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(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Judgment & Future… End of the modern Paganism & The Millennium, Volume 8 – Chapter 46-49)

Chapter 48 - About the 1.000-year Kingdom.

48,1. But you can see now that the sun is already penetrating everything with its light, and you can see the dark troops fleeing in all directions, but not to the place from where the sun is coming. Everything disappears now for its light and sinks into the kingdom of forgetfulness.

48,2. But look now again, then you can see how out of the little clouds a new Earth is developing. What do those little clouds mean? Those are the people who have united together who are totally enlightened by the godly truth. And look, now these communities are coming closer and closer to one another and in this way they are forming one great community. That is the new Earth above which a new Heaven is spreading out with full light and clearness.

48,3. You must however not think that by that this natural Earth will perish and would be changed into a new one, but only the people will create with each other in My name a new spiritual Earth, because they are accepting completely the godly truth as true brothers and sisters.

48,4. Then I Myself will be and rule on this new Earth among those who are Mine, and they will fellowship with Me and will never more lose sight of Me.

48,5. But now look in the mean time also to the old Earth. See how from the new Earth more and more dense streams of lights are floating downwards to the old Earth, and so they are igniting it in such a way that it looks like to be in a blaze. There you can see a lot of dead people who are coming as it were out of their graves and are going to the light. See how they soon are clothed with the garment of truth and are then floating upwards to the Kingdom of the new Earth.

48,6. But at the same time you can notice also that still a very great dark part of it are also making effort to put on the garment of light above their black garment to make from it and with it again a new anti-Christian paganism out of self-interest and lust of power. But I Myself am letting My wrath – that means the fire of My truth – to break loose, and My angels of the new Earth are throwing themselves as it were with flaming swords on them and are chasing every further dark attempt on the run into the abyss of total destruction.

48,7. This is the very last and greatest judgment, a 1.000 years later. That time will be called My 1.000 year Kingdom on Earth, which will be once more interrupted by war for a very short time by this very last judgment. But the victory will be quick and complete for all future times. From that time on there will be for the Heavens and the Earth one Shepherd and one flock. The Shepherd will be, as always, Me, and the flock will consist of the people on Earth, completely united with the blessed ones in My Heavens.

48,8. These last mentioned ones will fellowship visibly with the people on Earth, just like it was before during the ancient times of the people on this Earth. But before that will happen, also the natural Earth will experience very drastic changes. Big countries and kingdoms, which are now still covered by the great and deep sea, will be lifted up as very fertile soil, and many mountains that are still high now will be lowered. Their tops that are crumbled off will fill up a great number of deep canyons and valleys and produce fertile land.

48,9. Since the people during that time will no more covet nor pursue perishable treasures, 100.000 times as many people as now will be able to live very well provided and happy on Earth. Together with that, every evil disease that tortures the flesh terribly will during that time also disappear from the Earth. The people will cheerfully reach a high age and will be able to do a lot of good works, and nobody will be afraid for the death of the body for he will see clearly before his eyes the eternal life of the soul.

48,10. By the performance of good works it will be essential during that time that the children will be educated in the right way and that the one who is physically strong will sustain the weak elderly people as much as he can.

48,11. On the new happy Earth there will also be marriages, but only according to My order as it is the case in Heaven, and also a great number of children will be begotten, but not by way of pure lewdness but by way of the true earnest of love, and this until the end of all times of this Earth.

48,12. Here you have now a true image of the last judgment over all the heathens on the whole Earth, which is also very easy for you to understand.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-48 Chapter