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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-49 Chapter

(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Judgment & Future… End of the modern Paganism & The Millennium, Volume 8 – Chapter 46-49)

Chapter 49 - The mission of God's children in the beyond. The duration of existence of the Earth.

49,1. Now the disciples asked Me: “Lord and Master. Will we be able to join to see and experience all this from the Kingdom of spirits? And how long will the happy Earth still continue to exist after that time till the complete end of its times?”

49,2. I said: “Concerning your first question, it is of course obvious that you not only will be able to see, hear and feel all this very clearly from the Heavens, but then and for all times you also will be the most important leaders, and not only on the new Earth but also over the whole great Man of Creation and over all infinite many unions of all Heavens, which are limited nowhere throughout eternity.

49,3. Therefore, I say to you once more that no human being has ever seen or heard, and that the spirit of no human being has ever experienced what God has prepared for those who truly love Him.

49,4. I still could tell and also show you many things but you cannot yet bear it now. However, when the Spirit of all truth and all life will come over you and you will be reborn into it, it will guide you into all depths of My light and will exalt you. Only then you will understand and perceive what great words I have spoken now to you, and through you, also to all human beings.

49,5. Concerning your second question, this is still quite silly, for our arithmetic has no figure by which one could express the more than many earthly years that will last until the end of the Earth. And even if that would be possible, this will make absolutely no difference for him who will continue to exist eternally in the spirit.

49,6. I say to all of you: of such an eventual appointed time and hour not even an angel in Heaven knows anything about it. Only the Father in Heaven knows. Because the whole creation is His greatest thought, which is however not a thought of time but it is an eternal thought, and at the same time He is the almighty carrier and preserver of it. Recently I have told you that finally all the material will be changed – but as independent being – into something purely spiritual. And so it is no more necessary to tell you anything more about it.

49,7. But rather look now at the beautiful nature at the beginning of the day, and see how the increasing intensity of the light of the sun is chasing away all the haze and darkness of the Earth, and learn from this that this will also be your work in future times, and this will be better for you than to inform too zealously after things which by far are not your concern now.

49,8. Very often I have shown you already many things about which you should be concerned. About all the rest you should not be concerned in the least. Yes, I say to you that it is even useless and fruitless – if in your faith and love you are really devoted to Me – to worry about the coming day, what you will eat and drink and with what you will clothe your body.

49,9. Does one not receive 100 sparrows for 1 penny on the market? Thus, how small is the value for the people, and nevertheless the Father in Heaven takes care of them and clothes them. You as human beings are surely more valuable than those sparrows.

49,10. See those flowers of the field and the lilies. In his entire luster, Salomon was not clothed that beautiful as they are. And who is the One who cares for their garment? Therefore, all such worries from your side are fruitless, and even more fruitless are the worries about the future complete end of times of this Earth. Did you all understand this well now?”

49,11. All of them except Judas Iscariot assent to it. He thought that it was not completely clear to him what I had predicted on the mountain about the last judgment of the heathens.

49,12. I said however to him: “Go to those to whom it has become clear. What the Romans and gentiles were able to understand, should be for you as Jew and as old disciple certainly be understandable.”

49,13. On this, he said nothing anymore and withdrew again, for he had noticed why I had given him such an answer.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-49 Chapter