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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-151 Chapter

Chapter 151 - Help from the Lord on the way to completion.

151,1. The captain said: “As far as I am concerned, it is completely clear, and I believe that this is also the case with the others. It is of course a very new teaching of life that has never been spoken out so clearly by the mouth of a human being, although a few old wise men that I know have also made allusions about it, which however unfortunately never became a living practice with the philosophers themselves and even less with their disciples, and therefore it also had to stay without result. But here, the situation is endlessly different, for You act as an undeniable Master of all the material and spiritual existence and life, and You teach us clearly about things which many philosophers have actually only unclearly and very messed up and indirectly touched upon it, and therefore, everything that You have taught and shown us here, must be true. And whoever will direct himself to this teaching of Yours, will always faultlessly reach what You have clearly explained and promised to us as a living true consequence of it. And therefore, no one of us will neglect to transform Your teaching into deeds.

151,2. But this is of course no little thing, and the fulfillment of Your teaching will involve many difficulties, but once something truly serious is desired – which is typical for us Romans – then also that which is most difficult can be accomplished. As far as I am concerned, I will not lack a serious will. But now, what is also important is that You also, Lord and Master, will help a loyal and seriously willing follower and executer of Your teaching with the almightiness of Your Spirit if we now and then – because we are only human beings – can still become weak and tired. It is true that man can accomplish many and great things by wanting something very seriously, but still not everything. However, with Your help, one can always be sure of the result.”

151,3. I said: “What you desire is already since eternity the concern of the One who lives in Me, for without Me you can never really do anything deserving for the eternal life of your soul. But still, everyone should do first out of his free will as much as he can, and then I will very surely and reliably do all the rest.

151,4. But first you yourself should turn away your eyes from the enticements and charms of the world, as well as all your other fleshly senses, and you should control your worldly lusts. If you will not do that, I will not – as far as your bodily senses are concerned – make you blind, deaf and mute because of that, and you will continually have to battle against them. But once you will have mastered your fleshly senses for half, I will very soon after that give you the complete mastery. You can be absolutely sure about that.

151,5. But if a person intents now and then to do something serious and will say: ‘Lord, from now on I will persevere steadfastly with my plan’, but then, going outside, there are again such tempting things in the world that come to him, so that he cannot turn his senses away from them and he becomes – although not bad – again weak, yes, such a person cannot progress, remains on the same spot and comes by that not even for one fourth to the mastery over the lusts of his senses.

151,6. In that case, in which his love is wandering to and fro between the charms of the world and Me, and comes not even for half on My side, yes, then I cannot yet support this person – who is like a weather vane – and give him full steadfastness. For since man has a free will, which has been given to him for the sake of his life, he himself should first make a good start. The full completion is then My concern. If you have understood this in the right way, then act accordingly, then My help will not stay away.”

151,7. With this, the captain was satisfied and he spoke immediately very seriously with his companions about it, and also with the other Romans.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-151 Chapter