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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-46 Chapter

(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Judgment & Future… End of the modern Paganism & The Millennium, Volume 8 – Chapter 46-49)

Chapter 46 - The judgment on paganism.

46,1. Now My old disciples said: “Lord and Master, You have promised us that, while we are here, You would tell us more about it. Thus, do it now, since it probably is now the best moment for it.”

46,2. I said: “When it is the best moment, I surely will know best. And besides, I already have told you already a lot about it, what will certainly also happen, for I may change nothing to the free will of man – and you cannot change it also.

46,3. However, with My birth, the judgment of the heathens has already begun everywhere. It now continues increasingly and will still continue for almost 2.000 years until the full light among the people on this Earth.

46,4. As you can see now in the morning sky how all kinds of clouds are forming and are piling up at the horizon as if they want to stop the rising of the sun, so also great numbers of all kinds of obstructing clouds will rise up sky high against the coming great rise of the eternal and spiritual sun of truth, and will do great harm among the people. But they finally will not be able to stop the great rise of the sun of truth.

46,5. You just have seen many beautiful stars shining in the sky, and also in the west you have seen stars that were glittering deep into the night. Look, these preceded as good messengers the still visible messengers of the morning and worked during the night. And that is now your task.

46,6. However, when brighter morning messengers will come up at the spiritual morning horizon, then this will be a sign that the great and general sun of life and truth will soon follow. Its very bright light will be a relentless judgment for all lies and deceit that together with its followers and worshippers and its great worldly pomp will be slung into the abyss of contempt, righteous wrath and forgetfulness. For then, the enlightened people will not think back anymore about the deceit and the judgment that lasted so long.

46,7. But already now you can observe quite well that the mass of clouds that looked so threatening black is having golden edges that are lightening up. So you also will notice during that time that the people who shortly before were still totally dark and true enemies of the light of truth, are from all sides more and more enlightened and are becoming brighter by the light rays of the truth. And further also, radiating themselves, they become enemies of the old lie. And such enlightening by the sun of truth out of the Heavens which is drawing near to its full rise, will be My sign of the Son of Man for all true people on Earth and the beginning of the great judgment on the harlot of the new Babylon.

46,8. Then those who love the truth will burst out for joy and will praise Me, for I already have sent them before the sign of My rise at the sky of the inner spiritual day. But the enemies of the truth will start to wail and gnash their teeth, and they will – as far as this will still be somehow possible – try to hide themselves into dark corners, together with their continuously decreasing number of followers, which will however be of no use to them, because when at that time the full sun of truth will have risen, its light will totally enlighten all dark corners and holes, and the enemies of the light will no more find, nowhere on the whole Earth a place of refuge.

46,9. I Myself will however be in that sun as the eternal Truth, and by means of its light I will be ruler and leader of the people’s life and of their temporary, spiritual and eternal destiny.

46,10. And by this I have shown you now the full and well understandable truth about the great judgment of the new and the old paganism. But for the sake of the people I will give you another image that you also can tell the people, but not without the right explanation. Let us now quietly continue to view this morning scene.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-46 Chapter