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Chapter 220 - The Lord leaves the Essenes.

220,1. Once we were there, I said to the innkeeper: “Now you can take care of an evening meal, for we have worked hard, and the one who works must also eat.”

220,2. Then the innkeeper went immediately to order for an evening meal to be prepared.

220,3. In the meantime I gave Roklus all kinds of instructions about all the things he should do to have the best results. And so I also gave him an advice to know how he should teach the children about the fact that in Me they have seen and spoken to the Father in Heaven.

220,4. Also a few Essenes were sent now to the stronghold because of the already known awakening of the dead children. When they soon came back, also the evening meal was ready, and so we went immediately to sit at the table and ate cheerfully.

220,5. After the meal I sent the Essenes away with the instructions about what they still had to do that night. They thanked Me and went to do their work.

220,6. When the Essenes - with the exception of Roklus - had left according to My will, we still talked with each other about a lot of things until almost midnight, and Roklus wrote in the meantime in his memorial book very briefly about everything that happened in this place on this certainly most memorable day from morning till evening. But close to midnight he also stood up from the table, thanked Me fervently for everything and asked Me if I would allow him to visit Me once more the next morning before My departure and to escort Me for a long distance on the way.

220,7. But I said to him: “Friend, you may do what you like, and what you will do for Me out of true and active love, is always well done. However, tomorrow early in the morning you already will have important things to do and to settle, and that will be difficult to postpone and to deal with. Therefore, I will accept your will to visit Me once more tomorrow and escort Me for a distance as a performed deed.

220,8. I Myself will be in the morning on My way to Jericho with My disciples to arrive there after the setting. You think of course that such a long way cannot be covered in a natural way in 1 day. But I say to you that with Me all things are possible. Although tomorrow is a Sabbath on which a Jew may also not travel. But I am a Lord, also over the Sabbath, and I say to you that everyone may and can do good works also on a Sabbath. But herewith I do not abolish the Sabbath, but I abolish the old Sabbath laziness of the Jews, and so My disciples will be busy in My name on every Sabbath, because God is badly honored by the laziness on the Sabbath

220,9. I am saying this to you, so that also in this respect you should make My will known to your brothers, because some of them still think that the laziness of the Sabbath is very important.

220,10. So now you know everything that you need for the moment. But if at different occasions you will teach and work in My name, then do not worry about how and what you should speak and how you should start and end a work, for I Myself will always lay everything into the heart and into the mouth, I will greatly enlighten your mind and will strengthen your courage and will. With this assurance and also being fully comforted you can take now the necessary physical rest, so that you will be able to work tirelessly tomorrow.”

220,11. After these words of Mine, Roklus greeted Me and My disciples once more very heartily and left the inn with tears of love in his eyes and went to the stronghold. Then we also went to sleep.

220,12. Early in the morning we left our resting places and prepared ourselves for our departure.

220,13. But the kind innkeeper came to Me and asked Me to still take a morning meal before leaving, because the way was long and boring, and no inn could be discovered during a full traveling day.

220,14. I said: “Friend, we also will not need one, for I Myself am the inn of all inns. You have seen yesterday noon how we were definitely provided in an excellent way without your kitchen, and look, so I also can do it along that road that has no inn.

220,15. Soon after our departure, poor people will come from the region near Jericho into this inn and they will seek help here. Serve them instead of us, then you will by that accomplish a work which is very pleasing to Me.”

220,16. The innkeeper promised Me that he would do everything that I have said and advised to everyone, and he asked Me to always mercifully remember him.

220,17. And I assured him to do so, and said: “Remain in Me, unshakably in spirit and heart through active observance of My teaching, then My mercy and love will remain strong and active in you. Amen.”

220,18. Then we quickly went outside and left that place.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-220 Chapter