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Chapter 202 - The healing of the poor.

202,1. All the Jews and gentiles who were now healed, thanked Me, and they glorified and praised Me beyond measure.

202,2. And the one who received his arms back said aloud: “All thanks, all glory, all honor and love to God on high, who has now given such a might and power to a Man. Many thousands are staying here around the great stronghold of wonders and are hoping for help and comfort, but they will not be helped there. Here is now the true Stronghold of Wonders, were everyone can be helped. Thanks also to the young Arabian who has shown us the way to this true Stronghold of Wonders of God, the Lord and Master, and has brought us along this straight way unto here.

202,3. O, if those many thousands, who are staying now for already many months around the great stronghold because of their hope for help, would know this, how quickly they would leave that dead stronghold and come to this place where the great Lord and Master is here now Himself, living as a Human Being among men, and who gives His friends eternal life and the power to heal all sicknesses. Would it not be like a message that comes purely out of the Heavens for the many who are suffering and are inconsolable, if we, who are healed, were permitted to bring them the news as to where the true, living Stronghold of Wonders is now?”

202,4. I said: “Because you have found in yourself the conviction of who I am, you can go there, together with the others who are healed, and for the moment reveal only to the poor and needy where they can be helped if they have faith and a real trust. But the rich, who have mostly brought their many dead children here in well-closed coffins in order to revive them again, you should not tell them yet, for there is still time enough to help them, and first they will have to hear a preaching.”

202,5. When I had said that to those who were healed, they all thanked Me and then hurried to the great open square that was surrounded by the great stronghold and the long ring-walls, and was called ‘The great waiting square’. There they informed the poor about the true Stronghold of Wonders, which was very easy for them because they were assigned to a separate place that was located the farthest away from the stronghold and therefore they were now the closest to the Stronghold of Wonders.

202,6. When those who were healed, came to them and they all could soon see that they were completely healed, they were asked immediately by all the many poor and needy: “Where, where, how and when were you healed? Barely one hour ago you were still the last and mostly behind of us and we have not seen that anyone has called you to the stronghold and were brought to it and were let in. O, bring us also to that place of salvation.”

202,7. Then the Jew said: “Believe and trust and give honor all of you to the one and only true God of the Jews. Follow us, the best you can, then you will be helped. For at the place where we were healed is now the true, living Stronghold of Wonders.”

202,8. When the poor, who were afflicted with all kinds of illnesses, contagious diseases and terrible rashes, and the blind, deaf, mute, those who suffered from gout and all kinds of lame and crippled people, heard that, they began to leave the square the best they could. Those who were blind and those who were too seriously lamed and too crippled were of course led and also carried by their guides, so that they could arrive as fast as possible at the place of salvation.

202,9. After one hour, there were more than a thousand disabled people on the whole big square in front of the inn, and immediately after that, the healed Jew came to us in the dining hall to announce this to Me with great respect.

202,10. Then I said to the chief Roklus: “Now go outside, stretch out your hands in My name in one time over them all, which will work as powerful as if you would have laid your hands on each one of them individually - then they all will be healed.”

202,11. Roklus did that immediately, and look, at the same moment they were all healed.

202,12. After this great healing took place, there was a rejoicing among the healed ones, almost without end, and many pushed their way to the chief and said: “Oh, how was this now possible to you, and otherwise never?”

202,13. Roklus said: “You should not praise me for that, because the God of the Jews, the one and only true God, has done this for you. Believe in Him and praise only Him for that.”

202,14. Then they all asked: “Where, where is this one and only true God, so that we can fall down before Him and worship Him only?”

202,15. Now I came outside to Roklus and said to him: “Tell them that they should thank the God of the Jews only in their heart, which He will certainly hear, and that they should go now to their inns to strengthen themselves with food and drink. Only this afternoon these poor will see Me.”

202,16. When Roklus had said that to those who were healed, they obeyed, stood up from the square in a supple way and went to their inns immediately, where they were served at once in the best way by the innkeepers who were greatly amazed.

202,17. The innkeepers were very puzzled and said: “A mightier Man must have come to this place, because never before it was heard of such healing here.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-202 Chapter