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Chapter 213 - The wife of the innkeeper.

213,1. But soon his wife came into the dining hall to ask her husband - who according to her stayed away too long - what kind of midday meal I had ordered and if I Myself would maybe help to prepare it in the kitchen in one or the other miraculous way.

213,2. But when she immediately noticed that we all were sitting at the tables that were richly provided with food and drink while we were eating and drinking, she folded her hands above her head out of amazement and said (the woman): “But for Moses’ will, whose day we are honoring today, what is that!? From where came the food and that wine!?”

213,3. The innkeeper said: “Do not ask useless questions. For even if we would tell you, you would not understand it anyway. Later you surely will hear from where the food came. But see to it now in the kitchen that all the other guests in the other dining rooms are well served.”

213,4. Then the woman went immediately to the kitchen again and did her duty. But she still kept on thinking from where the food had come. For this reason she also questioned the staff of the house thoroughly to know by whom, how and when and from where the food was brought. But when all of them assured her in full truth that they did not know, the woman, out of curiosity, could not stand it anymore and came to us again to ask one of My disciples what actually happened with the food.

213,5. Then an Essene said to the woman: “If you would not be too blind in your mind, you already would have noticed what kind of wonders happened, here and also outside of the inn, only by the will of the eternal great Lord and Master, and that is how this food existed. They truly were brought here out of the highest Heaven. But come here and taste everything, and then say as a good mistress of the kitchen how you like the taste of this heavenly food.”

213,6. Being a bit shy, the woman went to the Essene and tasted the food, the bread and the wine and admitted that she never had tasted anything in her whole life that had such an extremely good taste. Now she herself believed that this food could not have been prepared in an earthly kitchen.

213,7. But the Essene pointed with his hand to Me and said: “Look, there is sitting the eternal great Master of food, who has now prepared this delicious midday meal in a miraculous way in one single moment. And not in a human way, but He created it as purely as He eternally creates the proper food for all creatures on the whole Earth. And now you know enough for the moment. Believe, so that you will be blessed. Great salvation has come over this house, as well as over this whole place, and we never can glorify and praise God enough for that. And now woman, you can do your work again, but of what you now have heard here you must not say anything to other people, for this is how the Lord and Master wants it now.”

213,8. Then the woman went to Me and thanked Me for what she had eaten, after which she went back to the kitchen again.

213,9. And I said to them all: “Although since the beginning no woman is called to prophesy as a prophetess for a people, but if the heart of a woman is pious, and she keeps the commandments and educates her children wisely in the true respect for God and in love, then she is also like a prophet, and God’s Spirit will also reside in her heart.

213,10. That is why, when in future times you will proclaim My word, you should not exclude the women, as this has been often the case until now, but you should not withhold anything to her of what has been revealed to you about the Kingdom of God, because what the women will teach the children as mothers and main educators is more lasting and more valuable than the education of all the universities in the world.

213,11. When a woman is wise, then also her children will become wise, but if a woman is stupid and uneducated, then it will also be difficult to make prophets of her children. Here it will be like the proverb which says that an apple does not fall far from the tree.

213,12. It is very right for a woman to be a good, zealous housekeeper and who also raises and trains her children, but it is still better when she - herself being filled with the Spirit of truth out of God - will also fill the heart of her children with the same Spirit. Then to such children My gospel can easily and effectively be preached. Observe this also well in future times.”

213,13. Roklus, the other Essenes and the innkeeper thanked Me for this lesson, and Roklus said in particular: “Yes, Lord and Master, it has been with us, and namely with the Jews near Jerusalem, always the big mistake to spend much too little attention to the true development of the heart and mind of women, and this is mainly the cause of the complete darkening and decline of the people in the pure faith in one God. So from now on we will not withhold what is - as with men - necessary for their spiritual development.”

213,14. I said: “Do that, then it will soon be light among the people. But whenever later this advice of Mine will not be followed, and the women will become again worldly and proud, then the ancient darkness will come up again among the people, and the faith will extinguish and love will turn cold, and then there will be again distress among the people as never before. Because now, by Me, the clearest light has risen for all the people. When the moon is darkened, then indeed the night of the Earth will also be greater by that, but in the end it is still much more bearable than if in the middle of a clear day the sun would be completely darkened. Think deeply by yourselves about this image.”

213,15. My disciples said: “Lord and Master, this image is not clear to us. What represents the moon, and what is the sun? How can we explain this?”

213,16. I said: “How long will I still have to live among you before you will entirely come to understanding? The time since Adam was, what concerns the spiritual development of men by means of the many prophets by way of the revelations, like the light of the moon. The moon changes its light. It cannot be seen for a certain time and then it increases again until it becomes full. This is how it was with the knowledge of God until this time. By the word and by the signs of the prophets, this knowledge increased with the different nations to a complete light. These prophets were thus always as the full light of the moon, which also has no light of itself but borrows it from the sun, just like all prophets at all times have also borrowed the light only from God, from the sun of the angels and spirits, by which they enlightened the people.

213,17. Apart from and after the prophets, also other teachers appeared, made all kinds of additions and statements, and so they darkened the original teaching more and more, in such a way that afterwards it did not take long until nothing was left of it. Then, in their night, the people had to help themselves with the poor light of the stars until a new prophet was awakened among them. The spiritual night that became dark in this way, did certainly not work depressively on the mind of the people, since their believe in one God - just as the weak light of the many stars - could never completely extinguish.

213,18. But now in Me the sun of the Heavens has risen for the sake of the people. This one did not borrow, but has its own supremely mighty light that does not increase or decrease. And whoever has recognized Me, will not know Me one time more and then again less. But it is very well possible that this bright light in man would completely extinguish by his worldly attitude and by his pride, and then he will be by comparison in the same position as the Earth if the sun - which very much enlightens everything brightly and warms it up - would suddenly completely extinguish in the sky. Then the weak light of the stars will not be able to give any comfort to the people, for without the sun everything on the Earth has to harden and die because of the cold.

213,19. When from now on, the faith in Me as My light of life in man will extinguish, then together with that, also the love as the warmth of life will entirely cool off, and the consequence will then be such distress among men that they will feel much unhappier than a trampled down worm that turns and twists itself in the dust. And many will cry aloud: ‘How are the animals happy compared to us men. They live and do not know death, but we have to live to always have death and its horror before our eyes.’

213,20. Look, that is the great distress among the people, when the light and the love will leave them. Thus, strive that the people will stay in the light, then they also will stay in the love, and they will not see death before them, neither feel it nor taste it. Did you all well understand this now?”

213,21. They all said: “Yes, Lord and Master, but it is sad that this is possible.”

213,22. I said: “Most certainly, but I cannot take away the free will of man, because otherwise he would not be a human. But let us not talk about this anymore now. Let us still eat and drink and strengthen our limbs, after that we will work again.”

213,23. Then we ate and drank very cheerfully, and still many remarks were made about the good taste of the food, the bread and the wine.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-213 Chapter