can still avoid it and come into a state of rest, then this is of course more preferable to them, but if you put water in a firmly closed vessel on the fire, the resting ether spirits in the water will soon show you what kind of violence they possess when they become active. It will not take long before it will be torn to pieces, even if the vessel would be made of iron as thick as an arm, and the spirits will free themselves with a hard bang and will then retreat to their inborn rest. This is a very clear example from which you surely and certainly can conclude more clearly that the ether spirits live also in the water.

145,9. Nothing can bring these pure ether spirits to such great activity than when the impure nature spirits ascend often in quite great numbers from the interior of the body of the Earth and are in a certain way unifying themselves with the spirits of the air or begin to mix with them, as this was the case now. Then soon there will be a fierce battle going on by which the impure spirits will always be conquered, by which these will also be purified and will become not only harmless for the life of plants and animals but will even be very useful.

145,10. At such occasions there are always heavy storms that are raging above the mainland, as we have experienced now, but when such massively ascending of impure nature spirits occurs somewhere under the sea, then the impure ether spirits in the water will become by that also immediately very restless. The result of that is usually a spring tide storm, which is the most dangerous for skippers, since the waves will often be pushed up like enormous water mountains and will play a bad game, like a windstorm with the chaff, even with the biggest and strongest ships. At such occasions, the impure spirits will also be very strongly purified, but for men it is not exactly safe to be on sea where such a thing is happening.

145,11. Experienced skippers know that, thanks to certain warning signs, which always precede such incidents, and they do not go into that danger. However, if they are already at sea, then they will also hurry to reach the shore as fast as possible, or, if this is not attainable, they will still entrust themselves to the high waves of the sea.

145,12. When the sea has become quiet again after such storm, you will see the surface of the sea, the ropes of the ship, the oars and still a lot of other things, softly lightning up, just as you saw outside the grass, the trees and even your hairs shining. Its cause is of course again the electron, which has been sufficiently explained to you now, but now it is not so much the result of this special activity of the ether spirits, but rather of the formerly impure, purified nature spirits from the interior of the Earth, whose spirits are visibly beginning to show themselves to be useful to the plants, the animals, the water and the air. The old sages of nature called this lightning up the ‘anti-electron’.

145,13. And so I have clarified this phenomenon to you in a certainly understandable way, and this you can also do for other people, so that the dark and destructive superstition with men will decrease and go to ruin, for every superstition is like a deadly poison for the pure truth, which is the only thing that will give life to the soul.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-145 Chapter