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Chapter 203 - The attempt of the rich.

203,1. But now, also the many rich, who also were waiting for months to receive help and who made much expenses for that, noticed that the many poor were already entirely healed, and they said: “Why were you poor people - who are actually sustained by us - helped sooner than we?”

203,2. They (the poor) said: “This we do not know. We were however not healed in the stronghold but outside in front of the last and most insignificant inn of this village, and so we did not have any priority over you in the great stronghold of wonders. But we believe that the true Stronghold of Wonders is now in that inn. Go to it yourself and take information there, then they surely will give you an answer.”

203,3. When the rich heard that from the poor, they did not know what they should do or undertake at that moment. But after having thought about it for a while they finally took a decision, and quite a great number of them went to our inn and took information there from the personnel about this matter. But these referred them to us in the dining hall.

203,4. However, the rich said to the personnel: “Listen, we are people with worldly knowledge and other higher education and cannot and will not force our way. Let one of you go inside and report to us if it is permitted that we should come to the saviors now, then we will also give a good reward to the one who will give us a good report. For we know already for years that it is difficult to see and even more difficult to talk to the local saviors, and certainly to their chief. If we now would go to them unannounced and would come into the rooms that are occupied by them, they would perhaps blame us, and then we could wait even longer before we will be allowed to meet them. That is why we are asking you - because you are of service here - to announce to us beforehand, and also, as said, in return of a good reward, to take care that we can come in to meet them.

203,5. One of the servants said: “The saviors are gathered as guests at the table, and everyone can freely enter - no matter if he is rich or poor - and order something in the dining hall to strengthen his body, for our wine is good, just like our bread and also our other food, and in this inn of ours it will never happen that someone will be asked too much money. The poor went into the dining hall unannounced, and their request was granted at once, then why should it be for you, prominent people, seem strange to do the same? Go inside and do what the poor have done before.”

203,6. After these words the house servants left the rich and went to work.

203,7. When the rich realized that they could achieve nothing with these unselfish servants, they began to draw lots among each other, to know who of them would go into the hall first. It so happened that the lot fell on the one with the least of courage.

203,8. That one started to make excuses and asked the others to go nonetheless into the hall first, for he had too little courage for that. Then they tried to let each other go first, and nobody dared to put his hand on the door lock to open the door.

203,9. And one of them (they were 30 altogether) said: “This is really strange. I often stood very courageously fighting with the sword in front of the most embittered enemies and did not feel any fear and no anguish, and here I feel fear and anguish. How can that be?”

203,10. While the 30 rich people were still talking like that with one another, I told Roklus that he should open the door for the 30 prominent men and let them come into the hall.

203,11. Roklus did so immediately. But when the 30 saw the chief, whom they knew well and took him for almost a god, they were frightened, bowed before him unto the ground and not one of them had the courage to speak to him.

203,12. But Roklus said: “Friends, although it is appropriate for man to be humble and modest, but here it is not right. I am a man as you, and I can do as little out of myself as one of you. If God, the one and true One, in whom the Jews believe, is merciful by my word and prayer, then all the honor should go to Him and not to me who am powerless and can do nothing out of myself. Now be courageous and come to us into the hall to present your request.”

203,13. Only now, the 30 lifted up their head again and also their whole body and went now somehow more courageous and determined into the hall where the kind innkeeper showed them a table and also asked them if they would like to have bread and wine. And they immediately asked for both because they still did not eat anything that morning.

203,14. These 30 men came from Cairo in Egypt and belonged also to the Jewish tribe, but their ancestors fled to Egypt already during the time of the Babylonian exile, and thus these 30 men had still some knowledge about Moses and a few prophets and they observed the day of Moses when they were among the Jews, but they themselves believed more in the priests of Egypt, their mysteries and laws. Since they thought to be among many Jews, they also wanted to honor the day of Moses and fast the whole day, but when they saw bread, wine and all kinds of other food on our table, they let them also bring immediately bread and wine, and they ate and drank very tastefully.

203,15. When they soon had strengthened themselves sufficiently, they took courage, and one of the most prominent stood up from his seat, went with great respect standing before Roklus and said: “Forgive me, supreme savior of this stronghold, which is famous in the whole world. We and still a lot more people with us are waiting for almost 2 months with our dead children who are kept in iron coffins. We wanted to present our request, if ever it still would be possible to bring our children back to life, and for this reason we set up our waiting camp very close to the main entrance of the stronghold of wonders. The servants of the stronghold gave us the assurance that we soon would be happy because it would be our turn, but until now the hope was in vain.

203,16. Far below the place we are staying, is a big group of all kinds and all sorts of poor beggars and crippled people to whom we daily gave alms. Well now, they surely had for themselves much less hope than we to be admitted into the stronghold of wonders. And just look, only one hour ago all these people stood up, since they were of course called to this place before us, and soon after that we saw that all those kinds and all sorts of disabled people - whom we know already well - were completely healed of all their afflictions. They praised God above all, went into the inn and strengthened themselves with bread and wine. When we asked them where this so exceptional mercy had come over them, they named this inn the new and true stronghold of wonders and said that we also should come here to convince ourselves of everything. And so we are here to finally present our supplications and requests with the deepest respect before you, because you as chief of the Essenes are capable of doing wonders.”

203,17. On this, Roklus said: “But friends, what is wrong with you? As far as I can see, you are healthy and your clothing shows that you are also very rich people. What is lacking to you and with what can you be helped?”

203,18. Then one of the 30 men said: “All thanks to the ancient and only true God of the Jews, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that we are still healthy, and that we also do not lack all kinds of riches, but our children have died, and now we are almost completely childless and have thus no offspring and no heirs. However, we know that here, already a lot of times, deceased children were brought back to life again, and thus we have, as you surely know already, brought our dead children here in Essaea in well closed coffins to let them - if possible and in return of a desired offering - be brought back to life again by you. The coffins are in the resurrection crypt, which you have allocated for that and where we have delivered them already a couple of months ago. Also, we have already paid the requested fee to your appointed watchers. And now we are here to ask you if you would like to be merciful to us and give us back the life of our children, and for that we are willing to lay down at your feet every desired offering.”

203,19. Now Roklus said: “Listen to me now, friends. I know that you have brought your children - a total of almost 200 - to this place, despite the fact that I have sent messengers already one year ago to all the places on Earth that are known to me to announce everywhere to the people loud and clear that we may not awaken dead children to life anymore and will also not do that. Our messengers will also have announced this in Cairo, as they also have announced it in many other places, as we know for sure. But if you knew that, then why have you troubled yourselves in vain and made these great expenses?”

203,20. The 30 said: “Supreme master, it is true that we have received that message, but our too great sadness for our children who have died from a contagious children’s disease as has never spread before since time immemorial in our city and region, has compelled us to still try once more, after the payment of great offerings, if we maybe could still with you - perhaps for the last time - find mercy and an answer to our request. But if this would be no more possible, despite all our begging, waiting and offering, we have decided to bring our dead children to Galilee, to that new great prophet, about whom we have heard from travelers that He heals not only all sicknesses, but awakens also dead people by His word and by the might of His will. But nevertheless, we ask you for this mercy. Hear us, and give back our children alive to us.”

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