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Chapter 157 - The business caravan from Damascus.

157,1. Now we were again watching undisturbed the morning scenes, as the morning was this time unusually pure and clear, because the nightly storm had thoroughly purified the atmospheric air.

157,2. The highest tops of very far alps and mountains could therefore also be well distinguished, which otherwise is not possible when the air is more saturated with vapors. And so, this morning from our hill we could greatly enjoy an exceptional beautiful view. Only here and there, where the greater fires which came from the nightly storm were still not extinguished, the air was made unclear by the smoke, which was however not detrimental to the beautiful view.

157,3. Now, when we were quietly looking from our hill at the environment, our captain saw that on the broad main road, which led from Bethany to Jerusalem, a big group of people were passing by with all kinds of pack animals, like donkeys, pack horses, oxen and camels. He asked Lazarus what this convoy was all about and which direction it would take.

157,4. Lazarus, who was surprised himself by the great number of people who dragged along, said: “My dear friend, even I do not know this, because such a big caravan around this time is unusual. Also, the convoy is still too far to determine if they are Jews, Greeks, Persians or Egyptians. But I would not find it pleasant when they would rest here in Bethany and they perhaps would even use one of my inns. In that case I should send them today to the valley to my friend and neighbor.”

157,5. The innkeeper from the valley who was present said: “O my dear brother, this caravan, of which we cannot even see the end yet, could difficultly be taken care of and even more difficultly be accommodated with me. But you have here in this place, which mostly belongs to you, 7 big inns, and then your big master house is not even included. Besides, there are here even several small inns more. That is why such a big caravan can here be better and more easily served and accommodated in a short time than with me in the valley. Besides, we should not beforehand fully conclude that this caravan, which was already on its way before sunrise, will already rest here. Just let us wait, then it will become apparent what we should do.”

157,6. Then Lazarus turned to Me and said: “Lord and Master, please tell us what this big caravan is all about, whereto it is going at this time and where it comes from.”

157,7. I said: “Well well, why should we worry about these business-men from Damascus who are passing by here with all the products of their zeal towards the cities at the shore of the sea in order to sell them there? Just let them pass by undisturbed.”

157,8. With these words I put the captain, Lazarus and the innkeeper from the valley at ease, and we watched now again very quietly the morning and also the caravan that drew near the village, and this of course also moved up a real cloud of dust along the way, because the frequently ridden and walked main roads in the Jewish country never lacked dust, and even when the storm blew up most of the dust and carried it far away during the night, there was still a lot that remained on the road.

157,9. When the front line reached the village and moved on without standing still, the sun emerged above the distant horizon and illuminated with its rays the whole environment. Also the dust of the road on which the light of the sunrays fell, was very nice to see.

157,10. And the captain said: “Oh, the light exalts everything on which it shines. Also the dust of the road that is really not beautiful, turns from a certain distance into something refreshing when it swirls up in the rays of the sun.”

157,11. I said: “Yes, yes, you have now made a very good and instructive remark. The worldly people are in more than one respect similar to the dust of the road, because firstly they are lazy to do that which is good and they fill the road of life with their insignificance but they become very annoying for the traveler of life who diligently is doing his best to act well. Only a real storm of judgment can bring such people to some activity, cleans up by that the roads of life and carries the dust away to extensive farmlands, meadows and fields where it then soon turns into fertile soil.

157,12. Such worldly dust people are also beautiful to look at when they are illuminated by the light of life, but only after they became fertile soil they can be compared to a good traveler of life. However, as long as they are only showing off in the pure air of life and glitter in the rays of the sun of life of which the light illuminates only their outward appearance but not also their inner self, they are for the true traveler of life a nuisance and they strongly resemble the Pharisees and other heathenish priests of idolatry. Whenever there is a life storm or another life activity coming up around them, they always exalt themselves, hinder and dirty the roads of life and the travelers, and make the light, which illuminates the road, unclear and weak.

157,13. Although, from a certain short distance they give the impression that they are also illuminated and very bearable, and many could think and say: ‘Yes, actually they are active and they have light’, but this is not so, for even if they lay peaceful on the road or are swirled up by the wind, they remain lazy and passive. And because they exalt themselves they always become a nuisance and wherever possible even harmful for the real traveler of life. If also you will therefore from now on be wise while you are traveling on My roads of life, keeping in mind this precaution that you will avoid those broad main roads of the world and would walk on the more dustless and small paths and even will act there with peace, patience and serenity, then you will not have to go through many unpleasant things with the dust of the worldly roads.

157,14. But if you will walk on the roads of life like the caravan that is passing through down there on the broad main road, moving on with great haste and much noise in order to arrive quickly at the places where they maybe can obtain worldly gain, then also you will have to endure many difficult and nasty battles with the dust. Remember this lesson that I have given you on this occasion, and if you will practice it, it will be very beneficial to you.”

157,15. Then the captain said: “Oh, how again true and striking were, o Lord and Master, these words of Yours. Everywhere on the roads of life there is now a hardly bearable quantity of this annoying worldly dust, and truly we have to be very cautious not to make it swirl up while walking. Oh, I will especially take ad notam of this lesson.”

157,16. I said: “Do it, then you will easily go forward and keep a clear sight.”

157,17. As soon as I said this to the captain, there was a messenger coming who invited us for the morning meal.

157,18. But because the caravan did still not pass by, I said: “We will let these dusty and noisy world completely pass by the village, for if we would go down now immediately, some of them would notice us and would ask us one or the other thing, but if we will remain here a few moments more we will escape this danger.”

157,19. All those who were present were of course completely satisfied with that, and so we still stayed a little half hour on the hill. At that time the caravan passed by completely and we could then go immediately unhindered down and enter the house for the morning meal.

157,20. So we went down in a good order, sat down at the big table and after I first had blessed the food and drink, we consumed the rich and good tasting morning meal. The Romans really enjoyed the wine, so that Lazarus had to fill up their cups a few times, in which he took great pleasure.

157,21. Agricola, whose tongue was made loose by the wine, said to Me: “Lord and Master, forgive me that during the morning meal I have already drunk a few cups more, but I have only done this together with my companions to make Your imminent good-bye more bearable. Oh, if only I always could stay with You. For this I would give all my earthly goods and all my worldly dignities and functions.”

157,22. I said: “Your wish and will are to Me as valuable as if you also have done it, but you will do Me and a lot of people a greater service as manager over the earthly goods and the spiritual treasures that are entrusted to you, which I have given you only here as a possession. If you will use all these wisely according to My advice, then I will also be with you in spirit and give you at each moment what you need. Later in My Kingdom however, you will live eternally with Me as My true friends and be active close to Me. Accept this also as a real comfort and for the complete strengthening of your souls in your heart.”

157,23. Then we stood up from the table and I put My hands on the Romans and blessed and strengthened them. Then all became cheerful and full of good courage and thanked Me verbally once more for everything that has happened to them during those several days in My presence.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-157 Chapter