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Chapter 150 - The way to unification with the Spirit and rebirth.

150,1. When we were on the hill, apart from a few disciples who still fell asleep, the Roman Marcus came to Me and said: “Lord, will You leave this village also today? And if You will leave it, would You not like to tell me where You will go, so that we Romans would know and could follow You more easily and surer?”

150,2. I said: “What concerns the first part of your question, I can be compared with a man who possesses many fields and who has to take care that all his fields are well cultivated. But once he has well arranged a field, would it then be wise if he from sheer joy would stand still on the well-arranged field and would not think that he also has to take care of other fields? Look, I have now also well arranged this field, which represents all of you, and I am also really happy about it.

150,3. But now I have to go to another, still uncultivated field, and well cultivate and arrange also that one. And so I will leave this place with My disciples after the morning meal. However, where I will go to exactly, I do not tell yet, so that at a certain occasion it would not fall out of someone’s mouth and then I could prematurely be more easily followed by My enemies, one time here and then again there. This would only be disturbing to My work, because then I always will have to fight completely senselessly with My opponents. And so it is very good when I am the only One to know where I want to go and will go. For everyone else it is however sufficient to know only afterwards where I was and what I have done there.

150,4. With this, I do not mean to say that you Romans cannot keep your mouth, but there are still others who do not have that same virtue, and therefore it is of course better that I will not be the One who would betray Myself. Must a wise commander not hide his plan of campaign for his nearest superiors and leaders if he wants to win a battle? Look, so I am also doing it. So do not look for anything else when I will not indicate to you more precisely the earthly place that I will visit. There are now Romans and Greeks everywhere among the Jews, and those will soon send you message about where and what I further have taught and worked.

150,5. But if you want to follow Me in spirit, then think deeply about all that which you have heard and seen from Me. Act and life in the spirit of My teaching, which carries the words of life in itself, then by that you will really and truly follow Me in spirit.”

150,6. When Marcus heard that from Me, he was completely satisfied with this answer, as well as all the others, and nobody asked Me again whereto I should travel with the disciples that day.

150,7. Then I gave a sign to Raphael that he should take care of the youth and keep everything prepared for the departure of the Romans. After this sign, Raphael disappeared instantly from My presence. This was again greatly striking to the newcomers, more in particular to the captain from Bethlehem and his companions.

150,8. Then the captain asked Me immediately: “Was I not right this night when I thought that this boy, who is really a living wonder, is some kind of god? His great wisdom, his power and now this sudden disappearance surely confirm this in a hardly refutable manner. From where is he actually and who are the parents of this special boy? Lord and Master, You surely could give some more clarification about this if You want, which would really be very pleasing to us.”

150,9. I said: “I surely could do that if this would be absolutely necessary for the salvation of your soul, but this is not the case. Therefore, it is sufficient for the moment to truthfully know about his being what he himself told you when you asked him about it. If you do not believe him, who gave you even this night so many proofs of his true being, then finally you would shrug your shoulders about what I would tell you about him, and you would say in yourself: ‘Ah, how can this be?’ Therefore, keep My teaching, belief in Me and act accordingly, then you will soon discover the mystery of My Raphael’s existence.

150,10. To know much, while you are still only a natural human being will burden head and heart, but when after many actions you will have taken much of the living light of truth in yourself, it will enlighten the heart and will save the difficult labor to the soul to often uselessly turn around in the brain of his bodily head and still not find what is true and right.

150,11. I say to you: in the spirit of man are hidden all and – be attentive – endlessly many truths. Try only to come to complete unification with the spirit in you by means of the ways that are already known to you, then you will no more need to ask who the parents of Raphael are or were, because the spirit will lead you into all truth.

150,12. If you would go to the cities of Egypt, reading there with all zeal during your whole life here on Earth all the almost countless many books and writings, then you can come back to your homeland as exceptional knowledgeable men, but by that your inner spirit will still by far not be unified in yourselves, and after reading through many thousands of books and writings you still will know as much of the Being of God, of your spirit and of the continuance of life of the soul as you have known until now. Here you have learned and experienced more according to the full truth in a few hours than all wise men of the whole world were able to tell and show you.

150,13. Therefore, stay on this path, for this is the only thing that can lead you to the living truth and wisdom in all things, and do not search untimely for things and their circumstances about which you are by far still not sufficiently mature to grasp and understand them in the right way, because such a useless research will only delay the soul to really penetrate ever deeper into his own spirit.

150,14. Seek above all to develop and to strengthen your life-consciousness according to My teaching. Feel the need of the poor and relieve it according to your strength and wealth, comfort those who are sad, clothe those who are naked, give food to those who are hungry, and drink to those who are thirsty, help those who are sick where you can, free the prisoners and proclaim My gospel to the poor of spirit. This will exalt your feeling, your mind into the Heavens, and on this true path of life your soul will soon without difficulty become one with his spirit from God and will by that also share in His wisdom and might. And this will certainly be more valuable than to know much in the world while being furthermore an insensitive human being towards fellowmen, and because of the feeling that was not sufficiently awakened for life having to give testimony to yourself of being still far away from the true life in the spirit.

150,15. I say to you: the spirit is the only living thing in man, is pure love and most gentle and is an eternal supremely well disposed feeling of that love. Thus, he who will make effort to ever more absorb this love of the spirit and its most gentle and eternal most well disposed feeling into his selfish soul, becoming therein also more and more strong, more powerful, more courageous and more compliant, will help by that the full union of the spirit with the soul. And if the soul becomes then pure love and wisdom in his most gentle and most well disposed feeling, then such a soul is also entirely one with his spirit and is therefore then also in the most living possession of all wonderful capabilities of life and existence of his spirit. And that is then certainly more valuable than having attended all the schools of the worldly scientists on Earth but remaining by that a severe and insensible human being.

150,16. Therefore, refrain for the moment from all useless research for the many circumstances of things and their phenomena, causes and consequences in the world, for this will bring the soul not even in 100 years even 1 millimeter closer to his true goal of life, because by that he cannot come to a true inner knowledge, but only tot an external, superficial and bit by bit knowledge and a blind guessing for everything from which an ordered and coherent knowledge and insight can never arise and by which the soul will thus find himself in a continuous anxious searching, which will produce little real salvation for life.

150,17. Whatever was necessary for you to know for the eradication of much superstition, which arose from the nature of the things in this world, has not been withheld from you, and it was faithfully and truly described and has also been made clear in a wonderful manner as a witness of the truth. And this should be sufficient for you for the time being. That which follows until infinity you should try to reach and acquire yourselves on the path that was clearly and truly shown to you, then you really will not need anymore to ask who Raphael is and who his parents are. Did you all well understand Me now?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-150 Chapter