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Chapter 187 - The amazement of the Greeks about the healthy meal.

187,1. One of those who was healed, a Greek, born on the island of Cyprus, but who established himself later as fisherman in Joppe and who was further a very experienced man, said to the servant: “Friend, the land where I was born and where I lived and worked as an experienced fisherman for almost 30 years, is called Cyprus, and despite its great vastness it is surrounded on all sides by the great Sea. It is extremely fruitful and in every respect so sound and healthy that it became a proverb to say: ‘In our country there is no sickness and here you do not die’. For this reason, rich Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and also Jews are buying property there for much gold, build beautiful houses and live then very happily in that lovely country.

187,2. I often witnessed that sick people went there and ate the healthiest food, and drank the best and purest wine, but they did not become as healthy as we now in this also lovely place.

187,3. What actually was in that food and in that delicious tasting wine that we drank, so that we all, almost 40 people with different afflictions, became in one time and suddenly as healthy as if there was never anything wrong with us?”

187,4. The servant said: “Neither the food nor the wine healed your afflictions, but the mercy and will of the One on whose account the 2 disciples sent you here, and in whom you completely began to believe when His 2 disciples told you that the fullness of the Spirit of the one, only true God lives in Him.

187,5. With His love, compassion, mercy and will, that food and wine were seasoned, and those spiritual spices made you healthy. So thank only Him for that. And now that you are completely healed again, do not fall back again into your old weaknesses and sins, so that you would not be afflicted once more with even worse afflictions than these of which you were now miraculously healed.”

187,6. When those who were healed heard these good words of warning of the servant, they promised by everything that was holy to them that they would remember them until their death. But they gladly wanted to know where they had to travel now to meet the great Savior in order to give to Himself on their knees the gratitude that was only due to Him.

187,7. The servant said: “I did not receive instruction to tell you that. But feel real love for Him, then it also may happen that you will see Him.

187,8. He only will let Him be found by men - and also allow them to speak to Him - who search for Him in their heart that was purified from sins, even if they would be at the end of the world. For He sees everything, He knows everything, and He knows even the most secret thoughts of every man, even if he would hide in the most distant corner of this vast Earth.

187,9. So do what I have told you. I also can say this to you because I know Him personally, and, although I am only a servant of this house and my boss, I myself am filled with the spirit from the eternal truth of His teaching.”

187,10. Then the servant left the healed ones and went away to do his other work.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-187 Chapter