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Chapter 67 - The Lord raises a helper from the dead.

67,1. When I had said that aloud to the scribe, the one sister of Lazarus, namely Martha, came almost out of breath to us on the hill and brought us the message that a helper had fallen of a high scaffolding on which he had to do something, and that now he gave no more sign of life. She asked Me to help him.

67,2. And I said: “Well now, let him be brought here by the other helpers, then I will see what I will do.”

67,3. After these words, Martha hurried back down again, and the helper who fell down dead was carried on a stretcher and within a few moments he was lying before Me.

67,4. And I said: “Did I not tell you beforehand that soon we would have something else to do?”

67,5. Then I said to the scribe who fixed his eyes on the dead man: “Examine him, because you also are an expert in this field, and see if this helper is indeed entirely dead.”

67,6. Then he looked and felt the dead man from head to toe and diagnosed that he was completely dead, because he fell from the scaffolding on his head. His scull was pushed in and his neck completely broken.

67,7. When the scribe saw such certain deadly injuries with the dead man, he said: “Lord and Master, only God can make him alive again. With human help he cannot be brought to life again.”

67,8. I said: “What do you think is easier to say: “Your sins are forgiven’, or to say to the dead man: ‘Stand up with a healed body and walk’ and to make it also happen?”

67,9. The scribe said: “Lord and Master, the first is clearly easier than the second. Because the first can be said by every human being to the one who has sinned against him, and according to Your teaching, this applies then certainly also to God, but to say the second and to make it happen is only possibly by God and maybe also by the one to whom God has given the power for that.”

67,10. Then I said: “In order that you may see and experience that also the power belongs to Me to forgive forever and validly the sins of a sinner who has changed his life, I say now from My highest own power to this dead man: be healed, stand up and walk!”

67,11. On that moment the dead man stood up, saw Me before him and thanked Me fervently for the healing.

67,12. The scribe said however to the man who became alive again: “Man, you were completely dead, and the Lord has not only healed you, but He also has brought you completely back to life again. Thank Him therefore also for your new life.”

67,13. I said: “The one who gives thanks for the healing, gives also thanks for the life, and this is enough.”

67,14. Then I turned again to the helper who was brought back to life again, and said to him: “Be careful next time and do not climb anymore on a high scaffolding when it is not really necessary. When one needs to climb on such high timber, leave this to the one who is trained in it, for every unnecessary boasting will always punish itself, just like this was now the case with you.

67,15. But besides that, you should also remember one thing, and that is: take care never to try anymore to show off to your fellow workers through risky things in order to be seen as first helper by your employer and then to rule over your fellow workers, but just be loyal and zealous in what you have to do, then you will never more experience the accident of falling down from the height and break your neck on which the death of the body is connected. For he who will climb high, will also fall down deep.”

67,16. After these words of Mine, the helper thanked Me once more and went with his fellow workers who brought him with the stretcher to Me, down again, with the resolution to follow up My words for the rest of his life.

67,17. Then I said again to the scribe: “This sign, that I have only done to strengthen your faith, you should keep for yourselves and tell it to no one else before the right time. I know why I want it that way. Now you can go with the disciples again to where My Spirit will bring you. In the valley you all will receive food and drink from the innkeeper.

67,18. Then they left again, and we went also for the midday meal since it was already quite late.

67,19. Now we went down the hill and entered into the house and the big dining-hall where already a good meal was prepared for us. We went and sat at the table and I called Raphael to tell a few young people who all stayed in another house of Lazarus, to come to us and sit at our table. Raphael went and brought 12 boys and 12 girls who were of a special beauty, and by My influence they knew also the Hebrew, Greek and Roman language. These 24 sat at a special table with Raphael at the head.

67,20. When Agricola finished looking with great pleasure to this beautiful young company, he said very emotionally: “O Lord, with this present You have truly given me a more than great pleasure, for in this manner I am now father of many children, and I will equally well take care of them, and even more than for my own children. Only I ask You for a still very long and healthy life, so that I can well take care – spiritually and also physically – of all those who You have entrusted to me. I will never lack the will for it and also not the action.”

67,21. I said: “Also I am glad about that, and I also will give you what you will ask Me, but you will have little time at home because you – as I have already announced to you – will soon have to leave for Britannia and there you will have much to do. What will you do then with the young people?”

67,22. Agricola said: “Lord, then I will as always turn to You in my heart, and You will not leave me without advice.”

67,23. I said: “You have thought well and have answered Me well. But when you will go to Britannia, you can take these 24 young people with you. They will help you well. But let us now eat and drink.”

67,24. Then we ate and drank cheerfully and we talked about all kinds of good and special things with each other.

67,25. Mary, the youngest sister of Lazarus, sat on a low chair next to Me at My feet and listened to My words, just like she used to do.

67,26. But because this time there were many guests, and Martha was worrying that perhaps she would not be able to serve well enough the many high guests on her own, she came to Me and said: “Lord, look, I am busy, please tell my sister to help me.”

67,27. Then I said: “Martha, Martha, you are still the same, although I already have told you My opinion for the same reason. You make yourself very worried for that which is of the world, but Mary has chosen the best place. Therefore, she also should remain here. We have food and drink in abundance. Now, for what else are you making yourself worried?”

67,28. Soon, Martha realized her mistake, let Mary sit at My side and with ease she did with the servants what still had to be done.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-67 Chapter