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Chapter 185 - False and true prophets.

185,1. Now the Roman looked very surprised and said: “O Lord and Master, You Yourself are truly the only eternal Truth and Wisdom. Only now I see that in instructing the people, a certain order must always follow, so that the teaching will actually be useful for the life of man.”

185,2. I said: “Certainly, for to teach someone wrongly, means to build the house on sand. How will it last when storms and heavy rains will come over such house?

185,3. Only the one, who teaches his fellowman in the right order, as I have shown you, will build a house on a rocky surface. When storms and floods will come over such house, they will not be able to damage the house, because it was built on a rocky surface. And that Rock am I. And when you begin with Me, you will be able to do everything very well. However, without Me nothing. Remember this well, My friend.

185,4. If someone seriously wants to teach his fellowman about Me, he should not seek advice within himself for too long as to how he should deal with it in the most fruitful way. For I Myself will lay the right words in his heart and in his mouth.

185,5. And now that you also know that, you will not make a wrong step when you will instruct your fellowmen in My name. But he who will not completely heed this, will quickly and easily come on wrong paths, on which he and his disciple will hardly be able to find their way.

185,6. That was always the evil beginning of the false and deceitful prophets and the darkening of the people and their deterioration. That is why, only he should teach his fellowmen who first was taught by Me in his heart. However, he who will teach his fellowmen out of himself and only of what he heard piece by piece from other people, as if he was taught by Me, and who will also call out: ‘Look, here’, ‘there’ or ‘over there is Christ, the Anointed Truth from God since eternity’, you should not believe, for that is a false prophet who only wants to act as a prophet for the sake of his reputation and temporarily gain.

185,7. And he who wants to distinguish with little effort a false prophet from a true prophet and teacher who was called by Me, should look at his works.

185,8. What man can hide least of all from the eyes of his fellowmen are his selfishness and pursuit of profit. To satisfy that, he all too soon and visibly will leave nothing untried to reach the goal for which his heart has an indestructible love.

185,9. Therefore, let the false prophets never receive might or outer reputation. For once they have reached that, it soon will look extremely dark again among the people, and you will have a hard battle to fight against them.”

185,10. With a worrying face the Roman said: “O Lord and Master of all existence and life, we men will probably hardly be able to prevent that. If You Yourself, almighty One, will not prevent it, this Earth will soon abound with false prophets, because the blind people will hardly or not at all be able to distinguish between a true and a false prophet. Who will then say to them and will be able to make clear to them that their teachers are false prophets?”

185,11. I said: “Friend, I will do My part, but you should also do your part. Every person has completely his free will, which I may not grab with My almightiness and restrain it, because that - as I have shown you very clearly and understandably - would be against My order.

185,12. And that is why I give into your hand the best means against all falsehood by the truth that I have shown you. And with that, you can build, with My help, the strongest dams and walls against the whole deceitful brood of Hell.

185,13. But of course, those false prophesiers cannot be exterminated from this Earth as fast and easy as you imagine now. Nevertheless, it finally will be solely and only the illuminated, living truth that will be victorious. So remain firm and unbendable in the truth, for it is only the truth that will make - not only you, but finally all people - free from the old, heavy yoke of lie and deceit. So let yourself never again be seduced by any apparent ever so clear, shining lie. Then everything will go well.

185,14. Now you are the salt, the best spice among the people on this Earth. If you will not become lazy and lukewarm, it will go well with the spiritual food, and the people will eagerly desire for it. But if you, who are the salt, will become spoiled and bad of taste, then with what will the spiritual food for the people be seasoned?

185,15. Therefore, in everything, act according to My teaching and according to My will that you well know now. Then in time, your salt will exterminate the weeds more and more among the wheat on the field of life. And by that, you yourself will be extremely joyful about the power and might of My truth among the people.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-185 Chapter