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Chapter 196 - God's revelation by the nations.

196,1. There is no nation on the whole Earth to whom God did not reveal Himself at the right time. But then the parents should have continuously educated their children according to God’s will in such a way that they exclusively would have remained in the living faith in the one true God and would by that also remain active according to God’s known will. But because the right humility and self-denial out of love for God became all too soon too annoying to the people - as I have already mentioned - they abandoned it and turned to the love for the world and self-love. This darkened their souls by which they united themselves with dead matter to such an extent that they lost all that which is purely spiritual, and then it became an easy game for the false prophets to make the already darkened people even darker than they already were from birth because of their laziness.

196,2. As a result of the fact that man has a completely free will, that he himself must decide and develop himself spiritually, laziness was laid by God in every human being, but in such a way that he can overcome it with his will, which costs him in the beginning of course much effort and just as much self-denial.

196,3. If man is already from his childhood urged on to the right activity and educated in obedience, humility, meekness and the right self-denial, he soon will become strong and mighty in the pure and true knowledge of God and in the love for Him, and God will again be able to reveal Himself to him without harming his free will, after which more light and more life will come into the soul, but because men do not exercise themselves to fight against and overcome their inborn laziness - because the parents are already too sluggish for that - men suffocate in their necessarily inborn laziness already a long time before they ever have made an attempt to fight and overcome it in themselves.

196,4. And look, this is how one nation after another passes into the night of life and loses every inner, spiritual light of life. But once this is lost, then how can there be a new revelation? Then from God’s point of view it is wiser to leave such people without any revelation and to educate them and bring them to activity by means of the bitter consequences that have to result from laziness. For only after that, the people are forced by the need to perform some useful activity and can by that acquire again the capability in which God can show and reveal Himself again, as this is the case now.

196,5. And by what I have now shown to you all, gentiles and Jews, you will realize that God did not leave any nation of this Earth without revelation, but when they lost it in the course of time then it was always because of them, as I have shown you. And you, blind Arabian, tell Me now if you have also understood this with your sharp worldly intellect?”

196,6. The Arabian said: “Lord and Master, I have well understood it and it is precisely how You have said, but if laziness is an evil that is inborn in man and which he must fight and overcome with the power of his free will, then God should also help him, more precisely in such a way that the one who is weak as such, can - at least during a certain period of his life - more easily become lord and master over his inborn laziness. Because to let man completely go down in his laziness without any given help, this I do not find so compatible with godly love, wisdom and mercy.”

196,7. I said: “You still cannot perceive it at this time but when you yourself will be awakened in the spirit, you will also realize and well understand the reason for all this. But because it has already become midnight and I and My disciples have made a long trip, we will give our limbs the necessary nightly rest, and so the work of today is finished.”

196,8. When the innkeeper heard that from Me and I stood up from the table, he brought Me and My old disciples to a bedroom where we went immediately to rest.

196,9. However, the other disciples, the Essenes and the strangers stayed together for a couple of hours and still a lot was discussed about My deeds and teachings. And the Arabians became more believing and began to realize who I was. But after awhile the sleep overwhelmed them all and they slept at the table.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-196 Chapter