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Chapter 219 - With the foster children of the Essenes.

219,1. Only after that, we entered the inner rooms, which were in every respect - from a worldly point of view - beautiful. Thus we came also to the children who hurried friendly toward us to greet us according to the custom that was instructed to them by the educators, and I asked some of them if they liked it here.

219,2. And several boys answered: “O very good Lord, everything is fine with us here, but now and then it happens that one or the other whom we love, is taken away from us, and then he never comes back anymore. And this makes us often very sad, because we cannot know from anyone what happened to him. Has he been killed or sold, or did something happen to him? In short, this gives us, older children who can already think, very often an anxious feeling in our heart, and then we are like tormented. But can You please tell us what happened to those children who were taken away from us forever.”

219,3. I said: “Dear little ones, do not be afraid. All children who were taken away from here are doing fine in earthly respect, for they were accommodated in an excellent way and are loved as children and are taken care of by those who adopted them. However, spiritually, they mostly are not doing so fine, because most of them were given to rich heathens.

219,4. The greatest happiness of men is however simply and solely that they already in their early years of childhood will know the one and only true God, and learn to love Him as the most true and best Father of all men. But the heathens do not know this Father because they are descendants of parents who also did not know Him. And look, such children who from among you have been given to the dark heathens, are in spiritual respect in bad condition, for amongst the heathens they cannot come to know and love above all their true Father in Heaven who is an eternal Spirit full of goodness, love, wisdom and endless power.

219,5. But from now on, My really dear children, you should not be afraid anymore, for from this time on, no one from among you will be given away anymore, but you will all stay here and come to know and love above all the true Father of all men, and then as free and wise men among the other people you will be able to accomplish many good and also useful things. So be all cheerful and joyful and obedient to your teachers, then the Father in Heaven will take care of you, so that at the same time and eternally, you will become extremely happy in the Kingdom of the Father in Heaven. That this is how it will happen with you, your chief Roklus will tell you also himself. Are you, My dear children, satisfied with that now?”

219,6. One boy, who was very bright, said: “O good Lord, with You we surely would be very satisfied, but what You have said now, the severe chief has not said, and as long as he keeps silent, we are still not safe. Tell him that he also should give us faithfully and truthfully such a comfort, only then we can be completely happy.”

219,7. I said: “He surely will tell you at the right time. However, I am a Lord who has much power, also over your chief, and what I say and will, he will do. You can be completely assured about that.”

219,8. The boy said: “Are You perhaps the emperor of Rome that You also have power over our lord?”

219,9. I said: “Yes, my dear children, I am still a tremendously much greater Lord than the emperor of Rome, but you would not understand the greatness of My glory yet. Roklus himself will show you everything himself very clearly at the right time, and then you will understand how I am a real Lord over your chief and also over the emperor of Rome, and only then you will really glorify and praise Me and feel a great joy because I Myself have visited you now.”

219,10. Then also Roklus assured them friendly, that he would do everything very precisely what I had predicted to them before.

219,11. Only after Roklus’ promise, the children were completely at ease and believed that it also would happen that way.

219,12. Then I blessed the children and pressed them to My heart and fondled them. Then I wanted to leave but the children who began to feel love for Me and to trust Me, surrounded Me and they asked if I still would like to stay a little longer with them.

219,13. And I said: “Yes, I cannot refuse anything to these who ask Me, and therefore I still want to stay half an hour with them.”

219,14. When the children heard that from Me, they were delighted, and the boy asked Me in full confidence: “O lovely and very good, great Lord, You have told us just now something about the good spiritual Father in Heaven whom we should come to know and love above all. Yes, that we certainly will do if only we have seen Him once. But how can we come to know Him? Who will show Him to us? Do You perhaps know Him very well? If You know Him, please describe Him to us, then we will also immediately love Him above all, even if we still do not know Him.”

219,15. I said: “Yes, My dear children, this is somehow a little difficult for this time, for you still do not have any notion about Him. But I still will try to tell you something about Him. So listen to Me very carefully.

219,16. The Father in Heaven is the purest, most perfect and eternal more than living Spirit, who has never had a beginning and who will also never have an end. Since eternity and out of Himself He has created Heaven and Earth and everything that is on it by means of His almightiness.

219,17. When someone on this Earth wants to make something, he therefore needs matter and all kinds of tools, but if the Father in Heaven creates something, He does not need any existing matter, and also no tools to make something from its raw matter. His tool is His almighty will.

219,18. So He also created men, in order that they would come to know Him and love Him above all, so that they would receive eternal life from Him.

219,19. But in order that men would know how they should live among each other, the Father in Heaven has revealed His will to them by means of certain prophets. He who will live and act accordingly, will receive eternal life.

219,20. Men who are very pious and who love the Father above all and live according to His commandments will receive already in this world to hear the voice of the Father and also to see His face. My dear children, be therefore very pious, then you also on this world will be able to enjoy this great happiness.”

219,21. The children promised to do everything I had advised them to do if only they could hear and see the Father in Heaven only once, and they asked Me if I had already heard and seen the Father in Heaven many times and how He looked like.

219,22. I looked to them very friendly and said: “My dear children, I can hear and see the Father always, and He looks exactly like Me, and His voice sounds also exactly like Mine. Thus, whoever sees and hears Me, hears and sees also the Father in Heaven. So look at Me very carefully, then you can say that you already have seen and heard the Father in Heaven.”

219,23. Now the children looked at Me carefully and said after a while: “If the Father in Heaven looks exactly like You, He must be very good, and we already now love Him above all. If You as a supreme Lord on this Earth would also be as almighty as the Father in Heaven, then maybe there would be no difference at all between You and Him?”

219,24. I said: “Yes certainly, then this would be so. And who knows if I also am not now and then a little almighty?”

219,25. The boy said: “O dearest, greatest Lord on the world, would You then not like to show us something of Your little almightiness?”

219,26. I said: “O yes, My dearest children, but then we should go outside into the big garden.”

219,27. The children thought that this was a good idea and we went into the big garden that had very open spots where nothing was planted.

219,28. When we were in the garden, I asked the children: “Listen, would you not like to have, on those many open spots where nothing is planted, all kinds of trees with sweet fruits?”

219,29. The children said: “Yes, if this can be done, that would be very good. O we ask You for it, if You can do it.”

219,30. I said: “Then go to them, and before you will be there, the trees that you want on all open spots will be full of fruits and ready for you.”

219,31. Then the children hurried immediately to the open spots that were already planted with all kinds of fruit trees, about which the children had great joy, and they also picked up the fruits that were on the ground and tasted them, and because the fruits tasted so outstandingly, they also began to eat quite a lot of them.

219,32. But on this occasion we left the garden, and because it was already close towards the evening, we went, unnoticed by the children, to our inn.

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