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Chapter 97 - About the materialistic research of the nature.

97,1. Look, with the old Egyptians at the time of the later pharaohs there were also a few purely external researchers of nature and scientists, and still now, their works that they have written fill the big halls and shelves and bookcases. You surely would need a couple of centuries to read all those books and rolls and tablets. Look, the souls of those natural scientists are also in the beyond continuing their research and investigating, fall from one error into another, do not want to be taught by any angel and remain in their delusion and search the initial foundation of the powers only in matter, which is as good as totally inexistent for them, because their endless labor is only taking place in their apparent matter which consists of nothing else but only their volatile and very unstable imagination and fantasy.

97,2. The fact that this is the case with those souls, you surely can accept from Me, but then I ask: to what benefit for life is this for them? Look, totally none, for as long as they persist in their delusion, then certainly no salvation of life can flourish for them to become a ripe fruit. Therefore, also here a searching for the things of nature can only serve a temporary earthly useful purpose insofar as for the people it can lead to the development of things which can be used for worldly purposes, but all these many inventions that will still be carried out in the future by the natural scientists will bear the seal of imperfection as long as they are not carried out by those people who came to know the powers of the nature of matter out of the enlightened and truthful spiritual foundation and are also by that true rulers over the whole nature of which you have seen an example with the 7 Egyptians.

97,3. But once people who are advanced in the true knowledge of themselves and from that also of the whole nature and its powers, will choose something quite different and better for an earthly activity than the manufacturing of all kinds of artificial and material useful things, machines and products, because spiritual people will always foremost strife to come closer to Me and to acquire the fullness of eternal life. For only this can have a real value for the true thinker and seer, because that is an eternal possession, but everything that is of this world, only as far as it can be helpful to him for the attainment of the great main goal.

97,4. But now the one who says: “Look, I possess many goods, have great treasures and I am making all kinds of new and fine things, for I arrange to have skilled men from all world regions who are capable to make all kinds of things’, I say in My turn: how long can you actually still call that yours? Look, already tomorrow your soul can be taken out of your body, and what will he then take with him of all that which you now are still calling yours? I say to you: simply and solely that which he truthfully has done as good work for another in this world. But if he did not do that, then the many goods, treasures and precious things that were left here behind will form a high wall of separation for him between My Kingdom and him which will be difficult to come over, because on his side there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

97,5. So let everyone of you search above all the true Kingdom of God and its righteousness, which consist of the true and living love for God and from the actual love for fellowman, and all the other things will, when it is necessary, be added as a free gift.

97,6. Let the winds blow and the clouds go their way, and for all natural phenomena on this Earth do not have more interest than for those of the inner life, for the fruits for eternal life will only come forth from the last named. And now also concerning this point we have spoken sufficiently, and all of you will have understood Me.”

97,7. Marcus said: “Lord and Master, what You have said now, we surely have all understood, and again You have made it clear in Your teaching that You are the only Creator, Lord, Sustainer and Ruler of all things in the world that are sensorial perceptible and in the spirit world. Therefore, I am again eternally indebted to You with all thanks. Now we clearly know once and for all what kind of form our Earth has, what it is and how it is organized.

97,8. It is true that we have received by You on the mountain during the greatest explanation of the 6 periods of creation a very brilliant description of the Earth, but now we have received a very clear and correct idea of its present condition, and that is for us also of great importance. We will now in the course of time and by our influence on the education of the youth make such progress that one will not consider the Earth anymore as a big circle with countries, but as a great ball, and that day and night are not brought about because the sun circles every day around the Earth, but only because the Earth circles independently around its central axis in a time of 24 to 25 of our hours. Oh, that is a very great advantage for our true education. We will also make every effort to take care that in the first place our children will receive an education that is in every respect as correct as possible.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 8 GGJ08-97 Chapter