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Chapter 178 - The little cloud appears a second time.

178,1. The next morning when we went down again to the village to direct our business and activities and to put them in order, 3 big ships came already into our port to take in, as usual, wine and sweet water. They arrived from Sicily and took explicit information to know with what kind of lighting material we illuminated our tower for some time. They never saw such a white light before. They were at that moment still a few hours of navigating away from the port, and their ships were still so well illuminated that they were able to discern everything so well on board as if at bright daylight.

178,2. Also the inhabitants of the village asked us now here and there what kind of light it was. And my old, loyal servant who stays now here in the house of my father, because I took him along on all my trips, opened his mouth again and related to the questioners about the facts completely according to the truth and added finally also again his opinion to it, and all who listened to him praised his point of view.

178,3. The skippers said that they would zealously inquire this matter in the kingdom of the Jews to where they had to navigate first anyway, and if they would come back here in about half year time they would tell us truthfully what they had come to know. Then the skippers soon set out again and we continued with our business and activities, and that day everything went so well that it seemed to be a real wonder.

178,4. It is of course obvious that during that day a lot of things were still said about the nightly appearance.

178,5. On that day I went up with my personnel a little earlier to our tower house, in the first place because our business and activities were successful and we had finished earlier than at other times, and secondly - to be sincere - to watch also during that evening to see if perhaps such a little cloud would again show itself from the east. My wife and also my children were looking forward to it.

178,6. The sea was somehow more restless than the evening before, and so the fishermen returned home sooner with their catch. Also a couple of other ships that came from the south and that did not trust the rather restless sea, navigated to our safe port and the skippers soon hang down the moorings of their vessels to our strong port poles, which was a certain sign that they feared a storm and would at least stay in our village for that night.

178,7. Also, the sea became more and more restless towards the evening, and looking into the distance it could be noticed that the sea had set very high waves in motion, and that is why no ship could be seen anymore on the water, because the skippers had probably noticed some signs already during the day time which showed that the sea would be very high during the night and that is why they already tried since early to reach one or the other quiet bay.

178,8. Although no clouds could be seen at the whole visible sky, and only a soft wind blew from the south, it were probably the raising so-called Tartarus winds that came up from under the sea that brought the sea in such restless movement. We call such subterranean winds ‘Tartarus winds’ because we have no other name for it. It was however remarkable that despite the ever-increasing storm of the sea, no storm birds could be seen, and also the seals did not show their dancing and their happy jumping which always precedes such storms. For such sea animals are certainly not lacking in the sea.

178,9. Now the sun was setting in the sea, and I commanded the servants to fill the dish and to lighten it, because one or the other big ship could still be on sea being not able to see at night where it could find a good escape. And so the big dish was quickly filled and lighted, and it was already fully burning with blazing flames when the sun was completely set, and that was good because it hardly took 1 hour when a big ship - driven by the southern wind that became somehow more violent - was clearly navigating to our port and arrived soon.

178,10. These skippers, who came from Egypt to buy our wine here said on the next morning that they had much to do with the high waves and that they were very glad when they saw the light of Patmos that was already well known to them.

178,11. Despite the loud raging and roaring of the sea we sat however very cheerful together on the terrace and gazed to the east to see if the little cloud of yesterday would not want to show itself again somewhere. And it did indeed not take long when the little cloud became again visible far in the east and made the same movement as yesterday, as I already mentioned.

178,12. But as soon as the strange little cloud became visible, also the storm laid down immediately in a strange way, and in a few moments the stars were again glittering to us from the calm surface of the sea.

178,13. It did now also not take long before the little cloud positioned itself around our tower house, and it seemed to me that the light was this second time again stronger than the first time, because the sea was illuminated up to the far distance as if during daytime, which we could clearly see because the little cloud remained this time floating above our tower house and it was not completely enveloped like the first time. During this second time it was however also remarkable that the flame in our light dish extinguished completely at the moment that the little cloud enveloped the house for half.

178,14. This time the little cloud remained floating around our house more than 1 hour longer than the first time, and we had by that the feeling like a god in his feeling of power and eternal immortality, for we also felt completely powerful and immortal.

178,15. After a little while, my old, loyal servant who was completely overwhelmed by awe just said: ‘O, old, holy godly light, that clearly and lively illuminates primordial men, and so have transformed them into true half gods, illuminate now mortal men again, and extinguish their worldly light, as you have extinguished the weak light of our sea light dish. Then the skippers on the earthly sea of life, who are only raging against our darkness, will find rest and will perceive again why they were placed by the high gods in this world.’

178,16. When my servant had spoken out these words in full seriousness, we all heard very clearly and plainly from the little cloud the words: ‘Search, then you will also find it. The old light of life of the Heavens must again be given in abundance to those who are good of heart and of good will. The great light will soon come from the place I come from.’

178,17. Then the little cloud rose again and went quickly back to the place from where it came.

178,18. As soon as the strange little cloud disappeared from our eyesight, the flame in the light dish flared up again by itself and continued to burn the whole night through. But we were all overwhelmed, more specifically by the clearly heard words that were in a certain way spoken by the little cloud.

178,19. And my old servant said: ‘O, what would our philosophers say who do not believe anything else except their own reasoning, if they had experienced and seen this together with us. Yes, yes, men who are searching the gods with a good heart and a firm will for their light of life, and who are not dragged along so easily by all worldly doubters, will finally also find what they were looking for, which will however not be found be any philosopher. The gods are certainly not favorable to those who deny their existence, but we will from now on always be more dedicated with all our heart to the gods and will also search them ourselves in that kingdom, where they, as it is said, are now administering justice and ruling as visible men, and we will bring them our highest worship and a true offering of thanks for the mercy that they have given on this lonely island by means of that little cloud of light.’

178,20. We all agreed with the good words of our old servant, and I promised that I would do it myself as soon as I had taken all necessary arrangements in Athens. All showed their great joy about this, and I myself took the decision to sell my businesses in Athens and also in other places and would after that search for the gods.

178,21. Then we went into the house again and took the already prepared evening meal, which seemed extremely tasty to us now.”

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