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Chapter 155 - The Essenes complain to the Lord about their need.

155,1. We were now as usual watching very quietly the different morning scenes. However, a few disciples talked with each other about the gifts to perform wonders that were given to the 10 Romans, and they were secretly envying them about it.

155,2. And in the mean time, a servant of Lazarus brought also the 3 Essenes who arrived from Jerusalem to Me on the hill, presented them first to Lazarus and only after that he brought them to Me.

155,3. I asked them immediately what they wanted, so that they could relieve their heart in the presence of witnesses, for I knew already for a long time why they had sought Me and why they now had come to Me.

155,4. All 3 of them bowed deeply before Me, and one of them said: “Lord and Master, several months ago our messengers came to You and they received instructions from You concerning how we should act in our institute - which now has a general and great reputation - from the viewpoint of the only truth, because otherwise we soon will have to go through times in which all kind of disaster would brake out over us. Therefore, we have also done what the returned messengers have emphasized as Your will, and since then we also did not perform one false miracle, while the messengers gave us the full assurance in Your name that we, if we would precisely live and act according to Your teaching and would seriously stick to it, we certainly would be able to do the greatest and most real signs whenever needed.

155,5. But because of this we came now really into trouble in many respects and we do not know what to do, and even less how we have to save us from it, because firstly there are now day after day all kinds of people who are coming from all directions, and many bring us a great number of children to revive them, and if we do not accept them to raise them up they cry and lament terribly, for which they almost want to burry us under gold, silver, precious stones and pearls. No matter what good reason we give them as to why we cannot and may no more do this remains fruitless, and for the sake of our peace and safety we are now forced to accept the dead children, and after 4 months there are now already at least about 500 of them.

155,6. Certainly several years are needed to bring those children of different age back to life again by means of our old method, and certainly when still 1 and often 2 to 3 are added. It is true that we have tried to call these dead back to life again in Your name, but no miracle happened and for that time we had to use our old method again.

155,7. This is now, as I said, our first degree of our disaster. However, the second and still greater one is - since the time we started to work and act according to Your teaching - that in our workplaces for children we now have really too few children for exchange, because according to Your word we let them go out of the nurseries together with their mothers and feeders to a better destination, while we took care that they would not lack any necessary treatment. We gave money and other treasures to the many mothers and feeders and let them go while we gave them of course a reason for this new method of ours, which they could understand.

155,8. This is done, even in a good way, but where do we have to find other children in a short time, and how can we by that still persevere in Your teaching of which truth we are permeated? Lord, from this You can see, and also all Your disciples, in what kind of great embarrassment we are in now. How must we, how can we escape the dangers that are threatening us from all sides?

155,9. Lord and Master, if You will not help us in a miraculous way, we all will go to ruin in a short time. We also have abolished all feasts regarding the reviving of people, and also all other sorceries, but still, the people are coming to us from all directions in order to receive our counsel and help. Only a few are satisfied with instruction only. Most of them want deeds as we have done before, and this we do not want, because we once made a firm and serious resolution to live and act as strictly and purely as possible according to Your teaching.

155,10. Ah, it is really difficult now to be a real man in the world when on the one hand we encounter the gigantic great blindness of the people who have not the slightest idea of the truth, while on the other hand we in ourselves have to cope with the living truth that is clear as the sun and for which we really have to compete. I do not mean the material loss that we are now suffering while striving for the pure truth, for we still have more than enough material wealth, but those other difficulties into which we are coming still deeper day after day are making us now completely desperate. Lord and Master, we beg You now very urgently for advice and for true help.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-155 Chapter