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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-59 Chapter

Chapter 59 - How our Earth is related to other worlds.

59,1. I said: “You have well understood My words by answering your first question, and in the revelation that I have made to you, you have found a striking and true application for your life, in such a way that I Myself could not have given it more clearly to you. And so, whoever – as you have said – will enter through the tight little door in himself, will also in full reality be reborn in his spirit for eternal life. But now that you have so clearly and well understood this revelation that I have given you, it is almost a wonder that you also did not perceive and completely found within you the complete answer to your second question.

59,2. Look, when the human beings of this Earth are, compared to the endless great Man of Creation what the positive little chamber of their heart is compared to the whole size of their body, which indeed lives also and is active according to the requirements of the intellect, the will and now and then also that which is of the instinct, then your second question can surely very easily and clearly be answered.”

59,3. The Roman said: “Yes, yes, Lord and Master, this almost seems to be so now to me. I have the feeling that I already know it, but still, actually I do not know it yet. Therefore, please have for me and for all of us the goodness and mercy to lead us on the right way.”

59,4. I said: “Well then, good, I will do it. Look and listen.

59,5. The most important foundation of life resides – for the body as well as for the soul – in the known positive little chamber of the heart. When this becomes active, then from this, all endlessly many parts of your whole being become alive, in such a way as if they themselves are bringing about little chambers and are the carriers of life. And see, with the right exercise your limbs can develop an amazing power and a very artful skill in many things. But all their qualities and great artful skills are finally thanks to what? Look, for everything, only to that certain little chamber of the heart, for without it, all limbs would be as dead and immovable as those of a metallic idol statue.

59,6. Yes, from where did the limbs of an artist learn such skillfulness, even all the limbs according to their specific structure and efficient ability? Look, all this, only from that little chamber of the heart, and more precisely according to a gradual order.

59,7. The first movements of life will gradually make the heart to move. From that, the activity goes by means of the blood to the longs, the liver and the spleen, and from there to the remaining organs and to the head with all its parts.

59,8. Once the head is ready and the brains are developed, then with men will begin the thinking, evaluating, concluding, understanding and perceiving, and only from that moment on will come the real and wise exercise of the outer parts of the body, which then will accomplish all work – no matter how artful – soon in such a good and wise way as if they had accomplished themselves an individual, free and independent life. I will tell you moreover the following:

59,9. When a human being is reborn in the spirit, he also can think in all the parts of his soul and body and speak very well perceptibly for himself, and then he is just like Me, in his whole being, spirit, life, power, thought and a complete living word. And by what has man accomplished that? Look, all this comes again from the positive little chamber of his heart.

59,10. As man receives his whole education and his whole development only from this little chamber in his heart, so also in the same manner do human beings from other worlds receive – according to their individual form and ability – their development only from the little chamber of the heart of the great Man of Creation, which is of course extremely big.

59,11. How this works, you can now of course not grasp yet, but when you will be completely reborn in the spirit, then you will be able to grasp and well understand the great ‘how’ and ‘why’. Do you now have already a little idea as to how the human beings on other worlds receive knowledge of Me, and become also wise and happy?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-59 Chapter