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Chapter 158 - The goodbye of Lazarus' family.

158,1. Then I called Raphael and gave him a sign that he should prepare everything now for the departure of the Romans.

158,2. Then Raphael said: “Lord, Your holy will, full of eternal and endless power and might in me is already an accomplished work. Just look all of you outside to the big inner court, then you will find everything in the best of order. Also the youth are already sitting on the appropriate pack animals and are waiting for the moment they can depart from here, but most of all that they can see their true Father one more time in this life and to thank Him for everything and to ask Him if He would like to always remember them in His Fatherly love.”

158,3. After Raphael’s words, everybody stood up and hurried to the spacious inner court, and all of them were surprised about the pure miracle.

158,4. Now I went to the youth and gave them the good blessing, and they thanked Me with many tears. They wanted to thank Me with clearly spoken out words, which they hardly could do because of sheer tears of love.

158,5. However I said with a friendly voice to them: “Children, I understand the inner, living language of your heart that is more dear to Me than the most beautiful words of the mouth. Remain in that love, then I will be among you as your true Father in the spirit and will teach and educate you by My living word. Amen.”

158,6. Then I gave Raphael once more an inner sign, and he mounted a pack animal, took place in front of the youth, and at the command of Raphael the caravan came well into movement and turned off to the way to Tyre.

158,7. Then also the Romans with all their serving personnel mounted their pack animals, and together with them also the converted Pharisees with their women and children and, as known, also all the others of those who were present here, who were accepted and admitted by the Romans. They thanked Me also with many tears for all the mercy and great deeds that were shown to them.

158,8. Then I went to the Romans, stretched out My hand to them and gave them the advice to follow the caravan of Raphael that would escort them visibly until before the palace of Cyrenius. There he would give them the right instruction how they could travel on sea.

158,9. Agricola thanked Me for it and asked Me hastily what Raphael would do after that.

158,10. But I said to him in a friendly way: “Do not worry about him, for he is a spirit and knows what he should do according to My will which he plainly knows. Whenever you will call him, in love for Me, then he will not refrain to support you by word and deed. And now also you should begin to leave.”

158,11. Then they all said goodbye to Lazarus and also to all the others who still left behind, and after that they began to leave. The Romans were also escorted by the captain, his companions and the 3 innkeepers, after they first expressed their love, thanks and honor to Me, for they knew that I also would not stay any longer in Bethany.

158,12. And so, Bethany was now again deserted by the many guests. Only I with My old disciples, with the Jewish Greeks and with the disciples of John still stayed behind for a short time. And only now I said confidentially that I would go now to the environment of Jericho and the 10 known cities, and I let the disciples free to decide to go with Me. All of them wanted to go with Me and I instructed them, as well as everyone in the house of Lazarus to tell no one where I would go. And all promised Me explicitly that in everything they would act according to My will.

158,13. But now also Mary of Magdalon asked Me if she could come with Me.

158,14. But I said to her: “Mary, you are free to do so, just as I have promised you, but in order to prevent that the blind world should take offence at us, it would be better to stay in the house of brother Lazarus and to follow Me in your heart instead of following Me on foot. The sisters of this brother love you and you will have the opportunity to render them many good services, which I will consider as if you have done such a service for Me. But with this I still do not give you a command, but I leave you completely free to do whatever you prefer.”

158,15. Then Magdalene said: “Lord, from now on I will always do only that which You prefer and which is most pleasing to You, and therefore I will stay with Lazarus until Your speedy return and I will follow You in my heart. But we all ask You, o Lord and Master, if You would like to return soon to us. For without You our existence and life will look very sad.”

158,16. I said: “Mary, even if I will not be bodily with and among you, I still will be present and active in spirit with you, for I am indeed in the spirit continuously omnipresent, because I need to sustain and lead all things in the eternal infinity. If I would not be omnipresent in the spirit, then every existence would go to ruin and no creature would exist in the entire infinity, which you surely will understand now, because by the might of My extremely living and active will I Myself am indeed since eternity everything in everything, and everything is in Me. The Father, who sent Me as a Son of Man into this world is in Me, and I and He are not two, but completely one. Therefore the will of the Father is also My will and this is active everywhere.

158,17. But of course, no man can see the Father as such, for without Me He would not be there, nor I without Him, because I and He are completely one Being. But whoever sees and hears Me, sees and hears also the Father, for by My will I have sent Myself into this world as Father. Therefore, blessed are you who believe in Me, for whoever believes in Me, believes also in the Father who sent Me, and He will therefore give him eternal life.

158,18. If you will take these words well at heart, you will be cheerful in your mind, for you will surely feel that I, despite My personal bodily absence, I still will be and stay with you. Mary, did you well understand these words of Mine?”

158,19. Mary said: “Yes, Lord and Master, and Father, Son and Spirit. Therefore, I will be able to follow You more easily and more determinedly in my heart.”

158,20. Then I turned to My disciples and said: “Up till now I have only worked as the Lord and Master, and you were only as it were dumb witnesses of everything that I have taught and done, but from now on you will also work with Me, just as Raphael has worked visibly before the eyes of everyone. Let us therefore go now.”

158,21. Then we went immediately on our way towards the valley, along which it was easy to arrive in half an hour to the innkeeper in the valley. Lazarus with his 2 sisters and with Mary of Magdalon escorted Me to the innkeeper in the valley who, from the moment he saw Me coming from far, ran together with his family immediately to Me with open arms, and he still gave Me many greetings from the Romans. We paused at his house for a while, and at the request of the innkeeper I blessed his children and his whole family, for which I received thanks from all sides.

158,22. Then Lazarus said goodbye to his family and went to his house in Bethany where already much work was waiting for him.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-158 Chapter