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Chapter 37 - Understanding the reasons for the primordial creation.

37,1. The scribe said: “But how can those devils become aware of it? Can they see this Earth and also us people, and also what we are doing?”

37,2. I said: “Oh yes, but only that which is similar to them. I tell you: also the malicious vultures are quickly gathering where there is a good tasting bait.

37,3. I alone know since eternity what is necessary to make from a thought out of Me a free being, and this with the fullest godly independence. Therefore, I am also the only One to know what is necessary to entirely accomplish this supreme work. If it concerns death, judgment, human being or angel: in My eyes, all this is for the accomplishment of the main goal of My love and wisdom one and the same. Because, you know, the Eternal has always enough time for it. Surely, David said that a 1.000 years for God are hardly 1 day, but I say to you, who are now My scribe and friend: a 1.000 times a 1.000 years is for Me hardly 1 single moment.

37,4. Look, you are existing at this moment, and numerous times of myriads times myriads of creations like these are already finished behind us according to the natural chronology. How could you blame Me that I have allowed that you have come to birth only now during this youngest time? And further, what reproach could those make Me who I will allow to be born after eons times eons long times and eternities?

37,5. For I am Lord over My eternal thoughts and ideas, and I can bring them to a self-conscious life whenever I want. Because eternally I am under no law, for I am since primordial eternity the law Myself. And so, in moral matters I can issue a law that comes only from Me and which lies in My will, how and whenever I want to do this out of My love and My wisdom.

37,6. Who else except Me can foresee that? And who can force Me and make Me to act, except I Myself out of My eternal order?

37,7. My eternal complete free will is the law over My thoughts and ideas that have indeed since eternity only their visible existence in Me. However, if according to My love it would please Me to bring them to a firm and independent existence, then My wisdom places My will as law over My thoughts and ideas, and then those become realities, as if outside of My Being. And further, they have to continue to exist as external independent realities as long as My love and wisdom allows My will as law of all laws to rule expertly and efficiently over them.

37,8. And look, so is also the survival of the devils a law that has been placed in them, besides the still personal free will. As long as they do not want to acknowledge Me as the One who I was since eternity, still am and eternally will be, so long will My compelling law also not move away from them, for if I would take away My compelling law, then their independent existence would come an end.

37,9. If an already independent existing being improves his life out of his free will now or only after a for you unimaginable long time, and turns to the Kingdom of the truth, is for Me the same. And I will not change My eternal order one hair’s breadth for this reason. However, he who wants to have it differently can also do that, because all means are given to him for that.

37,10. Since I have indicated to you now where the dwelling places of the evil and malicious souls – who are actually the personal devils – are, you should avoid them when you still feel rather weak, because there is still a danger on such places for him who is weak. He who exposes himself to danger while he is still weak, will also easily perish in danger, or at least he will not easily escape without any harm.

37,11. Therefore, take care that you should not covet all the impure and unripe things of this world, because you are now already on the last step of the inner life’s completion, and all that is already behind you. Strife always to go forward and no more towards that which is unripe that lies behind you. Then you will easily and quickly reach the true goal of life and you will feel no more desire to look even one more time to that which is unripe that lies behind you. Did you all understand this well now?”

37,12. The scribe said: “Lord and Master, also this has now become clear to us, and also concerning this we know now what we can expect. But, among the people, there are still so many appearances about which we still have not much clarity. So for instance I myself know in the country of the Jews several old strongholds and old houses that, maybe already since a few centuries are no more inhabited by people. These places are often haunted so terribly that no human being – no matter how courageous he may be – would dare to come near, not even from a great distance. And woe to the one who – maybe by coincidence or one who does not know about the horrifying situation – would come close to such places, because that person will be badly seized. And if someone would even go on purpose to such a place, it will still be much worse. Well now, such places, which are actually not so rare, are already for many years not visited by any great sinner, neither by one nor by the other. And still, no one can visit them. What is the meaning of all that?”

37,13. I said: “Oh My friend, it is not always what you think, but mostly something much different. Let such infamous strongholds and farms be surrounded by a group of courageous soldiers, then I can assure you that by such occasion your otherwise so dangerous looking appearances will retreat in such a way that no soldier will in the least notice their eventual existence.

37,14. Although, here and there are places where souls of people are residing who have deceased a long time ago, and now and then they are catching the attention of bypassing people in one way or another. These are souls who during their physical life were too much in love with their earthly possession, and in order to increase it, they also committed many injustices. Such souls who have become at the same time very materialistic, remain therefore after the falling away of their body on these places that they have loved above everything else and were precious to them during their physical life, and this often as long as every trace of their mostly so precious possession has become lost. Only then they come more and more to their senses in the beyond because they begin to realize in themselves that all the earthly and timely possession and idle thing is and was an empty illusion.

37,15. But such souls can never degenerate into a too tangible malice, and their extremely limited and powerless existence cannot inflict any moral injury to anybody. On the contrary, the fact that now and then they are manifesting themselves, often works very well on the unbelief of many worldly person, who because of this, becomes a believer and changes his worldly life, because he becomes aware of an existence of the souls of men after the death of the body, which to him does not seem to be so particularly good and blissful.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-37 Chapter