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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-146 Chapter

Chapter 146 - Question about the nature of Raphael.

146,1. Therefore, try to teach men the whole truth that you know, then you will well fertilize the spiritual field of faith, and there from the seed of God’s Word it will soon easily take firm root, and the germinating stem will develop itself as a true, strong tree of life.

146,2. Any person should possess only truth and light in himself if ever he wants to clear the way for himself to the life of the godly Spirit in him, for every shadow in the soul can bring him on wrong paths on which he further will difficultly find his way.

146,3. But when you will proclaim the gospel to the people, then free them first from the destructive multiple superstitions. Then after that they soon will notice the great blessings of God’s Word and will become your friends.

146,4. Nothing will be considered with greater love and blessings by the Lord and all the angels of the Heavens than the general, true love and friendship among the people. But this can only exist when the people will deal with each other in all truth and in the clearest light from God, because the purest truth satisfies the heart and makes it gentle and humble, and therefore kind and helpful in loving zeal, mild and merciful to everyone.

146,5. Take these words well at heart and act accordingly, then you will spread many blessings among the people, and the mercy of the Lord will become alive in you. Have you all absorbed and understood this well now?”

146,6. Now all of them thanked Raphael and answered the question affirmatively.

146,7. The captain, who was extremely surprised about the wisdom of Raphael, said to him: “O beautiful, young friend, how were you able to acquire such great wisdom? Because the lessons that you have already given to us and the might that you possess, which you have shown to us in different wonderful ways, reveal that you also are obviously more than a human being who is born on this Earth from the body of a woman. Please tell us if you also are not something like a god.”

146,8. Raphael said: “Oh that is what I most certainly am, for every man who lives according to God’s will and order has the might of life and power of God in himself, is therefore a child of God and can in all truth and clearness call God his ‘holy Father’. And he who does that and can do it, will also have a lot of the one and only true God in himself, not only for this time, but for eternity.

146,9. You are surprised about me, and I say to you that several disciples of the Lord – if this would be necessary – are already now capable to achieve the same as I have done now in your presence. Therefore I am nothing more or less than a human being, who at a certain time was born in the world from a women, but who did not die and will also never die, but will continue to live forever, because he became in himself as a pure spirit, lord over his life, what all of you can become and also will become if you will live and act according to the teaching of the Lord. Now I also have explained this to you, as far as it is useful for you. In due time you all will surely hear more about it.”

146,10. With this, the questioners were satisfied and they did not ask further what else Raphael was.

146,11. The 10 most prominent Romans, who surely knew what the situation was with Raphael, did however say nothing, because Raphael gave them a sign that they should not make him known, because the newcomers would be offended in their heart at a pure spirit, and their soul would be too quickly forced to believe, which would not be beneficial for him.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-146 Chapter