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Chapter 207 - The 2 proud Pharisees from Jerusalem in Essaea.

207,1. When the 30 left the inn where I was staying, we were together again for awhile, and I gave all kinds of directions to Roklus as to what he should do in the future if ever there were still people who had the idea of bringing their dead children to Essaea to awaken them to life again. However, I did not forbid him in a single case to awaken some person who would ask him while manifesting a strong faith, but he still had to always turn to Me in the spirit, then I would let him know if the deed had to be carried out or be omitted. Roklus accepted this with the greatest gratitude.

207,2. But when we were still talking with one another, a messenger came from the stronghold of wonders to us in the inn saying that just now 2 prominent elders and Pharisees from Jerusalem had come into the stronghold with a glittering following who wanted to speak immediately and extremely urgently with the chief himself.

207,3. But I said: “Messenger, go to these blind ones and tell them that there are now a lot of people who are staying in Essaea who also want to speak with the chief. The chief surely knows what he has to do and where it is more urgent, and he will therefore not let himself be disturbed in his daily work by a couple of Pharisees who have brought to this place their concubines and a few boys of shame for their healing - not even in glittering clothing. They have to wait, just like royal people and families have to do.”

207,4. The messenger bowed and left and conveyed this literally to the 2 Pharisees who were highly offended because of that, and they urged the messenger to tell them where the chief was staying.

207,5. But the messenger said: “I am not lord but only a helper, and I must obey my lord. He instructed me most strictly to tell no one without his permission - not even to an emperor - to tell where the lord is staying or what he possibly is doing. So I cannot and may also not tell you where the high chief is staying now. Go to an inn and wait for your turn. For here with us, everyone is equal, and a prince does not have the least of priority over a beggar.”

207,6. Then one of the 2 Pharisees who was greatly hurt in his pride, said: “How dare you talk to us like that! Is this stronghold of magic perhaps more than the temple of Jehovah in Jerusalem where they certainly pay great attention to such difference!?”

207,7. The messenger said: “I have nothing to do with that. Where you are staying you can as lords do what you want according to your own pleasing and laws, and we here we do what we want according to our laws, and we acknowledge no one as lord except God and also the one whom was given and established as chief by God Himself. That is why God does great signs here, and the Pharisees themselves must seek help here because they do not have that nor can they find it in Jerusalem. And I as messenger have now finished talking, and you can go as you have come, if ever you do not want or cannot wait.”

207,8. Then the messenger turned his back on the Pharisees and their illustrious following, and these could do nothing else but go to an inn and wait there until they were called.

207,9. And Roklus thanked Me once more because I protected him against the Pharisees.

207,10. Then Simon Judah asked Me, saying: “Lord and Master, we still have a couple of hours until midday. Would it not be advisable to go outside once more? For if we will stay here the whole time, then soon will happen something else again which could be unpleasant to us. And I have the feeling that those 2 Pharisees have the intention to go from inn to inn to seek the chief, and if they would come to this place it would not be pleasant for You, for the chief and also not for us. But by this I certainly do not want to give an advice, but I only ask for Your opinion.”

207,11. I said: “This is exactly why we will stay here, for I want to make a complete end to the abuse of robbing taxes, for which I have already laid the foundation this morning.

207,12. Among other things, those 2 Pharisees came here to claim their share from the street robbers, because these street robbers are allowed to commit their street violation under the protection of the temple servants and from Herod as if it were legally permitted.

207,13. The healing of their concubines and of the boys of shame is thus actually not the real reason that the 2 Pharisees have traveled to this place, but the claiming of their share of the street robbery. Once they will have that, they themselves will leave immediately and leave the sick here for treatment. Although, they secretly want to exchange a few words with Roklus, with the intention that he should take the sick under his care without payment, in order to - if possible and realizable - instead of healing them, to preferably help them in a good way to the sweet eternity, because these people could easily give them in time a bad name in Jerusalem in the eyes of the people. But once they would be buried, then the temple servants would not have to fear them anymore and would not have to worry anymore. However, if the chief, despite all advantages that he would be promised in return, would not be inclined to do such a job of true satanic neighborly love, then he can indeed heal them but after that he could not let them go back to Jerusalem anymore, but somewhere else, for example to Egypt, Persia or even to India.

207,14. Look, this is the plan of the temple servants, and that is why they will - as soon as they will have accommodated the sick into the inn and whom they have taken along - search for the chief with all zeal, and will also find him, because they will quickly and easily come to know from one of those who were healed here where our friend Roklus is staying now.

207,15. And look, this will be good, for exactly at this opportunity the chief will be able to hold that against them as I will put this into his heart and into his mouth, and then there will be made an end to the street robbery. And the sick who are now staying here under the authority of the Essenes, will witness against them and the whole temple. And this certainly all the more after they will hear from the chief what kind of praiseworthy Hellish intentions the 2 temple servants have for them.

207,16. That is why Roklus should first listen to what they will bring forward to him, of course in the presence of the other Essene brothers who are present here now and who can then render good services together with the sick as faithful witnesses.

207,17. When the intentions of the temple servants will be revealed in this way, they will be very compliant and glad to bring every material offering, no matter how big it may be, to avoid being brought before a Roman judge.

207,18. Therefore, it is very good that things are happening this way now, as I have foreseen this already a long time ago, for in this way Essaea will establish for itself a lasting protection against the false persecutions of the temple and acquire a safe entrance from all directions.

207,19. However, when those 2 will come to this inn I surely will let brother Roklus know that he, together with the other brothers, should go outside to the courtyard and should settle the matter with them in a suitable and fruitful manner. Within 1 hour after midday everything will be settled already, and then we can consume our midday meal very peacefully, and only after that we will go outside when the 2 temple servants will have left this place in all haste and hurry. Do you understand now, Peter, why I do not want to go outside before the midday meal, but want to stay in the hall?”

207,20. Peter said: “Now I understand this all too well, loud and clear. We do thank You for this explanation.”

207,21. During My open explanation of the reasons why the 2 temple servants had come with their sick to Essaea, Roklus almost jumped up out of indignation, and in full anger he wanted to imprison those 2 immediately. Only now he stood up, and being filled throughout with excitement he said: “O Lord and Master, if I only would possess a very little bit of Your power in me, then those 2 would really not leave this place so cheaply. How is it possible that You, almighty and very righteous One, can look with all patience at this street violation of the worst devils in human form for so long and still allow them all too often to actually let them accomplish their truly satanic plans?

207,22. Allowing the existence of the temple in Jerusalem, which has become already for a long time a true den of robbers, together with its miserable scum of priests, is too much patience. These acts of shame are becoming more and more visible and more known among the people, and that is why the people without their fault are also more and more falling off from the faith in an only true God, and are turning to the more reasonable and better gentiles.

207,23. But You, o Lord and Master, are extremely wise and know best why You allow this. But when those 2 will come, then fill my heart, o Lord, with patience, so that I will be able to bear what they will bring forward to me.”

207,24. I said: “Do not worry about that, for at the end you will be able to get along very well with them and possibly win them for the truth and for the good cause of life. Look, here among My disciples are also several converted Pharisees who are now already standing in the full truth of the inner life, and not so long ago they physically wanted to kill Me because My words were witnessing against them.

207,25. However, the measure of the temple abominations will soon be full, and before 6 times 10 years will have passed, one will hardly be able to find the place where Jerusalem and the temple have stood. My patience and tolerance can last indeed long and are almost limitless, but on the celestial bodies still not infinite. My will that has destroyed worlds that have become too evil, can also destroy cities and nations when the measure of their abominations has become full. But let us not talk about that any further. You and your brothers can now go outside to the courtyard, for those 2 will come soon.

207,26. When Roklus heard that from Me, he and the other brothers stood up and went immediately to the courtyard. But the innkeeper began to prepare a good midday meal with his family.

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