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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-75 Chapter

(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Jesus elucidates the History of the Earth, Volume 8 – Chapter 69-75)

Chapter 75 - Drinking wine. The explanation of the destroyed celestal body.

75,1. Now Lazarus went with a few servants to bring new wine that tasted particularly well. So the cups were filled again. We all drunk of it and our body was strengthened by it. All became very cheerful and praised Me because I had placed such good and strengthening things on this Earth.

75,2. But I said: “Yes, yes, such a wine is a strengthening drink, but only when it is taken with moderation and on time. But for those who are immoderate in drinking wine and get drunk, it is then no more a strengthening drink but a drink that weakens his whole body. Therefore, always drink this drink with moderation in My name, then it will also strengthen you for the eternal life of the soul. But in the immoderate usage of this drink, the evil spirit of lewdness and fornication lays hidden. This spirit does not awaken the soul to life, but makes him dead for the true spirit of life from the Heavens and makes the spiritual rebirth of the soul in the spirit from the Heavens nearly impossible on this Earth. Do also remember that.”

75,3. I said this on that moment not only for the sake of the truth, since I had said that already oftentimes, but because Judas Iscariot took too big gulps and was on the point of getting drunk. He surely noticed that and stood up from the table, went outside and visited the little town Bethany.

75,4. When he was outside, the disciple Andreas said: “I am truly glad that this nasty man has gone away, because for some time he seems more and more suspicious to me, and Your teachings and great signs do not impress him. So he does not gain anything, and still he does not want to leave us. If I, o Lord, had Your power, he would not be in our company already for a long time.”

75,5. I said: “But he also has a free will, and therefore, he can also stay or go, how and when he wants. And you have seen that I even allowed the devils, according to their will, to move into the swine. And so, I also allow this man, who among you is a devil, to stay or to go, because as far as I am concerned, every human being and spirit is completely free. But by his actions, everyone takes also care of his own reward. If one wants to become an angel or a devil, is free to everyone. But let us cease about this, for we still have to discuss many things.

75,6. At the beginning of the 6th period we have seen that there was a planet that was destroyed from the inside, and that with Adam this Earth became the life chamber in the great Man of Creation. I will now show you the condition of that destroyed world, more precisely as it was before, as well as how it looks now. And after that, I will also show you how this Earth was related to the great Man, that means, only spiritually speaking, but not according to the material reality. Since such a thing cannot be shown to you with words alone, without a visible image, I will now by My will show you the sun with all its planets on a small scale. Then, while seeing this image, My words will soon be easily understood. Now, be all very attentive.”

75,7. When I had said that, a ball with a diameter of a handbreadth came into existence. This one represented the sun. With a size and distance that were proportionally represented as good as possible – although the space of the hall was of course too small to show them completely in their exact mutual proportion – also all the other planets with their moons were shown as they existed when at the beginning of the 6th period the destroyed planet with its 4 moons was not yet destroyed. I explained to them all the positions of the planets, named their moons, in the Jewish as well as in the Greek language, and they saw the planet in question floating between Mars and Jupiter and its 4 moons circling around it. As far as its size is concerned it looked quite similar to Jupiter, except for the fact that it had more continents than Jupiter and also a higher atmosphere above it and a greater inclination, and therefore also a more inclined orbit around the sun.

75,8. Now, when all of them well understood this, I said further: “Look, this was the order about 4.000 years ago, counted from now. However, then came the destruction of that planet of which I was talking about to you. How and why this took place, I have already told you. But see now how the planet looks like after the destruction took place.”

75,9. All of them looked at the planet that broke up now into many big pieces. Only the 4 moons remained complete, but because they lost their central celestial body, their order was disrupted and they separated from each other more and more, also because they received a forceful push by the bursting of the central planet.

75,10. The pieces of the planet continued to brake up in the very broad space between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. A great number of smaller fragments disappeared also over the 2 indicated orbits, and some of them fell on Jupiter, some on Mars, and some even on this Earth, on Venus, on Mercury and also on the sun.

75,11. And even the people, who were, as far as their body is concerned, gigantic in size, were during the bursting of the planet slung in great numbers into free space, as well as the other creatures. Some dried-up bodies are still floating around in the wide ether space, others are sitting and lying dead and completely dried-up in their houses, which still exist on bigger fragments of the planet. Some of those bodies fell even also on this Earth, where they decomposed already after a few hundred years, and this also happened on other planets.

75,12. During the bursting, the big seas of this planet – together with their inhabitants of all kind – separated themselves also as greater and smaller drops, of which a few had a diameter of many hours of walking. They carry also firm land in themselves and are also still inhabited by some animals. On the 4 moons, earlier creatures are still living, but only in an already very withered condition, just like this is also the case on a few very big pieces, but in a still more withered condition. On the smaller fragments there is however no organic life, except that of disintegration and slow decay.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-75 Chapter