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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-17 Chapter

Chapter 17 - The treatment of the people on this side and in the beyond.

17,1. I said: “Also concerning this point, the things that are right and completely suitable have already been said, and you also have partially heard it from My disciples. However, you cannot so well remember it and in some corners of your life it has again become a little obscure. But if you will live according to My word you will receive the baptism with the Spirit which is the true, inner rebirth of the Spirit in your soul. This living Spirit of all light and all truth will then guide you into all the light and all truth, and then everything will become clear in you, which is now obscure and dark.

17,2. God’s love and wisdom can also see – and certainly even more clearly – that which your more enlightened reason can already tell you, namely that one cannot punish someone to whom no law has been given which he should obey. And it certainly would be unrighteous and unfair if God would ordain this.

17,3. But there exists now nowhere on the Earth a nation that is totally without any law. Because God has awakened wise men among all the nations according to their needs, and these have given them laws and have also told and showed to them that there is a God who has created everything and also sustains, guides and rules everything. These wise men have also taught the people that God will reward – here and in the beyond – those who obey the laws, but will chastise and relentlessly punish those who live contrary to the law, already here and certainly in the beyond, because the soul of men after the death of the body continues to live in another world of spirits and will be judged according to his acts.

17,4. Look, every nation has received such a teaching, and when they will forget it, they soon will be reminded of it, partially by newly awakened wise men and partially by the individual conscience. And so, nobody who has reason and common spiritual faculties can excuse himself totally when he acts in contradiction with the laws that are known to him. And when someone in the beyond comes into the condition of his love and his free will, he also will not be able to say to God that He has treated this one or that one unjustly, because to the one who wills it himself, no injustice can be done.

17,5. Over there, every soul will receive what he wants. If it is something bad, then beforehand it will be made clear to him what kind of consequences are attached to it. If he will listen to that, then he can easily be helped. However, if he does not mind it, then without hindrance it will be allowed that he will have everything as such and will enjoy that which he wants from his love.

17,6. However, love – be it of a good or a bad kind – is the actual life of the soul of every human being, angel and devil. If we take away the love from the soul, then we also take away the life and the existence. This can however not happen in God’s pure order, because if only the smallest atom in creation could be destroyed and would lose its life completely and forever, then God Himself would lose an atom from His existence, which however is impossible.

17,7. And in such a way a soul can never entirely lose his existence, but by his free will he can become very unhappy and wretched, and he can, if he seriously wants it, also become again by his free will happy and completely blessed.

17,8. Now how can the subsistence and the situations for the soul be arranged in a more different and better and more justly ordered way than this? Do you understand this now, and is the dark corner in you now already a little lighter?”

17,9. The magician said: “Lord and Master of all life, it is now already a lot clearer. Yes, if things are like that and also must be like that, not even the smallest of objections can be made anymore by us people against You, and I am ready with the asking of questions.”

17,10. I said: “For the moment you will do well with that. But it will happen again, that you will still ask a lot. But now it is time to proceed to something else. Who of you still wants to know something can now come forward and speak and ask, for today the gate of Heaven stands wide open for all of you.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-17 Chapter