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(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Jesus explains the 4 Fires of Purification, Volume 8 – Chapter 185-187)

Chapter 185 - The first 2 kinds of fire of purification.

185,1. Then the innkeeper, the father of Kado, stood up and said: “O Lord and Master, then how will it look like in the time of which You have said that the people will then be purified by fire before Your return, and what kind of fire will it then be?”

185,2. I said: “Yes, friend, that fire will be: great and general need, distress, misery and sadness, of a greater magnitude than the Earth has ever seen. Faith will extinguish and love will cool of, and all poor races will lament and languish, but still, the great and mighty and the kings of this world will not help the supplicants because of their great pride and by that also because of a too great hardness of their heart.

185,3. So, one people will rise up against another and will attack them with weapons of fire. Because of that, the rulers will come into great debts that cannot be paid off and will afflict their citizens with unaffordable high taxes. Because of that, there will be an excessive high cost of living, famine, many malicious diseases and epidemics and pestilence among the people, the animals, and even the plants.

185,4. There will also be heavy storms on the mainland and on sea, and earthquakes, and the sea will flood its shores in many places, and then the people will come into great fear and anguish because of the expectation of the things which will then come over the Earth.

185,5. All this will be allowed in order to turn the people away from their pride and their selfishness and their great laziness. The great and those who think of themselves to be mighty will be chastised with boredom and will by that be forced to come into action to free themselves from this torment.

185,6. And look, this is the first kind of fire by which the people will be purified for My return.

185,7. And in that same time, also the natural fire will play an extremely important role. The fire will drive on the ships over all the seas with the speed greater than that of the wind. Also, men will make with their sharp intellect iron cars and roads, and instead of pack animals they will harness fire to the cars, and with its great power they will drive off far over the Earth, faster than an arrow that has been shot off.

185,8. In this manner they also will be able to control the lightning1 and make it the fastest transmitter of their wishes and will from one extreme of the Earth to the other. And if they - the proud and greedy kings - will war against each other, the fire will render a great and decisive service, for by its great power, iron masses in the form of a sphere with a heavy weight will be flung with the speed of lightning to the enemy, the cities and strongholds and cause great destructions.

185,9. With these weapons the inventive people will come to the point when soon no nation will be able to start a war against the other, for when two nations should attack each other with such weapons then they easily and quickly will exterminate each other up to the last person, which would certainly not give a true victory and gain for neither one of them. Those kings and their generals will soon realize that, and that is why they will rather tolerate each other in peace and good friendship. And if somewhere a very proud and ambitious disturber of the peace should rise and would attack his neighbor, then the peaceful ones will unite themselves and chastise him. And in this way the ancient peace will be set for the people on Earth and will be established durably.

185,10. If one will count, from this My actual presence, almost 1800 and almost 90 years, there will hardly be any more war on Earth, and more or less in that time, also My personal coming on this Earth will take place, and the greatest enlightenment of men will begin.

185,11. Although there still will be wars among the more primitive peoples of the Earth, but these will also soon become impossible among them. I will drive them together with the help of My righteous and mighty kings and generals and let them pour out My light among them, and then they also will be changed into peaceful nations dedicated to the light.

185,12. Look, this is the 2nd kind of fire by which the people will be purified.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-185 Chapter