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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-70 Chapter

(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Jesus elucidates the History of the Earth, Volume 8 – Chapter 69-75)

Chapter 70 - About the natural scientific contentof the 6th and the 7th book of Moses. The age of the Earth.

70,1. I said: “Listen, My Marcus, who have become very lovable to Me. I have told and shown you already many things, and I will tell and show you also that, but all what I have said and told you now will not go further than your first generation, because the worldly people will not grasp it, will not understand it and will therefore also not believe it. You have brought forward a very good reason why your desired explanation about things and life’s circumstances of this Earth seem to be especially necessary to make the people believe more firmly in My teaching. But I also have told you that the Spirit of all things which is present in My creation, will reveal it to all those who will be reborn in the spirit. The one to whom the Spirit will reveal it, will then also really understand in the true light about the things which are now still incomprehensible to you.

70,2. You surely will accept from Me what I will now say about it by word of mouth, because I tell you so, but the full depth of it, you will not understand, and you will even less be capable to give an exact idea to the other people who are now still completely blind in spirit. And therefore, the people will still have to wait a long time until they can be given an answer to all so-called important questions, in such a way that they can understand it.

70,3. Look, the Jews were once the most enlightened people on Earth, apart from the fact that Moses himself has explained everything through the mouth of his brother Aaron in 2 books that were added later. Now it has already come that far with them that they know or understand absolutely nothing anymore of such prehistoric matters. All such remnants that they find, they call it the result of the deluge of Noah which they do not understand anymore. And if you will teach them anything else, they will curse you as a heretic.

70,4. You gentiles have in your mythology a myth of actually 2 great deluges of the Earth, and they attribute to it in the first place the cause of the remnants, and the people believes it firmly. If you will tell the people the truth now, they will laugh at you and at best they will say: ‘Ah, who can know that? Only the gods know.’ Then what can you answer them? Look, that is why the people will only be capable to grasp these kind of truths when they firstly will be skilled in all kinds of science and secondly when their awakened spirit will reveal it to them.

70,5. But to you, I surely want to give some indications about how these things are, although I know all too well that with your present ability of understanding you will not be able to grasp all of it. In the first place because you are lacking the concept of extremely big numbers, and in the second place because you only know and believe what I have told you about the magnitude, the distance and the movements of the stars. But also this, remains for you only external knowledge until it will take form in your spirit as an independent and self-created lightened truth.

70,6. The fact that this Earth has such a high age that you would not be able to grasp the number of years – even if I would tell you – I have shown you already on the Mount of Olives. But to make it short: as a celestial body, the Earth exists for your concepts already almost for an endlessly long time and had to endure many changes on its surface until it adopted its present-day form. Fire, water, earthquakes and other great storms, especially in its beginning, were the helpers that, according to My will, made it what it has become now. And in order that it may continue to exist and will become still more suitable for the temporary nourishment of still a lot more people and other creatures, fire, floods, earthquakes and little and great storms must continue upon and above it whenever it is necessary.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-70 Chapter