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Chapter 27 - The Lord as Son.

27,1. If furthermore, the Son was present since eternity, then how could He be procreated? And when the Holy Spirit was also there since eternity, how could He then come forth from the Father and the Son and have His beginning in Them. If according to your mind and reason the three divine persons – contested by you, of whom the future people could easily make three Gods – are all three eternal, that means without a beginning, then one of them could not have given the beginning of his existence to the others.

27,2. I am, as I am now with you as a Man in the flesh, the Son, and I was never procreated by anyone else except by Myself, and consequently I am My highest own Father since eternity. Where else could the Father be except in the Son, and where else could the Son be except in the Father? Thus only one God and Father in one person.

27,3. This body of Mine is therefore the glorified shape of the Father for the benefit of the people and angels, so that I could be an understandable and visible God for them. Now you can see Me, listen to Me and speak to Me, and by that still stay alive. Because before, it was so that no one could see God and live. I am now God in every respect. In Me is the Father. And the power that goes out of Me according to My love, wisdom and almighty will and that fills up the eternal endless space throughout and which is also active everywhere, is the Holy Spirit.

27,4. As you can see Me now as God-Man among you, I am with My whole original central Being certainly completely and undivided in your midst, here in this dining-hall on the Mount of Olives. And thus, as highest true God and Man at the same time I am nowhere else, not on this Earth and even less on another. But still, by the power, which is the Holy Spirit, that goes out of Me, I fill all the Heavens and the earthly material and endless space with My activity. I can see everything therein, from the greatest to the smallest, I understand everything, know everything, decide on everything, and create, guide and rule over everything.

27,5. Now, when you clearly know this out of My mouth, you also will understand for which reason you shall strengthen by laying your hands upon them, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, those people who believe in Me and who are also acting according to My teaching, after it has been made known to them.

27,6. If you understand the reason now, you also will perceive that the people who are truly and correctly taught by you, will not easily come to the idea of accepting three gods as such, because you have named the three qualities. But I also urge you to give the people a real and truthful light, because where this will be lacking, the people will easily and quickly wither and change to all kinds of false doctrines, and then it will be difficult to bring them on the way of the full truth.

27,7. The fact that, despite all your faithfulness there still will be false teachers and prophets who will mislead a lot of people, you surely will not be able to avoid, and you will not be blamed for that, as little as a farmer who sows pure wheat on his land between which his enemy has scattered weeds during the night, will be accused of sin when on his land between the wheat the weeds grow rampantly and weaken the good grain.

27,8. It is of course the desire of My love that all the people of this Earth will walk on the light way of the truth and therefore will go towards eternal life. But because I – for the reasons which I already have made known to you – have to withdraw My almightiness, every human being is completely free and can finally believe and do what he himself wants.

27,9. When you spread My teaching, you better influence the reason and by that the mind of the people. For once the reason and the mind are penetrated, faith becomes alive and successfully active by the good will. Without the right enlightenment of the reason and the mind, faith will only be present after a dumb and blind acceptance of that which man has heard from one or the other authority. Such a faith is however actually no faith at all. It does not awaken the mind to a voluntary activity that makes the heart happy, and is therefore dead since it is without the free joy-giving works.

27,10. Works that were accomplished by man because of an external imposed ‘must’ do not have any value for the soul, since they do not awaken the soul but are oppressing it because they were not voluntarily brought with joy out of an inner conviction, but only out of fright for the punishment that is threatened while one feels secretly offence, fury and rage.

27,11. When I am already saying to you that you should be equally perfect in understanding and pure love as the Father in Heaven, then your disciples should be too. Therefore, I also say to you the following: examine everything beforehand and keep that which is good and true.

27,12. What I am advising you now to observe yourselves you also should advice to your future disciples. I very well could desire now from you to believe Me what I will say and advise to you without further explanations, because the signs which I have done before your eyes have surely given Me the authority which compels you to believe Me. But such a compelled faith is by far still no inner light of the soul and does not awaken him for a joyful deed.

27,13. The fact that this is indeed so, are proving your continuous questions, and by that you recognize openly that faith, which is only based on authority is giving the soul much too little light. And this lack in you is only done away by My explanations. As you now still want clear explanations, which are also salutary, so also your disciples will want this from you, and you should not be thrifty with it if you want to control the appearance of the false prophets as much as possible.

27,14. You also will perform signs, and the false ones will do the same with the help of all kind of deceit, and therefore the signs that are performed by you will always be a meager proof for the realness of the teaching that is announced by you to the people. But whatever you will be impressing in the reason and mind of the people by means of lightening words will remain an eternal, indelible, living proof of the truth of the teaching out of My Heavens. Such a clearly understood truth will only then make you and your disciples completely free. And now, I again have revealed a lot and given you much light, and therefore I am asking you again if you have well understood this.”

27,15. All of them said: “Yes, Lord and Master, we now understood it very well, because now You have spoken again very freely and openly.”

27,16. Then I said: “We still have the time. If anybody still wants to know something, let him ask.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-27 Chapter