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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-47 Chapter

(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Judgment & Future… End of the modern Paganism & The Millennium, Volume 8 – Chapter 46-49)

Chapter 47 - The future of Rome and of the antichrist.

47,1. After about a quarter of an hour when we all were looking with great interest at the morning scenes, I said again to those who were present: “Be attentive now to all the images that will appear before the full rise of the sun, because I want that you also will see with your eyes how everything will develop during the last time of the new paganism.”

47,2. Now all of them were turning their eyes with doubled attention to the east. It was still quite half an hour before the full sunrise, and thus still many images could develop before the eyes of the disciples who were watching.

47,3. Firstly one could see in the distance a thick and completely black mist arising from the horizon. When this had reached about 7 times the height of the faraway mountain range at the horizon, it soon seemed to glow, because countless flashes of lightning were shooting through it, so that all those who were present, thought that a terrible storm was now raging there.

47,4. However, I said: “You may worry about something else, for apart from us, no one can see anything of this phenomenon.”

47,5. Then they all continued to look on to see what else would follow.

47,6. And look, on the upper black edge of the mass of mist that was completely glowing by the many lightning appeared a big city.

47,7. And I said: “Look at the image of the new Babylon.”

47,8. Then Agricola said: “Lord, that looks very much like Rome. I merely can see a great number of ruins around the city, and in the city itself, besides those buildings that I know very well, there are also a great number of new buildings and temples of which the front is strangely decorated with crosses. What does all that mean?”

47,9. I said: “Look, that is the fall of the old and at the same time the beginning of the new paganism. Already within approximately 500 to 600 years, counted from now on, this is how it literally will look like. However, keep on looking at the image now.”

47,10. Again all of them were looking attentively at the image of which the scenes were quickly developing one after another. And look, one could see great migrations of the nations and many fierce battles and wars, and in the middle of the city one could see something that was arising as high as a mountain. On the mountain stood a high and big throne that looked like as if it was made of glowing gold. On the throne sat a ruler with a triple crown on the head and with a staff of which the top end was decorated with a triple cross. Out of his mouth came countless arrows, and out of his eyes and out of his chest countless lightning of anger and very great pride was also shooting out. And kings came to him of whom many bowed deeply before him. He looked friendly at those who were bowing like that before him and he confirmed their power, but those who did not bow before him were persecuted and greatly harmed by his arrows and lightning.

47,11. Now Agricola said: “Lord, this does not look too good for the later rulers over the new Babylon. It seems that their power will be greater but also much more cruel than it is now. Because now, only the worst criminals are punished with the cross, but only with a single cross, but he there is actually holding before all kings not less than a triple cross in his ruling hand. Lord and Master, do explain this somehow to us.”

47,12. I said: “This does not represent a special ruler over many nations and people, but only the visible personality of the antichrist. That triple cross stands for My teaching, which during that time will be imposed triply falsified before the kings and their people. False in the word, false in the truth and false in the real application of it.

47,13. However, the kings who do not bow before him and whom he curses are those who are still more or less possessing the truth of the old teaching. His arrows and lightning are indeed reaching them, but these cannot much harm them. But continue to look at the image, for I only can show you therein the most important moments.”

47,14. Now all continued to look on with great attention.

47,15. (The Lord): “Look, many kings, who earlier bowed very deeply before the one who sits on the throne, are gathering their armies and are marching against him. Look, it leads to an embittered battle, and his exalted throne is sinking already quite a long way down completely into the city, and you only can see a few kings who so to say are only bowing before him for form’s sake while now there are a lot of arrows and lightning that are send back by the many other kings who have become unfaithful to him. But now, almost nothing can be seen of him, and this will happen after 1.000 to 1.500 to 1.600 and 1.700 years.

47,16. But look again now. Look, he is trying to exalt himself once more, surrounded by black gangs, and a few kings are stretching out their hand to help him, but look, those who are doing that are soon becoming powerless, and their nations are pulling off the crowns from their heads and are giving them to the strong kings. And look. Now his throne sinks down, and the strong kings are hurrying towards the place and are dividing it up into several pieces. And so, all his might, pride and greatness is going to ruin. Although he still slings arrows and weak lightning all around him, but those are harming no one anymore because most of the time they are returning to him and are injuring him and his weak and dark troops.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-47 Chapter