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Chapter 96 - How the wind comes into existence.

96,1. I said: “What you want to ask Me I already know. Therefore I want to safe you the trouble of asking the question and will give you directly the answer to your question.

96,2. Look, the wind, which is now blowing rather cool has called up this question in you. You gladly would like to know from where the wind originally comes from and where it goes. But this is for you difficult to understand, even if it is easy for Me to tell you.

96,3. Many people hear from the blowing of the wind, but they do not know from where it originally comes from and where it goes, and still less they understand from where the spiritual wind in their heart originates and where it is going. That is why they are fully lacking the understanding in their heart and do not even know their soul and even less the spirit within, and Me as original and headwind of life they cannot understand at all.

96,4. Look, nothing in the material creation can exist and continue to exist without a spiritual foundation, and so also the wind which is now blowing, can certainly not do that.

96,5. On the Mount of Olives I have already given you an indication and at another opportunity a still more detailed indication to My disciples that this Earth as well as any other celestial body has an animal-organic life and consequently it also shows all the natural functions and aspects of the organic-animal life. Firstly it has to be nourished, actually as for instance a big animal. And because it has an animal life, it also needs a kind of heart, lungs, spleen, liver, kidneys, stomach and, in short, analogously, all the inward parts that are also necessary for a perfect animal to live. And if the Earth has all this in itself, it is also obvious that on the surface all possible expressions of its internal organic-animal life can be observed by you, inhabitants of the surface of the Earth.

96,6. So the Earth is also breathing, more precisely every 6 hours. It needs 6 hours to breathe in and 6 hours to breathe out. Well now, this in- and exhaling can be observed on the whole surface of the Earth, more precisely 4 times by means of a periodical wind that cannot be observed on its surface at the same time, although it is brought forth for the whole Earth at the same time. For, because of the daily rotation of the Earth around its axis, and by this movement of the Earth the continuous changing position of the sun above the Earth, from the east to the west it cannot be midday or morning, evening and midnight at the same time.

96,7. Very far from here in the east it is now already midnight, and very far in the west, for instance in those countries of which I have told you before that they are on the other side of the great ocean, it is now around midday. Short and good: on the whole circumference of the Earth are at this time for example all hours of the day represented, and so an effect of life of the Earth cannot be perceived at one and the same hour of the day, even if it occurs for the Earth at one and the same moment.

96,8. The wind that is now blowing is coming from such breathing effect of life of the Earth. However, you should not imagine it as if the Earth has a mouth or a nose and that the exhaled breath by these organs has come now maybe from the North or the South Pole. No, such winds do rather only exist because the Earth, when it inhales becomes wider, which is in particular perceptible under the seas which are its more weak parts. With this, its circumference extends so much that the sea rises everywhere by a few handbreadths, and while it exhales, by which the Earth becomes smaller and contracts, the sea goes down again just as much as it rose during the inhaling. And look, this going down and rising of the surface of the sea brings about the periodical movement of the atmospheric air that surrounds the Earth and which you now perceive as wind, because the wind is nothing else but an often more or less intense flowing of the air. Also the heaviest stormy wind is nothing else. However, there can be various causes by which the air is made to stream. Several days would be needed to name them all and describe them precisely.

96,9. The fact that the winds that come from the north are cold, and the winds that come from the south are warm is caused by the climatic conditions. In the north of the Earth it is cold because there is so much snow and ice, and therefore, no warm wind can come from there. Towards the south it becomes warmer because the sunrays fall more vertically on the Earth, and at the equator of the Earth it is even hot, as you already know from experience, and that is why the winds that come from the south are warm. In the great sand deserts they often become scorching hot. In the actual and deep south, the south winds are again very cold because of the present polar ice and snow, just as the northern winds here in the northern hemisphere.

96,10. And with that, friend Marcus, this explanation of the natural cause for the existence of the winds is sufficient for the moment. Your own spirit will reveal you more about this at the right time, as well as to everyone who will be reborn in the spirit.

96,11. But the fact that in the background there are spirits at work for everything that happens on Earth and also on all other celestial bodies, I already have shown you, and therefore we can end these explanations now.

96,12. In later times however, all too many researchers of all the natural phenomena will arise and will weigh and well calculate everything, and this will certainly be good and useful in the fight against many wrong ideas and the destruction of the black superstition, but still there will be many of such researchers who will be straying to such an extent that they will lose completely the spiritual point of view and will wander in dead matter, and this is then no longer good either.

96,13. Man indeed must see the real cause of all things and phenomena, but he should receive this from his living spirit, so that he can see everything in the spirit and in the full truth, and consequently will not lose by that the spiritual foundation of life. If man with his insight has this point of view, he really and truly can be very useful with his lessons about all possible things and events for his fellowmen, but as a pure scientist he can do more evil than good, because to what use would it be for man if he would possess and understand all things of the world, but with that would suffer harm to his soul? Would that still be useful for him in the other world?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-96 Chapter