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Chapter 210 - Roklus heals the sick.

210,1. After these words, they all went to the inn on the big square.

210,2. When they arrived in the hall where a considerable number of sick people were present and where also the chief robbers were already waiting for the two Pharisees in order to settle accounts with them, Roklus said first to the sick: “I am the chief of this place and I have received the miraculous power from God the Lord to help you all, as I have helped already many today of which you have heard, but tell me without any shame, what the main cause is of your physical afflictions.”

210,3. When the boys heard this request, they said: “Lord, if we do not have to return to Jerusalem anymore and will be taken under your protection, we want to tell everything, but if we have to go back to Jerusalem, then the most little statement will mean certain death for us, because we were all threatened that this will most certainly happen to us.”

210,4. Roklus said: “Well in that case none of you should worry, but only those who have threatened you. I will take care of you. Therefore speak without fear or shame.”

210,5. Then the boys began to relate very openly what kind of shameful acts the temple servants had committed to them and are still committing with many other boys, and that also many have already died and that many will still follow.

210,6. Again Roklus said: “So. So we can hear again some commendable things about the temple of Jehovah and His servants. But it is all right now dear and poor children. You will be helped. And now, girls and women, it is your turn to speak.”

210,7. Also they asked for protection first, because they also, just like the boys, were threatened.

210,8. Roklus said: “What I have promised to the boys is also valid for you, and therefore you can also speak freely and openly.”

210,9. Then they began to speak, during which even the chief robbers’ hair stood on end, especially when a few girls and women uncovered themselves to show the horrible mutilations to their body that were the result of the unlimited lewdness of the temple servants.

210,10. When Roklus had convinced himself of everything in the presence of witnesses, he was extremely touched and he looked at the two Pharisees, and also at their servants who faithfully served them and who were also present, and said: “No, this has never happened since the beginning of the world. While this kind of behavior and way of acting is happening in the temple, you tell me that I have blasphemed the temple because I have - as this is its condition now - called it with the fullest right a robbers’ den and a murderous pit? O you miserable ones. What kind of devil has actually put you into the world and appointed and consecrated you as priests of Jehovah? But just wait. I already can assure you now that even the emperor will soon be fully informed about this. What he will do then, you will maybe experience very soon. As for myself, I will only talk to you very little.”

210,11. Then Roklus turned to the sick and said: “In the name of Jehovah who has now in this time come to us personally in the name of Jesus of Nazareth but who is hated and persecuted by the evil and blind Pharisees because He witnesses against them, and who has also given me the power to heal only by my faith and will all those who are sick, I hold my hands over you and say: be healed completely.”

210,12. After this invocation they all were healed at one stroke, so much so that at their bodies not even the smallest mutilation scar could be discovered anymore, and all who looked at them, even the chief robbers not excluded, said aloud and openly: ‘This can only be done by the power of God, and not by man. Therefore, glory, praise and honor be only to Him, and the greatest thanks because He has revealed in our presence the acts of the temple servants in Jerusalem and we all know now what we should think about them.”

210,13. Also those who were healed gave thanks with tears in their eyes and turned away their faces from the embittered Pharisees.

210,14. Then Roklus said to the two Pharisees: “Now this has now been done in the name of the Lord, and so let us continue with another matter.”

210,15. Since the two Pharisees knew quite well what Roklus wanted further, they said to the chief Roklus: “Determine now the amount that you need to take care of these altogether 20 people, then we will pay this to you here. But concerning the street taxes, you are a lord yourself and can negotiate yourself with the men who are present here. As for us, we will give up forever all the rest, for also we realize now our great injustice and we will strive as much as possible to make up for it.

210,16. When we come home we will first of all strive to dissociate ourselves from the temple, for we have clearly seen God’s power in action, and we also have heard from you, wise man who are truly filled with Jehovah’s Spirit, the very deserved sharp admonitions, and the light of faith is awakened, and so from now on we will use the rest of our lives differently than it has been the case until now. May God the Lord forgive our many sins for which we cannot make up anymore. And be so kind now to determine the amount for the care of these people, then we will give it to you immediately.”

210,17. Roklus said: “You have 800 pound of gold with you and also another 2.000 pound of silver. For your trip home you hardly will need one-hundredth part of your silver. So let the 800 pound of gold and another 1.000 pound of silver here to take care of these, let us say, 21 people, so that with this you still can make up a little for your crime before God to these people. But if you want to do more, then this will be to your advantage in the eyes of God.”

210,18. The two said: “With a 100 pound we surely can go home, and out of the 1.000 pound of silver we also will leave here the 900 pound, and if ever these miraculously healed people would need in time more than that, then we will let it be brought here to them from Jerusalem.”

210,19. Roklus said: “That will not be necessary, and you will have to compensate for many things at home. The amount that you have left here is more than sufficient for these people, because I also will see to it that they also very well will be able to earn their bread by the zeal of their hands, for it is more useful that everyone should provide for his own livelihood than to be a burden to his fellowmen by living in wealth and laziness.”

210,20. Also those who were healed did fully agree on that, and the 2 went with Roklus to a side-room where they had kept their gold and silver, and they gave the aforementioned amount to him. They only kept the 100 pound for themselves.

210,21. Then they entered again into the hall and they asked for forgiveness to those who were healed, and also to Roklus.

210,22. On this, Roklus said: “To forgive his enemies, even when they do not want to realize and make up for their injustice, is pleasing to God, and so we are, according to God’s will, all the more obliged to do this for those enemies who remorsefully want to recognize the injustice that they have done and want to take up the firm will to make up for it as much as possible. That is why everything has been forgiven to you two by us, but look also around you in other places and make up for every injustice that you have caused to no matter who, then God the Lord will also show mercy to you when you will no more be able to make up for your great sins that you have committed to the people, because they are no more among the living on this side.”

210,23. The two promised to do all that is possible. Then they took their belongings and went with their servants directly on the way back.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-210 Chapter