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Chapter 176 - The nature of truth.

176,1. Then the innkeeper and his son thanked Me once more for this lesson, and the innkeeper said finally: “The fact that man can only be set free by the truth from every delusion and deception is certainly a great holy truth in itself, but with all nations that are known to us, many wise men have continuously asked for the truth, which was also zealously sought and was not found, and until now no one was able to explain as an entirely settled case and understandable for men what the truth is. And that is why I so gladly would like to hear from You, dear Lord and Master what the truth now finally is. Because You will surely be able to give us the best explanation about it. Only when man will know what the truth is, and how and where he can find it, will he be able to absorb it as a guideline for his life and by that make himself free from every delusion and deception. Thus, what is the full truth, and how and where can we find it?”

176,2. I said with a friendly face: “Look at Me and listen very carefully to what I will say to you now: God, the One and only true One is the truth. He who has found God, the only true One, has also found the truth that will make him free and completely alive. And once man has found God and has come to know His faithful revealed will, and he lives and acts accordingly, then this person has also become truth within himself. And when man has become that, then he is also already free, and he has advanced from the death of the world and its matter to the life out of God.

176,3. However, I still can see in you another question, which is not so easy to answer as the one I have answered now, but also for your new question that has not yet been spoken out, I will find an answer that everyone will understand.

176,4. Your question that has not yet been spoken out is as follows: ‘It is completely correct that God is the only truth, and the one who has found God, has found the truth that can make him free, but where is God, who is He, how is stated His completely true will, and finally: how do I find God and how do I know that He is indeed the One?’

176,5. Yes, look, my dear friend, it is not difficult for Me to answer this question with a full light, but for you it still will be difficult to also clearly understand that light in the given answer. But let us try.

176,6. Look, God is an absolutely pure and eternal Spirit. This eternal Spirit is the purest and clearest love, and consequently the eternal life itself. The love is however a fire and in itself a flaming light, and all this is the truth.

176,7. In God, the eternal initial basis of all being, there is then also the most complete self-awareness, the highest intelligence, wisdom and power, and if this were not so, then nothing would ever have been created, for that which is nothing in itself, can never form itself as something.

176,8. So in God, the highest intelligence and the most lightened self-awareness are eternally available and actively present. If this would not be so, then who could have given to the angels and men a life with intelligence and self-awareness? Or is it possible to give something to someone while he does not have it himself? Can a dumb and raw force give a perfect life?

176,9. In your life you have seen already several times all kinds of blind and in itself dumb forces storming and raging among each other, but have you ever seen a raging hurricane that by means of its very big might and development of power has swirled together a sheepfold or pigsty? Or has the result of a lightning, if it hit from a cloud on the ground, ever been anything different than a highly chaotic destruction?

176,10. Now if you look at these dumb powers and forces, then as product of their raw activity you will never discover something in which as such you could see even the smallest spark of one or the other intelligence or insight. Yes, a wise researcher will even in the rawest activity of those blind and dumb powers and forces discover a certain order and a wise plan, but these are not the property of those blind and dumb powers and forces but the property of God who from His very own and endless wise power of His will produces such powers in order to achieve a good purpose for one or the other part of the Earth.

176,11. Now if you look at the plants, animals and more in particular at man, then in everything you will find the greatest order and a wise set up plan connected to the greatest effectiveness, and these living things were not able to give all this to themselves, because before that, they were not even there and were never there as existing by themselves. But if they exist now and their existence refers with certainty to a very wise Founder, then it surely is also clear that only His highest intelligence, His power and His absolute perfect self-awareness were able to call such very diverse creatures into existence out of Himself.

176,12. Even in his spiritual still undeveloped sphere of pure natural life man has already a lightened, far-reaching intelligence out of which his insight and understanding develops like a tree from a grain of seed, and with that help he can accomplish already quite fast remarkable and well-ordered works.

176,13. Who else, except God could give man - whose body is already a very artful organism and a very wisely arranged machine of life - an intelligence, self-awareness, insight, understanding, love and a completely free will in accordance with determination, and be able to maintain and perfect it? Friend, if you somehow will clearly think about what I have stretched only very briefly now, then you will also discover very easily the natural way on which man, if he only really wants, can find God, and with Him the eternal truth. And if he walks that way with all love for the One he is looking for, he will also find Him, and when he has found Him, then the One who was found will also very soon reveal His will to him.

176,14. If man will then act in accordance with this, it will also become clearer and light in his soul, who in love for God whom he has found and acknowledged, will unify himself ever more with the Spirit out of God.

176,15. And look, once this situation has set in for man, then he has become truth himself, for he has find the truth in himself, and with that you surely will perceive now what the truth is, how it has to be sought and how and where it can always be found with certainty.

176,16. And once you have found the truth in this way and have become by that also free and pure, then also everything that surrounds you becomes truth, purity and freedom, because for a truthful person, everything is true, for the pure, everything is pure and for the one who is free, everything is free. You still do not need anything more for the time being. But do ask yourself now if you have also understood everything that I have said to you now.”

176,17. Kado said: “O my dear Savior, Lord and Master. You have announced great things and truths to us all now, and have revealed it with much light. The old veil of Isis has been lifted, the Augean stables in me has been cleansed from its old filth, and the Gordian knot has been cut, and for this we all can thank You. Now I have become a true Hercules. However, not the one who indecisively stood on the crossway, but the one who walked with determination on the way of true virtue and on which he will also continue to walk until the shining goal.

176,18. I have sought You, as You know, and have also found You, even if it was during the night, but that is all the better and it has all the more importance since I probably would not have found You during the day, because it was night and dark within myself. But now, a tremendous morning shimmering has started, and the morning red will follow, and the sun will also arise above the horizon of my life. And I believe that it has already come closer than my soul is able to suspect up to now. In short, I have sought You, o dear Lord and Master, and so I have found You, and since I have heard from You now how one should search and also find God, and in Him the truth, I will also succeed in this.

176,19. And if I well and clearly think about this now, there is something in my heart that says: ‘Kado, you have found already everything and you do not have to search much further.’ I mean: You, o good and dear Lord and Master, and He, who I still have to search, are standing - according to the feeling that has now awakened in me - nearly without any doubt on one and the same level, and whoever has sought and also found You, has also found Him whom he still has to seek. Because the signs that You are doing, and the words that You speak, no human being can speak and do. With this I want to say: Lord and Master, You Yourself are the truth, the way, the light and the life. Whoever has found You, has already found everything. Is my opinion correct?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-176 Chapter