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Chapter 180 - The little cloud appears for the third time.

180,1. When we came into the village in the morning, we heard talking about nothing else except about the little cloud of light. And as this is usually the case with such strange events with simple natural people whose sound reasoning is small but whose fantasy is all the greater, all kinds of interpretations of the appearance were not lacking, but it probably would not be worth while to explain them here now briefly and concisely.

180,2. Also during that day we had finished our businesses and activities, and went still a little earlier to our tower house on the mountain to rest and to strengthen ourselves as we did the day before, and we made it ourselves really comfortable on our balcony while we were yearningly waiting to see if also on that evening some mysterious appearance would befall on us.

180,3. We hardly sat there together for half an hour on our terrace, looking at the lively scenes on the sea, when our old priest came after us with another 3 companions and he asked me if he could stay in our company during the evening, which was allowed in a friendly way and with pleasure.

180,4. He came to sit next to me and told us what he had seen and observed during the early morning, and came to the conclusion that we would see the same appearance once more also on that evening, and that is why he mainly came to us, to firstly bring this to our attention, and secondly to be a witness himself of how the little cloud of light would come into existence and to see from which direction and along which way it would come to this tower house, because he planned to abandon polytheism and to introduce the belief in one God. In the first place he was compelled to this by his dream, which was 3 times the same, and secondly by the remarkable appearance of the little cloud of light. And if it would show itself also during that evening for the third time, he would be all the more determined to execute his intension.

180,5. Therefore, I and all those who were present praised him, and also my old, loyal servant agreed with the intention of the priest.

180,6. There was still a great discussion about the execution of the conceived intention of the priest, and while we were discussing and taking decisions, it became almost fully evening and the stars began to shine. Since the sea was quiet during that evening, I did not let the light dish be lighted, which was also approved by my house servants, for they always had a certain fear to lighten the lightning material in the dish.

180,7. While we were still talking among each other about one and the other thing - however, always pointing our eyes to the region from where the little cloud of light had come already twice - we also discovered it that day for the third time, and we all burst out in great jubilation when the same little cloud of light lifted itself up above the distant horizon and moved once more quickly in our direction. In a few moments it had reached my tower house again, and just like the day before it enveloped it at half height. This third time we felt a still greater joy and we felt even more strengthened, and the feeling of being mortal human beings had entirely left us. The little cloud gave that evening such a strong light that we could not see any other star on the firmament.

180,8. And when the little cloud began to shine stronger, we were all greatly moved, and our priest lifted his hand to the little cloud as in a prayer and said: ‘O good and holy little cloud, give us also today a comforting word.’

180,9. And immediately we all heard clearly the following spoken words: ‘Whoever searches for the light, will also find it, and it will come to him as life in the night of his death and will make him alive. From now on, search for the light with the right earnestness, then you will find it from where you have seen it coming to you for the third time. This island is indeed still insignificant, nevertheless, from here a great light will be given to the nations of the Earth, and then it will become an important place for God’s secrets and His plans with people, and it will have a great name. But you, old priest, just carry out your intention and prepare a home for Me in the heart of the people.’

180,10. After these words, the little cloud kept silent again, left quickly after that my tower house and withdrew again to the east in the same manner as it withdrew the first two times. We still were gazing for a full hour to the spot where the little cloud disappeared and actually wanted to see it again, but it was useless. However, it was strange that soon after the disappearance of the mysterious little cloud there was a strong wind from the southeast that arose and brought the sea into a strong waving movement, which made it necessary for me to let the light dish be lightened. We would have stayed longer together on the threshold if the wind did not blow increasingly stronger, but since after 1 hour it became too strong we could not do anything else except to enter the house again.

180,11. I invited the priest, together with his companions to consume the evening meal with me.

180,12. But he excused himself and said: ‘I still must think a lot today about the execution of my plan, and also about the meaning of the words that I have heard from the little cloud, and I cannot load my stomach for that. But tomorrow I will be here for the morning meal.’

180,13. Upon this, he said goodbye and went with his companions down to the village. We however, went to sit at our dining table and took the evening meal.

180,14. It is obvious that we talked much with one another about the appearance that was the same for 3 times and which did not repeat itself after that, and also about the execution of the plan of our old priest. And we did that until almost midnight.

180,15. Only after that, we went to sleep during which we were disturbed several times by the heavy wind, but in the morning we all could go outside being quite strengthened.

180,16. The priest came for the morning meal as he had promised, and he also reported to us the results of his nightly reflections. And he did not restrict himself to his intensions only, because the same day he already started executing it, by which the strange appearance was rendering him a good service. And nowadays you will not find a Zeus and Apollo in my village, and the priest has now, just like Plato, already many students to whom he teaches the God of the Jews.

180,17. This is now a faithful and truthful report of the memorable event that was seen by many on Patmos. However, how it actually came into existence and what the meaning of it was, You, dear Lord and Master, will know best of all. If You would like to give us some explanation about this, it would make us very happy. Lord, forgive my longwinded story.”

180,18. I said: “You have related everything very well. But let your old servant come here now, then I will clarify the appearance on Patmos to you all.”

180,19. Then the old servant was brought and he came to sit at our table.

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