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Chapter 162 - The order in the household of God.

162,1. Simon Judah said: “Lord, in view of time, when will this happen on Earth?”

162,2. I said: “Simon Judah, because of your mighty faith I have given you the keys to the Kingdom of God and have called you a rock upon which I will build My church, which will not be conquered by the gates of Hell. You would be a new Aaron and sit on his chair. Yes, you will also be, because you will be, together with your other brothers, a spreader of My word.

162,3. But when after several hundred years this will be known by the heathens, they will claim in Rome that you have established that chair over there. And the nations, who will be forced to it by fire and sword, will also believe those false prophets that you as a first prince of faith have placed this chair of faith in Rome from where you are ruling in My name the whole Earth and its princes and nations. But look, that will be a false chair, out of which much disaster will be spread over the whole Earth, and almost no one will then know where you have placed the real chair, the chair of love, truth, living faith and of life, and who your real successor is.

162,4. Although this chair will stand for a long time, much more than a 1.000 years, but it will not reach the age of 2.000 years. Just count, if you can count.

162,5. When this chair will have become moldered and will have no more firmness, I will return and My Kingdom with Me. Then also you will come with Me to the Earth and will be My witnesses before those with whom we still will find the true and pure faith.

162,6. But at that time also a great purification will be necessary, so that the people will know Me again and will only believe in Me. But about that which I have now revealed to you confidentially you still should keep silent now. The time will come when it will be proclaimed aloud from all roof tops.”

162,7. The other disciples said: “Lord, can something like this be avoided?”

162,8. I said: “O sure, but then the people should be transformed into pure machines. You also say: ‘But why are there always such heavy winds and storms at sea?’ Good, I say, then we will remove them, then the sea will produce no more dangerous waves and billows, and the skippers will be able to navigate on the sea in all quietness and free from all danger. But the very calm sea will then become dirty and will cause epidemics over all parts of the Earth, and moreover no natural life will be possible anymore, not on the dry land and neither in the sea itself.

162,9. Or all the water should be changed into stone. But in that case, from where will all the living creatures, like plants and animals, obtain their most necessary food? But because the sea will remain as it is, just like all the other waters, also the winds and the storms must remain by which the sea will be constantly agitated and from that the consequent activity will be maintained so that it would not let its salt of life sink to the bottom, and would become dirty and stink like the plague.

162,10. However, what the winds and storms are for the sea, they are for man the allowed spiritual trials and battles, which every human being on this Earth has to endure in more or lesser degree in order to fight for true life.

162,11. And what applies to every human being on this Earth for the duration of his life on a small scale, that applies also for a longer period of time for whole human races.

162,12. A small brook flows only along a short route, until it unites with a bigger brook, which then has to flow already along a much greater distance before it streams into a big river. But the river must then already stream through big areas before it becomes one with the sea, and this stream flows around and flows down the whole Earth. With its salt, which is dissolved in a very fine kind of vapor by the activity of the winds and storms and which will consequently fill the whole air of the Earth, the sea will also revive on the main land all natural creatures in it and on it.

162,13. Into the great world sea plunge as many as thousands kinds of waters, pure and impure, sweet, sour, bitter and healthy and unhealthy, but in the sea they all become one and have the same salt, and from that the numberless kinds of organic natural life take their raw material and process it in themselves, according to their kind.

162,14. And as the great world sea can be compared to all creatures of the whole Earth, so the great kingdom of spirits can be compared to the different earthly life conditions of the people on this Earth. Every individual person is as a little brook, a community is a somewhat bigger brook, a big brook is already as a people, the river is a nation, and the sea represents in the first place, and more specifically at its extensive shores, all nations of the Earth who develop into the same element. The ocean, which has no shores as such, represent the people in the spiritual kingdom, which carries infinity in itself and is consequently by its entire living condition the foundation of all there is.

162,15. All the created natural life depends on, as already explained, the continuous movement of the world sea. The more the sea comes to great activity through heavy storms and currents the more life activity it will wake up with all the created beings of the solid Earth and will consequently bring also a better growth.

162,16. Correspondingly, when men become, concerning their inner life activity, lukewarm, lazy, sleepy and without light, then immediately great movements will arise in the endless great spirit world, and these will then cause by their influence also all kinds of movements and waves among men who still live on this Earth. Then one nation rises against the other, one teaching fights against the other, and this will continue for a long time until men will be led to the greatest possible life activity.

162,17. As a result, it will then also become clearer and lighter among them. The apparent need makes them inventive and forces them in this manner to an ever greater and more orderly activity. Because of that, the nations will learn to know each other, who before hardly knew anything of each other, and in time they will become useful for each other, and in course of time the light will increase among them and will in the first place bring about a greater longing for an almost tangible proven truth of life.

162,18. When finally the need will become more general and the people will be no more satisfied with the pure authoritative belief, which is all the time a cause of the dark and lazy superstition, then the time will have come to give them a great and tangible light of life, full of clearness and truth.

162,19. And look, a lot of people on the whole Earth who nowadays are as if seized by a deep sleep by all kinds of laziness and darkness of life, must thus be led into a heavy stormy movement until they can be awakened after a long series of periods of time to a point where in this awakened condition they finally begin to feel what they are lacking.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-162 Chapter