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Chapter 56 - The special place of the Earth.

56,1. While we were still walking between the fields and gardens close to the neighborhood of Bethany, we soon reached a little hill, the favorite resting place of Lazarus, so that we could rest there a little in the open air since we already had walked for nearly 3 hours visiting the property of Lazarus. Then one of the Romans came to Me and asked: “Lord and Master, until now I have only listened and have not said a word, and now I say that everything that was said and explained by You, but also by this remarkable angel, and what we have seen, has given me irrefutable proof of Your direct and personal godly presence. But You also have explained the starry sky to us and by Your goodness and by the almightiness of Your holy will You have brought us in such a state that we could see the other celestial bodies as clear as we can see now the fields of this Earth with our physical eyes, and we saw people everywhere and a great number of other creatures. Yes, we noticed in the celestial bodies that we could see even many more beautiful lands and regions and people and other creatures in an also much higher perfection, and it cannot be described how much the beauty and big regularity of the forms of their habitations are exceeding those of this Earth.

56,2. Well, as I reflected on that, the question came into my heart how and for what reason You, o Lord, precisely on this Earth that is in every respect inferior, have clothed Yourself with a human body like the people on this Earth, while for this purpose countless myriads of the most beautiful and biggest sun worlds were at Your disposal. Would You therefore not like to give us some understandable clarification about this?”

56,3. I said: “Oh yes, although, by the unveiling of the material creation, namely by the description and clear explanation of the order of the suns in a shell globe and then of the whole big Man of Creation, I have shown to all of you how and why I precisely on this Earth and also exactly in this time have clothed Myself with a body. But even if I will explain it to you again, you still will not grasp it completely as long as you will not be born again in the spirit. But despite that, I still can give you a little indication about it, because I foresee that precisely this point can and also will be the subject of a very important question at issue among the future philosophers and theologians. Thus, listen to Me once more:

56,4. The actual reason comes of course from My wisdom and My will. The fact that every human being, like every warm-blooded animal, has a heart, of which his physical life is dependant, you all surely know, but how the heart is arranged, you do not know. However, I know it very well and know therefore also by what the heart lives.

56,5. In the heart are 2 extremely little chambers that correspond with the 2 big blood chambers. For your eyes, these 2 little chambers would appear only as very little dots. But no matter how small these dots are, from the arrangement depends in the first place the life of the heart and by that also the life of the whole body and its countless parts and organs.

56,6. The one, first, and therefore most important little chamber corresponds with what belongs to the spirit and thus to the actual life, and we shall call it the positive and thus true one. The second, in a certain way less important one – although also absolutely necessary for the natural life of the body – we shall call what corresponds to matter, thus the negative one. This one, has no life in itself, but is only a vessel for the life that with every new heartbeat it has to draw as it were again from the positive little chamber and imparts it further to the whole body by way of the blood.

56,7. From this image that is easy to understand, you surely can conclude of what nature the heart fundamentally is and must be, in order to give life to the whole body. Besides, the fact that the heart has and also must have an extensive, extremely artful and uttermost wise organic-mechanical organism for the continuous transferring of life that is developed therein is self-evident without needing any further explanation. For if something has to be moved further, well-paved roads are necessary to reach that purpose, and the means to transfer it must be present. However, for the illustration of our subject we mostly need only the 2 little chambers, and from those we actually need only the positive little chamber.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-56 Chapter