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Chapter 61 - The most important task of man.

61,1. I said: “Friend and brother Marcus, son of Aurelia, the most virtuous and well educated patrician woman, you have not only more or less correctly and well understood the instruction that I have given you, but you also have hit the nail precisely on the head, and I say here once again: in this way, the light of the Jews will be taken away and will be given to the much wiser gentiles. Because the long night of the gentiles has changed into the day, and the day of the Jews goes down into the darkest night.

61,2. Bring them all here to Me from the whole of Jerusalem and from the entire Jewish land, and there will be not one who can measure himself with the true wisdom of this Marcus of Mine.

61,3. I tell you truthfully, that with your good reason you have now prepared a great joy for My heart, because My words became alive in your heart. And therefore you and also your companions will reach within a very short time the full rebirth in My Spirit.

61,4. You, Marcus, are already at the entrance of the tight little door of life of your true little chamber of life, for if this would not be so, you would not have understood so clearly the depth of My words as you have now. Because the flesh cannot give this to man, but only My Spirit that is already awakened for his soul in him.

61,5. From this, all of you can clearly see now how penetrating truth and wisdom will be for those who can rejoice in the full rebirth of their soul in My Spirit. And I say to you once more what I have told you already many times, namely that no human eye has ever seen, no human ear has ever heard and no human awareness has ever experienced what kind of endless and unspeakable happiness God has prepared for those who truly, that means by action, love Him.

61,6. Of course, in Myself I am since eternity in the greatest and full joy of supreme happiness, because My love, My wisdom and My endless great power gives Me in Myself eternally the unspeakable all supreme joy of My godly, in every respect perfect life, and as Your Father I say to you: whatever I have, My most lovable children must have also. For where on this Earth can you find a father who would not like to share all his joy with his children that he loves more than himself, and who finally only experiences the greatest joy after he has gathered his beloved children full of joy around himself?

61,7. Do you maybe think that the Father in Heaven experiences less joy about His children who love Him above all? Oh, on the contrary, still endlessly much more. But therefore He also will prepare for them endlessly much greater joy than an earthly father does or can do from the deepest of his heart for his children, for your Father in Heaven truly has the infinite and eternal most wonderful diversity of means for it.

61,8. But therefore, do also with pleasure and with great zeal what I as your Father have, not commanded, but only have advised to you. Then soon, you will feel in yourself what kind of reward you can expect.

61,9. Say for yourself now, and think well about it: would a merchant not be a great fool if he knew that he could buy for a reasonable price a pearl that is definitely one of the most priceless ones, and even if he did not possess so much money, would not immediately sell all his goods that are of less value and would buy the priceless pearl for that. Because the priceless pearl is in the eyes of men still unspeakably of much more value than all his former goods taken together.

61,10. Look, this is also how things are with the value of the rebirth of the human soul in his initial spirit of life out of Myself. Is it not worth that a good person gives up all his worldly treasures and would only strive with all his might for the greatest pearl of life, namely the rebirth of the soul in the initial spirit of life? Or is it not better to take care for the eternal life of the soul than to be worried about all perishable treasures of the world that will perish and rot, and probably will never again come back completely to the eternal, clear life of their souls?

61,11. It is indeed true that the soul during his life on this Earth appropriates to himself those things that are related to his flesh and transforms it according to his being. And when the body has been completely fallen away, bit-by-bit he also appropriates from the corresponding decomposition ether that which corresponds to himself in order to clothe himself with it. But this is still not a treasure of life for a soul, but only a characteristic of life of every soul that was fixed by My order and that can never be accounted to him as merit, because this is only something for which I had taken care of.

61,12. But also, one thing is certain and true, namely that with a pure soul who lived according to My will, more of his earthly body will pass into him than with an impure and sinful soul, for if a chaste body was already here an ornament for the soul, this will certainly be even more so in a glorified spiritual state.

61,13. But also this does not belong to the actual merit of life of the soul, but it is also an arrangement of Me that rewards the soul, and also here it would be an idol foolishness of the soul if he would worry even for one moment for this earthly treasure which also continues to exists for him in the beyond, because it belongs to his ‘I’. Yes, this worry could be completely compared with that of very foolish parents who only are concerned whether their children will receive a nice and attractive appearance and how they have to arrange it to make their proud foolish wish come true, but who do not consider that the growth and the outer appearance are only depending on God’s will and that no human being can change anything to it.

61,14. Therefore, for every soul, only one thing is necessary: that he would search for My Kingdom of life in himself in the little chamber of the heart of the original life, and would also find it. All the rest, he will receive from Me as a free gift anyway.

61,15. For this reason I have already told you many times that you do not have to be fearfully worried about what and where you will receive food and drink and with what you will clothe your body, but to search most of all My Kingdom and its true justice in you. All the rest will be added to it just like that, because the Father in Heaven knows what you need for your earthly livelihood.

61,16. If you work today, and you eat and drink, then you sufficiently have taken care of the difficulties of the day. Therefore, on the day that you work, it would be useless to worry for the day of tomorrow. If you will experience that one it will bring along its own worries. For only the day that you are still alive and working is written on your account by Me. The future one rests still in My hand and you are not responsible for that one yet. And therefore, it is foolish to worry in an earthly way already today for the day of tomorrow, for it depends only on Me if ever I will give man to let him experience the following day.

61,17. So was there also a master of the house who possessed big landed properties and cattle and was worried beforehand so that he, in order to enlarge his earthly treasures and bring himself on the safe side, let new barns, stalls and big strong granaries be constructed, and besides that, for greater safety, a strong, high wall around the new constructions. And when everything was ready, he said: ‘Ha, now it becomes lighter in my worried heart, because from now on, I will be able to live without worries with my great possessions.’ But while he was still comfortingly talking like that in himself, there was a voice like thunder that said: ‘O you earthly vain fool! You are praising and comforting yourself as if you yourself are lord over your soul and your life. Look, even during this night, your soul will be separated from your flesh, of which you were so worried. To what use will your worries, efforts and work be for your soul?’ Then the man got frightened and saw that he still had taken little care of his soul, and soon after this message he died.

61,18. Now ask yourself: what was the use for that person of his great worries in the world about worldly things. Were it not more intelligent if he would have taken correctly and good care of his soul and had find God’s Kingdom in himself, as people in earlier times had found that also in themselves, even the gentiles, as you clearly saw with the 7 Egyptians?

61,19. With this, I certainly do not want to say that a good person, according to My will should not perform any earthly work at all. Oh, on the contrary, because physical idleness causes and feeds all sins. But every person should actually be active and busy to eat his bread in the sweat of his face.

61,20. What is important is the intention with which a person is active and working. Whoever is careful, active and working is like My friend and brother Lazarus, who searches also powerfully and effectively in himself for My Kingdom and its justice, and he will also find it, just like he – and you too My dear Marcus – has already found it for the greatest part. Therefore, be joyful and cheerful now, for you have already acquired for yourself the great pearl and you will be a tremendous support for your brothers.

61,21. But let us rest now a little, because there, along the way that is leading from the west to this place, I can see a few of the disciples who I have send out from Emmaus and who are coming back. They will soon be here and then we will hear how they were doing.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-61 Chapter