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Chapter 148 - Admonishing words of Agricola about the departure.

148,1. After these words, Raphael stretched his hands over them, and while they were as if at a height of more than 100 hours of walking distance above the Earth, they saw the whole Earth, observed its rotation around the polar axis, overlooked all countries and kingdoms, the sea and the polar regions that were covered with everlasting snow and ice, and noticed also the rounded form of the Earth, which was not affected by even the highest mountains.

148,2. But this time, Raphael let them for almost 1 hour in this clear-sighted condition, so that they also could observe the rotation of the Earth more clearly, just as the towards the equator increasing activity of the ether-, air- and all purer spirits and the coarse nature spirits, which they could see in the form of very small, little worms that were more or less softly lightning up. That they were also able to very well distinguish all other things, matters and objects in all directions of the Earth, is obvious.

148,3. After 1 hour Raphael awakened them again into their natural condition, and all thanked Me first, because I had permitted it, and then also Raphael, because he had shown this kindness to them, which gave them such clear and deep insight about the true shape and movement of the Earth, as well as about the existence and the working of the nature spirits.

148,4. And then they begun hurriedly to talk to each other about all the things they had seen and observed, which agreed precisely, to the great joy of everyone. And the 10 Romans were rejoicing even more because of the fact that what they had just seen and observed agreed in detail with what they had heard and seen before about the nature of the Earth.

148,5. There was almost no end in relating and confirming the truth on both sides, and this continued until dawn, while I and all the others continued to slumber.

148,6. Then Agricola took courage and said: “My friends and now true brothers by the mercy of the Lord, the day of our departure is dawning, and we still have many things to settle and to arrange for that. How are our servants, the pack animals and our baggage? We are now almost more than 12 days in this environment and we still were not one time concerned about it. But now we have a lot to take with us and we will then also need a greater amount of pack animals. From where can we receive them? It is now really time that we prepare for it.”

148,7. Raphael said: “Friends, until now the best care has been taken of all your matters, and also up to the moment of your departure they will be taken care of in the best and most efficient way. Thus, do not worry now about that over which you still until now did not have to worry. Your servants and helpers are all accommodated here in Bethany already for a long time without you knowing it, and also all the other things were installed in the right measure, because the Lord knew very well what you will need for the return trip and has therefore taken already very well care of it through me. Therefore, you can now be very much at ease also concerning this worldly aspect.”

148,8. The Romans said: “O friend, this would be too much mercy from the Lord for us gentiles, but because it all will be as you have said to us, it is for us surely the highest time to settle the account with our innkeeper and friend Lazarus and pay to him our great debt.”

148,9. Now Lazarus said: “Friends, the One who in His great love and mercy has taken care of one thing, has also very richly taken care of the other things. On your way to your own country you certainly will still meet many poor and needy people. To them you can show mercy in the right measure. And from now on until the time of your departure you do not have to take care about anything.”

148,10. Agricola said, very emotionally: “Surely, here happens one wonder of the great love of the Lord after another, and we, great and mighty Romans, cannot give Him anything worthy in return.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-148 Chapter