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Chapter 18 - The gate of Heaven and the Kingdom of God.

18,1. After I said that, one of the Pharisees who was won came forward and said: “Lord and Master, since You have now said that the gate of Heaven stands wide open for all of us, would it then not be possible that we all could see with our eyes the opened gate of Heaven so that we somehow could form an idea of how Heaven looks like from the inside? Because through the opened gate we surely will be able to see a small part of it.”

18,2. I said: “How long will I have to be with you and suffer your materialistic attitude? For who is the gate to the true Kingdom of Heaven? I am the gate, the way and Heaven Myself. He who listens to Me, believes in Me, and loves the Father in Me above all, will walk through the right gate of all life the light way to the Kingdom of the Heavens that is created spiritually out of My pure love in the lightest and most living form out of My wisdom.

18,3. Do not look up or down with your fleshly eyes if you want to perceive the true sight and the nature of Heaven which is the Kingdom of God, but direct the eyes of your mind at your inner awareness of love. There you will see Heaven, even everywhere, no matter in which place you will be in My creations, be it on this Earth or on another, this does not matter, because the view of Heaven will form itself out of the foundation of your life, just like it is formed by My word and by your good works. Only by means of your own Heaven will you be able to come in My eternal and infinite great Heaven.

18,4. Remember this well, all of you: God’s Kingdom will not display any outer splendor and will also not come to you in an outer image and form, but it is in your deepest inner being and exists in the spirit of pure love for God and for fellowman and in the truth of the resulting life of the soul. For he who does not have or is aware of any love for God or fellowman in himself does also not have life in himself and no resurrection, which is Heaven in man, and consequently also no life within, but only the judgment and the resulting eternal death, instead of the only true and perfect life in Heaven.

18,5. In a certain way the souls of the evil ones continue also to live after death, but they are only apparently alive, just like all matter and just like the life of certain animals who sleep during the whole long winter in a subterranean hole and who are totally passive.

18,6. If you look at this now a little closer, you hopefully will not say to Me anymore: ‘Lord, show us the gate of Heaven and by that also a little of Heaven itself, or show us also Hell, so that we, being warned by its sight can restrain ourselves more easily from all sins.’ He who asks that, I will have to call a fool. Every human being has either Heaven or in the worst case, Hell completely in him and can view everything in himself.

18,7. However, he who carries Hell in himself, is deaf and blind in his mind. Only now and then will his conscience remember him, otherwise he would not be aware of Hell in himself, for a soul who has become infernal is already as good as completely dead by the judgment of all his matter.

18,8. But a soul who by his good works according to My will, carries Heaven in him, can also view in himself Heaven on a clear daylight, and from time to time also during the night in clear visions. For visions are given to man to have a certain communion with the world of the spirits, with the lower ones as well as with the higher ones, according to how much or how little of the true Heaven that the soul has build and in fact has created by his good works according to God’s will.

18,9. Thus, walk according to My commandments, then you will easily and quickly be aware of the nature of Heaven in yourself. Did all of you also understand this very well?”

18,10. The Jews, Romans, Egyptians and Indians said: “Yes, Lord and Master, and we thank You from the deepest of our heart for Your teaching to us, who are still very blind and deaf, despite that You have given us so much and such a great light. Therefore, we also ask You to have patience with our still great weaknesses. But we will from now on surely do our best, so that Your holy light that has been given to us will shine increasingly brighter in us.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-18 Chapter