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Chapter 21 - Agricola asks for guidelines for the education of the youth.

21,1. Almost all of them confirmed that, but Agricola came to Me and says: “O Lord and Master, I myself understand and acknowledge now completely the pure divine truth of this clear statement of Yours, and also realize that the cursed ‘must’ of the law is a work of human blindness, and robs man inevitably of all the higher light because it blocks all sources by which the pure spiritual light out of the Heavens could flow in him, and by that it also pulls his soul with iron force into the dark matter and squeezes it to death. But this great evil has grown in our time to such a power and extent that it probably could never be banned completely from the material Earth.

21,2. If we only consider that the excess of Roman laws for the strict maintenance of which at least 800.000 blind and rude soldiers and a not smaller number of the very darkest pagan priests with their limitless full power are acting as loyal guards. To break through and destroy this horrifying dam is for human strength as good as impossible, even with the best will and the greatest and most energetic wisdom.

21,3. I only speak here about our state in which until now as it is known, still the greatest civilization can be found, and I do not want to speak about other rich people on Earth where the human beings can hardly be distinguished from the wild animals. But if I already encounter difficulties with us Romans who until now cannot be conquered, then how will this be possible with the completely wild nations of this Earth?

21,4. Yes, a few like me and surely still different others, will accept all that with the greatest joy, but as soon as in the pure light of the Spirit, groups and communities will be established, the priests will knock at the door of the emperor and will pressure him until he will even have to draw the sword against such communities. Only then will the old compelling law really be slain with iron clamps around the poor nations. Woe those who will then still dare to spread this teaching of Yours among the people.

21,5. And now, I still have to mention another point that also seems to be of great importance to me, and that is the education of the youth from early age. Many thousands of children are often educated in a totally wrong way, either by the ape-love of their parents or by their tyrannical severity and other blindness. Besides, for the so-called better part of the people in the cities there are also the schools which are all under the authority of the priests, where the children are indeed taught how to read, write and calculate, but concerning the pure spiritual they never hear anything else except all kinds of dark superstition.

21,6. Question: how shall we proceed in order to firstly show and make it clear to the parents how they have to educate their children, starting from the house? And if it would be possible to have a good result in this respect, how we then have to proceed to establish the public elementary schools in such a way that they will grow up for the people as a true salvation for the soul according to Your teaching? Lord and Master, no matter how indescribable good and true Your advises are in itself – and would even be more so by the living and perhaps general application of it – it almost seems to be equally impossible that the people would convert themselves everywhere for that in a complete natural way. Your omnipotence will for a great deal have to cooperate very clearly on that, otherwise, until the end of times not much could be accomplished with humanity as it is now.

21,7. I surely am no prophet, but as a rather old statesman I have gained much experience. I know the government institution and the people, and consequently I can also predict more or less how this case will be accepted by means of a natural-human way of communication and what the result will be.

21,8. Therefore, please show us besides the pure, divine true teaching the reliable ways, of which as far as I am concerned am now fulfilled, and from now on certainly also my whole house, and show us how we, weak human beings can inform in an effective way our many fellowmen. For otherwise, the people will – except a few exceptions – remain until the end of times the same as what they are now: nothing else than animals, gifted with some thinking-faculty and a little material reason, connected to a sensual free and evil will.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-21 Chapter