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Chapter 173 - The wishes of king Abgarus of Edessa.

173,1. Soon after that, when I had prepared everything in Athens and started then without delay on my trip back home, I took the way from Tyre going to the old Nazareth and took precise information there about the good Savior Jesus. Then they soon showed me a little home very close to the city. I visited that home immediately and I met there a few pious and righteous carpenters who introduced me to a woman named Mary, who became already a widow and who was the bodily mother of the Savior who I searched, but she was still not able to tell me where her son Jesus was at that time and on that moment.

173,2. However, she asked me very urgently to seek Him and, if I should find Him somewhere, that I would inform her about it, which I also promised on my word of honor. She and also the carpenters, who called themselves His brothers, were able to tell a lot of wonderful things about their beloved Jesus, and I on my part have also told them what I had heard on my trips about Him, which was clearly very pleasing to them.

173,3. What this family, to whom I also gave some gifts, told me about the beloved Savior, corresponded completely with what I had heard from the king of Phrygia and also, before I came to Nazareth, in Tyre and in several cities along the shores of the sea.

173,4. Now it only depends if this Man of wonders whom you, dear father, have shown me, is the beloved Savior Jesus from Nazareth for whom I have this letter with me, and then I will have found my salvation.”

173,5. Then Kado bowed before Me and said: “Lord and great Master, do tell me if You are in truth the One for whom I have this letter with me.”

173,6. I said: “Ask it first to this healed beggar and then also to all My disciples, for they all are My faithful witnesses now and they will tell you the truth and will not withhold it from you.”

173,7. The beggar said with great joy: “O Kado, do not look any further, for you have already found the One whom you have searched so zealously. This is the loving and good Savior Jesus from Nazareth and as such a son of David, as also the old prophets and fathers have called Him previously already a long time ago.”

173,8. When the son heard these words from the beggar, he did not inquire any further, and he took the letter out of his pocked and gave it to Me, saying: “Lord and Master, You are indeed the One whom I have sought. Forgive me that I have tired You so long with my chatter and stories.”

173,9. I said: “I would not be here today if I had not known that you would arrive here tonight, searching for Me. But now, make yourself comfortable, since you became somewhat tired now because of the long journey. Come back afterwards, then we still will discuss of lot of things with each other.”

173,10. The son thanked Me for this answer and then he went directly with his father and his family to a big side room where he changed clothes and arranged the luggage that he brought with him, because all the many other things and treasures were placed by his servants and also by those of his father in the big neighboring house, and also the many pack animals were taken care of.

173,11. After that, the son came soon back to Me, together with his family and asked Me if he could sit at My table, which I also allowed him very friendly. Of course a few of My disciples had to sit at another table because My table was rather small, but this did not matter since there was a second table that was not far away from Me.

173,12. Now we were sitting very cheerfully together, and Kado asked Me if I would like now to open and read the letter of the king.

173,13. I said: “Friend, this is not necessary with Me, for I knew the content already much earlier than the king thought about it to write Me a letter. But you can open the letter and read it also to the others, for there are few people here who do not know the Greek language. Here is the letter, you read it.”

173,14. Kado said: “O dear, good Savior, that would be too bold of me, because that which only concerns You, we do not have to hear from You, and since the letter is only directed to You, we do not have to know its content. But the fact that this king, who loves You so dearly and who has the greatest respect for You, has expressed the same feelings as he spoke out aloud before me, that can be well imagined by anyone, and thus I give this very valuable letter with all respect back to You again.”

173,15. Now I took the letter, gave it to the disciple John with the remark that he should read it and then in My name should also answer it, which John did, for he also could write well in Greek.

173,16. And already the next day, Kado sent the written answer by means of 3 messengers to the king and wrote also a letter himself to him in which he let him know how he had searched Me and had found Me to his great happiness.

173,17. Now after I gave the letter to John, I asked Kado: “And now, before the evening meal, for the sake of the others, you still can briefly tell something about what that king has mainly spoken to you regarding Me.

173,18. Kado said: “O dear, good Savior, if I had to tell about all the good and exalted things that the king has told me about You, then it could take me days. But only to tell something about the main point, of which I already mentioned something about it during my introduction words should not take too much time.

173,19. The greatest desire of the king would be to have You, o Lord and Master, together with all Your disciples and friends, with him, and this all the more since he came to know from reliable sources how much the prominent Jews and their proud and extremely imperious and greedy priests hate You and want even to kill You in their unlimited blindness and rage. This king rules over a very peaceful country and people who would soon recognize You and would, together with the king, from sheer love, esteem and gratefulness adore You. In his country You would be safe against every persecution and You would have the kind of peace that You maybe could find nowhere else.

173,20. So also, this king has a son who is troubled from time to time with sickness. That he gladly would like You to heal him completely, You dear and good Savior, know obviously best. So he also once told me about his burning desire that he gladly would like to have at least a true image from You and possibly also from some of Your best disciples. And that is according to me the most important wish of the king, because he spoke a lot about this. Lord and Master, forgive me if I have expressed myself here and there in a somewhat crude and improper way.”

173,21. I said: “You have briefly given here an extremely good summary, and look, the same - be it in somewhat different words as is customary in letters - is also mentioned in the letter, namely in the current letter, how and why he would like Me to be with him. The desire of the king rejoices Me greatly, and before, from now on, 1 year will have passed, I also will make it happen in the spirit and in the fullest truth. But first very great things must happen which My disciple will report to him. By that, the king will be very much reassured and comforted.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-173 Chapter