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Chapter 165 - Healing in the hospital of the tax collector. Jesus let the children come to Him.

165,1. When I had said that to the people, they thought: ‘He has concluded truthfully and correctly.’

165,2. But the tax collector excused himself before Me with the words: “Friend, it is true that You have concluded very correctly, and Your conclusion would have satisfied me even more if it would not have been exactly I who was this tax collector who in full truth had spoken out like this in the temple before God. But no matter how, it seems extremely mysterious how You can know such things so well. As far as I am concerned I think that You are a prophet, and I ask You to bless my house and my family in the name of the One who has enlightened You so much with His Spirit.”

165,3. I said: “This has already happened to you by the fact that I halted before your house and took a rest-break. But to let you perceive that I not only have the right but also the power to bless your house and your family, you should go inside your house, which is also yours and which belongs to this inn.

165,4. You have equipped this house yourself in order to accommodate poor sick people from this region and also from outside, and you have provided for a doctor and also for many good medicines. There are now still 7 seriously sick people that are being taken care of who cannot be helped by your doctor, no matter how experienced and of good will he may be. However I have already helped them. Thus, just go inside and convince yourself.”

165,5. The house was only a few steps away from the main house, and the tax collector and all others went hurriedly inside and found to their very great amazement all 7 completely healthy. They asked them who healed them, for a great miracle must have happened, because never before was a doctor able to heal such lame, cripple, blind people and those who suffered from gout.

165,6. Then those who were completely healed said: “We do not know who healed us so suddenly and so miraculously, for there was nobody with us, also not our doctor since this morning. But a few moments ago we felt a force as fire flowing through us, and we became healthy as never before. However, we dared not to leave our beds, because we could not believe that we were really healed.

165,7. Although the 2 blind ones were our first proof, because they not only received back the light of their eyes, but also we were again completely in possession of the strength of our straight limbs. But still, we did not believe completely in our even so clearly perceptible healing. However, now we believe it because you came to us for this reason.

165,8. One or the other wonderful Man and Healer must have told you, otherwise you would not have come here to convince yourselves if the Man of wonders had spoken the truth to you, and so you will know better who healed us than we can know it. But now give us our clothes so that we can go outside and express our thanks to that wonderful Healer.”

165,9. At a sign of the tax collector it was soon done.

165,10. Now the old Pharisee, a chief and a few other priests and scribes were very surprised and did not know what to do, and one asked the other who he thought I might be.

165,11. But the more common citizens and also the healed ones said in one voice: “It is really strange that priests and scribes can still ask who He is, who by the power of His will can heal the most incurable diseases in one moment. Only God can do that, or an extremely pious man who is filled with God’s Spirit just like the great prophets.”

165,12. However, the priests and scribes threatened the people and said that it was not proper that laymen had the evil courage to rebuke the priests of God.

165,13. But the laymen did not take notice of that and went together with the healed person out of the room for the sick. They came and stood before Me and said: ‘Hail You, great Master, who came to us in the name of the Lord. Hosanna on high and all praise to Jehovah the Lord who has given such a power to man.”

165,14. Then many fathers and mother hurried to their homes and brought soon a great number of children with them who were sick and weak in a more or lesser degree, and they asked Me if I would like to bless them all and make them healthy again by that.

165,15. However, the number of children that they brought with them was considerable and when the disciples heard that I wanted to touch every child separately, according to the wish of the parents, they said: “Well, well, the day will hardly last for 2 little hours. If the Lord has to touch and bless every child separately, the day will be over, and we still have to travel to another place, because it is out of the question that we should stay here, because already along the way He said that He would not stay overnight in the first village. And once He had spoken out something, He never deviates one hair’s breadth from it. Let us send back the children who are crowding with the good remark that it is not necessary for every child to be touched separately. It is sufficient that He speaks out only one word, then they all will be healed and be completely and entirely blessed and strengthened.”

165,16. After they had deliberated this, the disciples prevented them to come to Me and warned those who wildly would want to press through.

165,17. However, I called all these many children to Me and said to the disciples: “Oh, let all these children come to Me and do not prevent them, because for such children is the Kingdom of God. Truly I say to you: whoever does not take possession of the Kingdom of God as a child, will not enter into it.”

165,18. Then the disciples let all the children come to Me and I touched them all, pressed them to My heart and fondled them, and they all became well, strong and healthy, and I let them go with the unceasing words of gratitude of the parents.

165,19. Then a few disciples came to Me and said: “Lord, You have now again made a new condition to take part in the Kingdom of God. How can we as most of us gray haired men, become again children in order to come into the Kingdom of God? And still, You have said just now very clearly that a person who does not take possession of the Kingdom of God as a child, will not enter into it. If this is the case, then what is the use of our effort, abstaining and self-denial?”

165,20. I said: “Truly, a lot of patience is needed to go along with you. How long will I have to suffer you before you will understand things clearly? When I say that the Kingdom of God can only be taken into possession as a child, then I do indeed not mean the physical being of a child, but only being a child in your heart. A child has no pride, no anger, no hatred, no tendency for fornication, no lasting passion and also no impatience. He surely cries if something has been done to him, but he also soon lets himself be comforted and forgets the sadness that he had and embraces the benefactor with all love. So should every person be in his heart and his mind, then the Kingdom of God is already his possession. Now if you understand this now, you surely will not have to ask how a person as a child should take the Kingdom of God into possession? Did you understand that?”

165,21. The disciples confirmed it and thanked Me for this explanation.

165,22. Then the innkeeper who was, as known, a tax collector as well, asked Me: “Wonderful Savior, You have now done an indescribable great benefit to this place, which we cannot wish for nothing from You. Say now how much we owe You, then I will pay You.”

165,23. I said: “But I will not accept anything, for who is the person who possesses something which he did not receive from God? So with what can God be paid which is already His anyway?

165,24. However, if you still want to do something, then do it for the poor, then God will accept it as if you have done it for Him. For believe Me, what I have done here, it is not I who did it, but the Spirit of the One who you call your God and Father, but who you still have never known. But I know Him and I always see His face. So do not ask with what you owe Me, but bring Me some bread and wine.”

165,25. Then the innkeeper hurried with his family into the house and brought us bread and wine in the right measure, and I and the disciples strengthened our limbs with it.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-165 Chapter