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Chapter 199 - About the purpose and advantage of traveling.

199,1. If you look at the bees, you will find different kinds among them. First there is the queen bee that leads the main order in the house, then there are the worker bees that work in the house, and further there are the collector bees that zealously have to travel to collect honey and wax - the honey for nutrition and the wax for the construction of cells. Look, so there are also human beings with an inborn sense for work in the house, and therefore they are absolutely not desirous to travel. If all human beings were provided with this quality, they all too soon would pine away and would, like the animals, become wild in their ancient manners and customs.

199,2. Therefore, also in a small community there are people who have a great urge to travel. Along their trips they obtain all kinds of good and often also bitter experiences. Richly provided of these they return home again and bring all kinds of spiritual honey and wax to their relatives, and so in their homeland they become teachers and promoters of all cultures, which is definitely a very good thing.

199,3. But when people who God has chosen to travel around the whole world to gather all kinds of treasures for the people at home are too strongly hindered in their freedom for traveling, then this is certainly against God’s will, and so it is evil and belongs to Hell.

199,4. What would be said about Myself if I would not travel to the people in many different places? Would it be their fault if no light of life would come among them?

199,5. But I personally have said and am still saying to all My disciples: ‘Go out into all the world to every nation and proclaim the gospel to them.’ And when I say this, I certainly cannot approve that the rightful freedom to travel of the people is restricted in a disgraceful manner. But then I can only show it in the light in which I see it, because with a total restriction of the rightful freedom to travel it is indeed as good as impossible to spread My teaching, and that is why I will know how to chastise everyone who will act contrary to My will.

199,6. So you, Essenes, accept from now on your task for this purpose, and take care that the streets and roads become free, then I will bless you all the more for that and will give you power over all evil spirits, and then must happen what you will in My name.

199,7. Just ask yourselves if a man to whom it is forbidden to seek, will ever be able to find something. To seek, ask and knock at the door of fellowman must be left completely free for every human being. Remember this well what I have now told and shown you during the rising of the sun, and act accordingly.”

199,8. The chief said: “O Lord and Master, we will do whatever we are and will be capable of, and please, by Your mercy, still increase it in us for all times. Already for a long time we have viewed that old abuse with the greatest disapproval, especially in this region, and have also opposed it as much as possible. But it always had little result, for it soon became clear to us that not so much Rome was behind it but Jerusalem with Herod and the temple servants to whom we were a thorn in the flesh. They always sent their messengers to these Arabs and could provide them with permits to rob, and we finally even had to approve for form’s sake in order not to be in danger ourselves.

199,9. But because we know now what Your will is, we will from now on certainly act very strongly against this old mischief, and all these many streets will certainly be purified from these robbers. But in many other places where we do not come and where, as far as we know, the temple servants are doing even greater mischief, You, o Lord and Master, will take care that action will be taken against them with the greatest determination.”

199,10. I said: “This has largely been taken care of, and in the future even more care will be taken of it when necessary.

199,11. Everyone who will travel in My name over the whole world to proclaim My teaching to the nations as pure as he has received it from Me will travel safely over all roads and streets and will not be attacked by any street robber. He will be able to walk over snakes, salamanders and scorpions, and they will not be able to harm him. And if someone would mix poison in his food or drink, it will not harm his body and blood. And if he would come into whole troops of wolves, lions, tigers, panthers, hyenas, bears and wild boars, then these furious animals will not only not be able to harm him in any way, but will be of service to him in case of need, for a person who is filled with the Spirit of God is also lord over the fury and anger of malicious animals just as he is also lord over all elements, if he carries the faith for it without any doubt in his heart and also in his soul.

199,12. But in course of time, there also will be a lot of false prophets traveling in My name to the foreign people in all the nations of the world - although only in appearance to spread My teaching among them, but in fact only to receive many earthly goods from foreign nations, and for this reason they will turn and change My teaching in such a way that this will be most suitable for their pursuit of profit.

199,13. Well now, such messengers cannot count on the protection as I have promised to you here. For he who will not work for Me and for the truthful spreading of God’s Kingdom on Earth among the people, but only for himself and his world, will never be accepted by Me and can also not expect any protection or reward from Me. He only can seek his protection, his help and his reward in himself and in his world.

199,14. And even if he will call Me in his need: ‘Lord, Lord, help me in my great need’, then the answer will be laid in his heart and conscience: ‘Why do you, worldly man, call Me for help? I do not know you and I also have never accepted you, for on your own you have without any faith in Me and only because of worldly gain, traveled so-called in My name as a false teacher over the whole world. Now help yourself, now that you are in need and misery, for I do not owe you any help since you also have done nothing for Me. Because you actually did not go out voluntarily, driven by faith in Me, neither by the true love for the salvation of men, but only for the sake of your own earthly welfare. And even less were you ever called or invited by Me. You have set out for danger for your own advantage. So help yourself now, or maybe they who have sent you can help you.’

199,15. Although, for the sake of My true name, My true disciples will in the future also have much trouble with and endure much persecution from the worldly people and on the part of many false prophets and teachers who are so-called acting in My name. But by that they will always be able to count on My help and on My special protection and reward, but the world and its prophets never. They can only protect themselves with the sword in their hand and secure themselves against the dangers, but finally it will be like this: he who will handle the sword will also perish by the sword.”

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