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Chapter 36 - Where the personal devils are residing.

36,1. Then the scribe said: “Yes, Lord and Master, for You have spoken now so clearly and detailed about this matter as can be, and by that You have shown to us orderly and in detail how You have managed Your creation. And so, all this must be completely clear to us. That means to say, as far as it can be made clear for our still always-limited human mind, because knowledge alone is by far still not the same as being able to perceive everything, but it is sufficient for us because we thoroughly understand that which we know.

36,2. But since You have now already told us so much about these difficult to understand things, I still ask You now to indicate to us a little further about the dwelling place of the personal devils, so that we can avoid that, because when a person or also a whole group would reside on such a place, they finally could end up very badly. Please be therefore so merciful to explain this to us a little more.”

36,3. I said: “You still think too materialistic. What difference does it make if spiritual devilish personalities are mainly residing on this or on another place?

36,4. As long as your soul out of Me is pure and strong, then he can be in the worst company of devils without they being able to harm him in the least. Because a pure and out of Me strong soul resides in the midst of numerous legions of personal devils and is still entirely in the Kingdom of the Heavens, which does not consist of outer display, but is within the heart of the perfect soul, for in this way the soul becomes a creator, similar to Me, of his blissful abode where eternally no personal devil will be able to come in.

36,5. And so also already on this Earth, it is unimportant for a pure and out of Me strong soul to know where a little or big dwelling place for personal devils is located, because the pure and out of Me strong soul carries his Heaven everywhere in and with himself, just like the personal devil carries his Hell or his judgment.

36,6. But because we are talking about this subject anyway, I want to show you more precisely the places which are specifically inhabited by personal devils. So listen.

36,7. Look at the people in those public houses and buildings where much deceitful business is carried out like for instance now in the temple and in many other business houses. These are also special habitations for the many personal devils. So also the houses in which all kinds of fornication, prostitution and adultery are committed are also special habitations where personal devils are residing. So also those mountains and holes where people with haste and lust are digging for gold, silver and other treasures of the Earth are places where personal devils are residing in great numbers. So also the forests and holes where thieves, robbers and murderers are residing. So also the army camps and battle fields, the roads of the merchant caravans and the rivers, lakes and seas where a great profitable business is carried out.

36,8. And further, the landed properties and pieces of land, pastures, fields, vineyards and forests of hard-hearted heathens, as well as of the rich, stingy and hard-hearted Jews are special favorite dwelling places for personal devils. And also the air above and in the indicated dwelling places, and the fire, the clouds and the rain, and also all idolatry temples and false oracles.

36,9. Further, personal devils can be found in great numbers where you can see great earthly presentations of pomp and with that the still related pride.

36,10. However, on places that are not inhabited by men and are also not polluted by their sins, the personal devils are not residing, except in the case when a caravan of people, lusting for worldly gain, would travel through it. Because of those people, the personal devils would then soon feel well at home.

36,11. Now friend, you have heard that which you still wanted to hear from Me and which you wanted to know for yourself.

36,12. And for which reason the personal devils are fond of the named places is obvious for the one who has somehow understood what has preceded, and does not need any further explanation.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-36 Chapter